The Plague Spreads: Pathologic Remake Hits Funding Goal

Adam has left his post, fleeing into the hills above Manchester to wail and leap around, emitting guttural noises which sound like pain but are actually carnal joy. And all because the Pathologic re-make has reached its Kickstarter target. People who have visited Ice-Pick Lodge’s original dark Russian adventure tend not to come back from its plague-infested town the same as when they entered, and now anyone who missed the original in 2005 – or anyone who found its off-kilter brokenness more enervating than engaging – will have a second chance to experience its grand weirdness.

Ice-Pick were looking for $250,000 to make the remake a reality, and have comfortably cleared the goal. They’re currently sitting at $264,391 with six days left on the clock. There are updates going up over on Kickstarter regularly, viewable to all and showing physical backer rewards and concept art and so on. The team have also let slip a new set of images to celebrate the Kickstarter’s success. Click to make ’em bigger.

(This appears to be an in-game or 3D render version of this piece of art).

If you’re not content with merely images, you can of course read Adam’s interview with Ice-Pick Lodge about Pathologic from this year’s Gamescom. He’s cooking up more materials for dissemination later this week.


  1. HiFiHair says:

    This really is the very best news.

  2. Baal_Sagoth says:

    I don’t think I ever really noticed or considered the game when it originally released. But since then I finally tried The Void and absolutely fell in love with it after struggling with the mechanics for a while. Ever since then I’ve been keen to try another one of Ice Pick Lodge’s games.
    This should be the perfect opportunity, can’t wait.

    • Zanchito says:

      I can recommend Knock Knock, it’s on Steam. Same russian as heck vibe as The Void, same discovering the mechanics while trying to understand what is going on, same WTF. I got it on discount and was really nice for an evening or two.

      • Baal_Sagoth says:

        Good to know! That game was in its beginning stages when I ended my Void spree but I hadn’t heard of it since. I might have to give that a shot since Pathologic is a ways off anyway.

  3. Pich says:

    now this is a walking simulator i can get behind

  4. Morangie says:

    And now the long wait for November 2016 (plus delays) begins.

  5. rcguitarist says:

    It looks like they are going cartoony with this remake. Still, can’t be any worse than the original. I love the line in the article “People who have visited Ice-Pick Lodge’s original dark Russian adventure tend not to come back from its plague-infested town the same as when they entered”. After playing the game I felt like I truly knew the definition of a bad game. I had played some duds before, but Pathologic really set the benchmark for me. The bad acting, the programming glitches that were everywhere, the gameplay, the music, oh my…the music. One of those rare games where I can’t see how anyone could ever possibly enjoy. Half of my time playing was laughing at the glitches that were around every corner.

    • manny says:

      Sad thing is the fans of the game aren’t complaining about the crap the original game was, they even love the intolerable music, IPL seems to agree, so although this game will be an improvement over the original it will remain a highly flawed game.

      A case of a developer not recognizing it’s faults and listening to it’s fans too much.

      • Don Reba says:

        The original Pathologic has brilliant music — one of the best things about it. I still like to listen to it.

        It should also be said that catering to a niche audience is a good thing. Better make a game some adore, than one everyone gives a lukewarm pass.

    • Cocoarico says:

      Not to be that guy, but Quintin Smith did an absolutely amazing diary on the original. He definitely enjoyed it despite the flaws:

      link to

      It’s one of my favorite diaries from RPS and it inspired me to buy every IPL game since, which I have absolutely no regrets about.

    • Don Reba says:

      We must have played completely different games.

    • sinister agent says:

      You have literally listed all the reasons why there is a remake.

  6. caff says:

    Very glad to see this funded.

    I felt like I was late to the party with the original, hence didn’t really get into it deeply. But I loved the music, the oddness of the characters, and the general bleakness of the place.

    I hope the new version will retain the same character but with a better look and feel that engages the player.

  7. steves says:

    Yay! Was $100 in as soon as this was announced – this game has to be made, and I’m glad it looks like it will be.

    If you check out just one of the updates, make it the one from the translator (she has all the ice-picks):

    link to

    • lokimotive says:

      I totally agree about the translator update. That was the first update I got after I funded and it made me incredibly glad I did.

    • Matt_W says:

      I was going to make the same comment. The translator’s update is worthy of a guest blog post here; it was fascinating.

  8. JiminyJickers says:

    I backed this only a week or so ago when I saw it wasn’t getting close to the target, luckily everyone else stepped up too and pushed it over.

  9. RobinOttens says:

    If only all kickstarters had a paypal option alongside kickstarter’s thing. I hate not having a working credit card. I want to give these people all my money!

    Good that it’s funded though. At least I get to play it eventually even if I didn’t contribute myself. That is, if all goes well in development. But with Ice Pick’s track record even a broken incomplete release would be well worth the money.

  10. Josh W says:

    I’m really glad pathologic has funded, not sure I’m comfortable with the reward tiers though, surely a secret place in the pathologic world is something I should be apprehensive about entering? Something that causes me to weigh up the possible risks of the unknown vs the chance to understand the town better. I don’t like the idea of instead weighing up if the polyhedral room is going to be of enough value to me to be worth an extra $20.

    Maybe I’ve misunderstood and it’s not that at all, but I’m not sure I want to go into all the spoilers required to determine if those reward tiers are worth the extra cost or not, but I also don’t want to miss out if I buy the game at a later date. A conundrum.