Period Adventuring: A Golden Wake’s Demo

He might not think so, but I do. About you. That's right.

Ah, the 1920s! A decade of good times for those riding high on the great waves of cash crashing upon the real estate and banking industries. Were I a hateful thing, I’d crack An Hilarious Joke about current events. Adventure game A Golden Wake is slightly less fun, as Alfie Banks’ real estate dreams get tangled up in the mob. It’s made by Grundislav Games, who you might know from the Ben Jordan games. This is Grundislav’s first commercial game, signed up by the publishing arm of Wadjet Eye Games games (it’s founder Dave Gilbert’s left arm, I believe).

Wadjet tend to have a pretty good… eye for adventure games (eh? eh?), but you can jump on in and judge this for yourself now a demo’s out.

A Golden Wake’s set against the founding of Coral Gables in Florida (“one of the first planned communities”, Wikipedia tells me), with a plucky young go-getter dreaming of fame and fortune and a life in the lap of luxury. I’m sure everything will end wonderfully for him in that hurricane-battered state as the Great Depression looms and the mob get mobby. Oh, Alfie!

The demo’s a snippet from the start of the game. It’s up on Steam, or you can nab standalone Windows, Mac, and Linux versions from Wadjet if you’d prefer.

The full game’s due on October 9th, and will cost you $14.99.


  1. djbriandamage says:

    Great game, great soundtrack, great developer commentary. Splendid art and animation and sharp writing. Totally scratches that Sierra itch.

  2. Gog Magog says:

    Wackypedia tells me that one interpretation of the Wadjet Eye (which even I knew is also known as the Eye of Horus) is as a symbol of sacrifice (Horus offered it up as sacrifice to restore his father Osiris to life, unsuccessfully).
    With all the limbs being thrown around in this post, it’s no far fetch to say that Mr Gilbert signed away an arm and a leg on this deal!
    EXCLAMATION MARKS I SAY! It is a pun you see on mutilation.

    I remember the one time I gouged out my left eye. Ouchies. Never again. No eye of horse for remorse gentled.