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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Storms a'coming

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I think my country might be trying to kill my laptop. I’ve spent the day trying to cautiously balance a coffee cup in close proximity, while not jumping out of my skin at every flash of lightning. (Spoiler: Typing becomes a herculean ordeal when you have fingers jammed into your ears.) Still, so far, so good. Fenris lives, and I’ve just about figured out how to ignore the fact that the storm has devoured the entirety of the skyline outside my window and my room is worryingly dark. (Also, there are people hooting strangely outside of my door. What?) While I attempt to puzzle the mysteries of the monsoon, enjoy this assortment of bargain bucket games!

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
I haven’t forgiven The Bureau for not being, you know, XCOM the way we know it, or the myriad of little flaws that pimples its veneer. Maybe I’m just mean. Maybe it could be for you. It’s certainly not a bad game, however, offering a bountiful mix of yays and nays. The worldbuilding is elegant, filled with great little details. The ally A.I? Somewhat less so. Still, it’s down to a decent price, and if you’re willing to brave both the pitfalls and the rigours of picking up a game from GameFly, this might be the discount you’ve been anticipating.

Dino D-Day
Another problematic game that many found difficult to love. Nonetheless, Dino D-Day wins a few points for being utterly silly. First-person shooter with Nazis, playable dinosaurs, and sheep? Sure, why not. The biggest issue with Dino D-Day is probably the fact that there just aren’t that many dinosaurs. Who really wants to play a human character where they blunder about as a razor-toothed reptile? Who? Seriously. Come on. World War II games are a dime a dozen, but explosive jackrabbits don’t come around every day. Rambling aside, this might be a good opportunity to get on that prehistoric saddle. Dollar for a dino. Sounds like a catchphrase in the making.

Cultures 1 + 2
Oh, childhood. You were a glorious season, now withered on the vine. However, there is only so much space for games even in that youthful era. And, somehow, I completely missed running into the Cultures franchise. (I suspect it might something to do with the fact that Malaysia was on the opposite end of the gaming world, but. Yeah.) It looks utterly charming. There are tiny vikings to fuss over, relationships to nurture, wildernesses to bludgeon into hospitability. It is apparently a hands-on experience, a god-sim-babysitting hybrid that will either infuriate or delight.

Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2 officer Mike Woodrow dropped in on my inbox the other day to inform me that the price for this lavish MMO has been sliced in half. Which is awesome. Because, if you enjoy MMOs, there’s a fair chance that you might like Guild Wars 2. At least, if you’re not subsumed by the idea of vertical progression. The game is steeped with neat little touches, and it contains a wonderfully progressive-looking animal race. (The Charr are my favorite thing in the world.) Not everyone will enjoy it, but if you do, this is a great time to pick up the game. Also, here is the requested plug for the RPS Guild Wars 2 group! (P.S: There is also a free trial to dabble with, if you’re currently hovering on the fence.)

Also of note:

The Humble Weekly Bundle – $10/£6.16/€7.88
Is it strange that I am advocating this bundle because of what lurks at its top tier? I think it is, but I’m going to pitch it to you, anyway. Valdis Story: Abyssal City is a lovely game that sees far less attention than it should. We’ve discussed it before in a previous Bargain Bucket, so I won’t go into a euphoric rant. But, it is good. Ask your fellow commentors! Also, also of note: both the Yawhg and Long Live the Queen are magnificent. One offers a strange view of a doomed city, while the other offers the opportunity to live the life of a mostly doomed queen.

Wolfenstein: The New Order – $34.19/£19.94/€28.49
I heard a lot of things about Wolfenstein: The New Order when it first bled into the press. Suspicion, I think, was a common sentiment. However, the game launched to a flurry of surprised delight. People seemed to loved it. A lot. In a way that suggests that this affection was more puzzling than the idea of robotic Reich rascals. The shooting is purportedly top-notch, the graphics clean as a whistle, and the writing splendid. It’s also going for a decent albeit not rock-bottom price, right now! (Make sure to enter the promotional code ‘SEPTEM-BEROFF-ER25XX’ for an even better price.)

Also, also, also of note: The Humble Book Bundle is giving out a free comic issue a day?

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