You’re Going To Kill So Many Men In Far Cry 4

I’m trying to decide which of the murders displayed in the latest Far Cry 4 trailer is the most inglorious to be on the receiving end of. Not bear attack, or mortar fire from across a ravine, or the automatic weapons. I think it might be the crossbow. Ignorant to the sound of your friends slumping to the ground til the headache hits you.

This Far Cry 4 weapons trailer will help you select your own least desired demise.

I’m looking forward to setting a small army of tigers and elephants on mercenaries. I’m not so fond of a laundry list of randomly assorted letters and numbers for gun names, but I guess you take your loyal-animal-following with your glum-military-fetishisation. There’s also nothing quite as ludicrous here as what Graham discovered in the previous trailer. Shame. Still, given Ubisoft’s track record it’s unlikely to be the last (or second-last, or tenth-last) glimpse of the game before release on November 18th.


  1. BreadBitten says:

    Just men? :(

  2. Henchimus says:

    “You’re Going To Kill So Many Men In Far Cry 4”

    Men? Why can’t we kill so many women? #misogyny #whyweneedfeminism

    • dsch says:

      Is this really necessary every single time?

    • Syra says:

      It’s not misogyny if you’re killing men, it’s misandry.


    • chris1479 says:

      Can’t wait to slaughter all those women! Equality rules yo! Feminism ftw <3

  3. VoEC says:

    Why do these press screenshots always look so badly photoshoped?

    • Zorlan says:

      So peasants can go “OooOooOoooo… Graphics!” in unison, mouths still frothing from the vivid “open world” experience they saw in the video.

    • hamilcarp says:

      How is that news to you?

  4. Freud says:

    It looks a lot like Far Cry 3 to me and when I was finished with that game I didn’t want more. I had enough of icon hunting.

  5. Anthile says:

    I had to kill five men and one glow-in-the-dark alligator just so I could read this article.

  6. Universal Quitter says:

    Since Far Cry 3 is the only game I’ve ever *ahem* “borrowed” from the internet, even if i bought it later, I think I kind of owe it to Ubi to pick this one up at full price.

    On the other hand, the unpatched pirated version was far more stable than the crappy build I have on u play, so fuck Ubi.

    • klops says:

      Yeah. After uPlay deleted my Heroes VI cloud saves twice in six months I will not buy anything that requires uPlay.

      • Frosty Grin says:

        Cloud saves are optional on uPlay. If you don’t use them, just turn them off.

        • klops says:

          Unfortunately you can’t turn Uplay off, there’s the main problem. The cloud saves were just a personal example of the Uplay crappiness. UQ’s FC3 example is the main reason for me.

  7. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    The bait is probably my favourite addition. Getting a tiger to wipe out an enemy camp in FC3 was always fun. And if I can sweep in to finish the job on the back of an elephant, so much the better :)

  8. NetsukeMonkey says:

    The music for the weapons of Kryat trailer is pretty damn sweet.

  9. Emeraude says:

    I blame your title, but this is now my soundtrack for this thread (warning: garish awful 80s prod with those damn awful claps):

  10. Buuurr says:

    Can’t say as I am impressed. Looks like a FarCry 3 skin to me. Or at least this trailer did. Real grainy looking. Kinda getting tired of the boisterous tokens as well. Always the same. Always happy and jovial about the war that the people are supposedly oppressed with as well as all the death. But somehow this dude is happy about it. Smacks of discontinuity. Imma just get Lords of the Fallen instead of waiting.

  11. PopeRatzo says:

    Looks like a FarCry 3 skin to me.

    Yeah, ain’t it great?

    I remember when people were sniffing because Saints Row IV was a “Saints Row 3 Skin”. If it’s fun, and good and a good value, I don’t care if they reuse elements.

    If I remember correctly, when composers use the II-IV-I progression in a tune, it doesn’t mean they can never use II-IV-I again. Half of all the jazz standards are II-IV-I.

    Hotline Miami 2 doesn’t only look like a skin of Hotline Miami, it looks like the same exact game, but I fully expect everyone here to proclaim that the most wonderfulest game ever, despite that it’s unrelenting killing and beating women with baseball bats.

    • Buuurr says:

      No, I mean it looks like a skin in every way… as in the gameplay, the using of animals… I can’t play FarCry 3 again. I’ve already sunk hundreds of hours into it and know it inside and out. No matter if it is Asia or wherever. It looks too much like the same game in a different setting. Maybe if it has something new or cool that will change the dynamics of the game. That hasn’t been revealed yet. I am not going to buy it based on it maybe having an awesome storyline.


      If anything I’d like AAA games to reuse their settings more instead of putting hundreds of man-hours into a beautiful detailed landscape that we only get to visit once. Of course, my perfect world would involve AAA’s to release their beautiful detailed landscape to anyone who wanted to use them, but that’s a pipe dream…

    • Lokik says:

      Wait, Hotline Miami has a thing about beating women with baseball bats? I never noticed that myself. Also HL2 being similar to HL is a good thing imo.

  12. Gog Magog says:

    I remember when I cared about guns n drums n drums n guns hurrroooooo hurrooooo
    we had guns n drums n drums n guns hurrroooo hurrooo
    we had guns n drums n drums n guns the enemy never slew ya
    far cry i hardly knew ya.


  13. Comrade Roe says:

    Seems like the mortars fire cluster munitions. That or there’s just exploding things everywhere. Happy either way.

    The soundtrack sounds pretty interesting too. I’m not sure why, but I tend to enjoy a mix of folk and modern.

    Hopefully this one will run at more than 10 FPS though.

  14. P.Funk says:

    I’m not so fond of a laundry list of randomly assorted letters and numbers for gun names,

    Not random so much as accurate to real life. 45 is the caliber, 42 is the year the MG42 was made (possibly the most famous machine gun in history), and the P416 is most definitely a rebranding of the HK416 which is really just a fancy M16/M4 made by H&K.


    Maybe it’s because I’m watching a video instead of playing the game, but the killing feels super flighty, like the people being shot are walking tomatoes.

  16. Armante says:

    Hummmm. You know, walking around gruesomely killing a zillion people doesn’t appeal right now. Especially when he’s feeling so upbeat about it.

    I’ll just quietly return to sessions of Hexcells Infinite between bouts of Elite : Dangerous.
    Having said that, I’ll probably pick it up on sale someday. Like I did with FC3. Still haven’t played that one.

    • Buuurr says:

      Is Elite: Dangerous out anytime soon? I haven’t heard much about it.

  17. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Yes ok then I am probably still going to buy it also where are my slippers oh its ok there they are