Freeware Gardener’s Question Time: 26/09

Even with all the free time in the world, I don’t always feel like committing myself to a 30- or 40- or even 5-hour long game experience. Sometimes I want to dip into something concise, inventive, experimental. Freeware games often satisfy. Freeware Garden recommends five of those games each week, and Freeware Gardener’s Question Time is where you can gather at the end of the week to chat about what you played. Thoughts? Post them below.

This week saw the selection of five fine freeware games, as always.

MondayThe Lion’s Song
A point-and-click story about the birth of the telephone.

TuesdayYou Won’t Tell Anyone, Right?
A disturbing adventure game about child abuse.

WednesdayCompact Conflict
A 12-turn strategy game in just 13 kilobytes.

Find your friend in the antarctic without dying of the cold.

FridayWhat Could Possibly Go Wrong?
A top-down shooter about experiments. And shooting things.

If you’ve played the games and have some thoughts, talk away in the comments below. If you haven’t played anything yet, this post should linger somewhere near the top of the site for the rest of the weekend, so take your time.



  1. bhauck says:

    If you go here: link to you can get a version of Compact Conflict that lets you play games with 12, 15, or unlimited rounds. I like unlimited.

    I’ve been playing way too much of it, but I find it pretty satisfying. I think games with three players might be better than four, it seems like four is reduced to two faster than three. I’ve been playing on Tough, but I shop around until I find a decent starting position.

    Added: Github is now pointing here: link to, with four renamed difficulty levels, more in-game instructions, and “unlimited” renamed “endless.” Happy to see it’s still being developed!

    • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

      Came here to ask if anyone had modded it to allow unlimited turns. The hivemind, as always, FAILS TO DISAPPOINT.

      I like how the vanilla limit means turns are another resource to manage, and potentially changes strategy for the last turn or two, but yes, going for total conquest seems like an interesting variant. Ta.

      • bhauck says:

        I want to be clear that I didn’t personally modify the game to allow unlimited turns. I got to that version by forgetting the name of the game, trying to type something into the address bar that would pull it up, remembering something about github, and finding myself at a site linking to that. I assumed it was the original creator’s beta or a more recent version.

        • Zankmam says:

          Thanks for the link either way – I love it like this, so fun!

          Now, the next logical step: Larger maps and potentially more players!

          After that, multyplayer!

          After that, cuz why not, better AI and maybe some additional game elements!

          Honestly, I love the game. Larger maps and an increased number of players would be grand.

          • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

            And then replace the different colours with international leaders from throughout history!

            The game can get a little… weird… on unlimited turns. (At that point in the game, the code had choked under the weight of our combined armies, and was awarding crimson faith for every soldier I killed.)

    • krajzeg says:

      Hey, author of Compact Conflict here – GitHub is where the game is developed, so the version there might now always be the most stable one.

      The bestest up-to-date version will always be here: link to – enjoy! :)

  2. Zankmam says:

    Begins and ends with TagPro, Teeworlds and Ace of Spades (original, found via

  3. JimmyG says:

    I’ve been looking at all the Freeware Garden articles, but this is the first week I’ve finally gotten a chance to play some of the games. I really liked The Lion’s Song, but You Won’t Tell Anyone, Right? was too cliche-laden for me. Props to the developers for deciding to tackle a harrowing subject, but nearly everything about it was so plain and familiar that it hardly said anything new. The second scene, with the boyfriend in the movie theater, was the high point — but I really didn’t like the trinary endings, suggesting that every victim of child abuse either (a) gets completely over it, (b) seeks revenge on their attacker, or (c) succumbs to fatal depression. Each of those endings is probably more melodramatic than the daily reality many victims face, which was likely represented much better by that movie theater scene.

    Anyway, I missed Compact Conflict and I couldn’t get Whiteout to load in my browser. I loved the heavy, chunky sensation of What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’s gunplay, though. Aaand I just got around to playing It Moves from last week. Very creepy, very atmospheric — although my favorite part of the game was actually digging through the folders afterwards, seeing all the parallaxes that were put together for the maps. I don’t often get to look behind the scenes like that.

    Keep ’em comin’, Konstantinos!

  4. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    Whiteout is nice. I managed to find my partner, thanks to a hint given by an Orca (at least I think its a hint – it might be coincidence). However, I think it’s a bit annoying that after every death the flags need to be collected again.