Continued Colonisation: Maia Updates To 0.45

Maia, the Dungeon-Keeper-in-space game from Simon Roth that’s been forging through Early Access for the best part of a year, is utterly fascinating. It’s dedicated to accurate simulation to the point of internal bodily functions governing whether a colonist lives or dies, and it’s full of future tech based upon real world science extrapolated to logical outcomes.

Each new update brings more systems, and another level of complexity to tinker with. 0.45 adds a bunch of research options which provide perks to help survival – which is a lot more practical than the last update, which brought procedural haikus to the mailing system colonists used to communicate. Simon’s put together a video showing off the new features.

Of the full list of changes, the new AI to allow colonists to interact with one-another on tasks is the most important. At EGX, Simon said this stopped colonists from moving around the base in trains, all targeting the same task before being unable to take part when the first member got there and splitting off. It should also speed up the sometimes slow early game that I’ve experienced in various demo builds.

There isn’t currently a plan for release, or moving to the beta stage, but updates are fairly regular with 0.44 coming out a month ago and 0.43 in mid June.


  1. RARARA says:

    The progress of both Maia and Limit Theory have been fascinating to watch.

    • Artist says:

      Indeed! And personally I add Rimworld to those nice single-dev alpha games!

  2. Dynamique says:

    One of those games making you draw parallels to Spacebase, somehow (conceptually)…

  3. tehfish says:

    I should really give this another go

    Haven’t played it since the original alpha, where it was just a tech demo with no gameplay actually implemented yet :P

  4. Strangely Brown says:

    Guess I should give this a try. Again.

    Maia shows tremendous promise, but it also reminds me why I’m leery of early access type stuff. Backed it on KS but only started playing a couple of months ago. Seems there’s always a game-breaking bug that makes me ragequit, from colonists standing around doing nothing to tiiiiny digs causing cave-ins before I have a chance to put a room in there.

    Here’s hoping it’s better now, but as the old song goes; “99 little bugs in the code, fix one bug, compile it again, 100 bugs in the code”.

    • Wisq says:

      Yeah, it’s not really playable in its current state, and not worth buying unless you accept that your sole purpose is to go in, try to do stuff, fail to do stuff, report bugs, repeat. I had constructions mysteriously not being built (despite ample resources and idle hands), colonists just standing around in stupid places (like the middle of a doorway) until they died (still standing upright), the robot refusing to take more than one step every five seconds despite being in the middle of an unobstructed room, game startups where the whole base was exposed to the outside and the airlock did nothing, alarms going off for no discernable reason, etc etc.

      One of the biggest problems is the lack of feedback as to what’s going on, which leads to lack of feedback on what’s going wrong. Is it that they can’t build something and it’s blocking the queue? Are they just upset about something? It gives you no information to even begin to self-troubleshoot.

      Definitely not worth the price right now. Only reason to buy it would be to support the devs, shelve it, and not play it until much later. Or if you actually love reporting bugs — and, from what I can see on the forums, just being told “we’re aware of that, we’ll fix it later”.

      Spacebase DF-9 didn’t look nearly as good or as promising as this, but it was way more playable even a year ago when the first alpha released.

      • Hobbes says:

        However this game is still undergoing heavy alpha development and feature iteration. Whereas DF-9 just got booted out of the door after DoubleFine decided to rebadge Alpha 6 as “Version 1.0”

        The lack of press interest in the details behind that has been frankly shocking. People like Total Biscuit and people on the youtube front have been reporting on it, but no surprises that the infamous GameJournoPro group has remained rather tight lipped about what’s happened.

  5. jellydonut says:

    Can’t wait for this game to be labeled ‘done’ so I can buy it.

  6. Wret says:

    I see the greenery, and wonder if Verde Station is a Maia fanfiction/romancing of a “let’s drive a single colonist Sim mad till they die” playthrough.

  7. Skinface says:

    I would recommend waiting… I had good feeling about this game when it first came on steam. Now it’s starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth. I would recommend checking out ” Kenshi ” . A lot more gameplay than what is here with this game.

    Steam forums to Maia. People are always unhappy, I am people.
    link to

  8. prueba says:

    2 years of development and the game isn’t playable.

    Don’t buy this game is a SCAM.

    “Dungeon-Keeper-in-space”… xDDDDD

    Mother of god, worst AI ever and the GUI is annoying.

    If you want to throw your money away buy it