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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Angry Pigeons

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I’m leaving on a jet plane, and I know exactly when I will be coming home – I suppose that disrupts some of the romanticism, doesn’t it? Alas. Anyway, I’ve been musing about something that was brought up in the comments in last week’s Bargain Bucket. What’s everyone’s stance on sites like cdkeys? They make me leery, obviously. Especially with that recent rash of news about people scamming developers for keys, and the grey areas surrounding the whole concept. Is this all a socially acceptable situation? Or is it more of a “click-click, nudge-nudge” kind of deal? Should I be scouring these key-trading sites too? While you all have a think, here’s a bucket of shinies. This week’s plushies are from Hideous! (As always, send more picture. Kthxbai.)

Chivalry Complete Pack
Chivalry isn’t dead; chivalry is off slaughtering peasants and beating them into cowering submission. Or something. Birthed of a mod, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare revolves around taking various kinds of antiquated weapons to a variety of heads, with a smattering of siege weapons thrown in for good measure. It is reportedly gory. Very gory. Head-smashingly gory, which is fantastic if you like things like that. Of course, the game also kinds packaged with some amount of controversy, notably its stance on women in those olden days. (They apparently did not exist.)

Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor
I don’t care what you call it, I call it the PokeOrc simulator. Without giving too much away, Shadows of Mordor is a competent action-game with a fantastic ideas, one they’ve polished and tweaked to perfection. Who knew having NPCs that recognized and registered your existence in a persistent fashion could be so freakin’ cool? (I am, of course, speaking rhetorically.) I’ve never been big on Tolkien, but Shadows of Mordor actually comes with my stamp of approval. Also, there’s nothing like scrolling through your social media and reading about how people are fleeing from evil, evil orcs who will stop at nothing to give them Level 24 combat hugs.

Remember Me
Remember Me is an odd game. When I reviewed it for PC Gamer ages back, I found myself deeply frustrated at its plot holes, its ho-hum combat, its unfortunate way of keeping you tethered to the rails even as it kindled the urge to explore. Remember Me was, and still is, incredibly flawed. But, is it a bad game? No. Average, perhaps, at full price. But at its current price point? I actually think it’s worth getting. Remember Me is staggeringly beautiful. There are moments that will make you stop and stare, marvelling at the environment. Neo-Paris invites wonder. It’s a gorgeous world, filled with little nuances that you can’t frickin’ visit but, still. STILL. Still.

Also of note:

Humble Oni Press Weekly Bundle -$15/£9.39/€11.99
Full disclosure: I really just like the pictures. And Scott Pilgrim, which is earnest but hip and filled with a cool kind of cute. Although I can’t properly endorse any of the comic selections, I still believe that they might make interesting purchases. I mean, it’s possible that you might find yourself stumbling onto the Next Best Thing, long before anyone else becomes aware of its impeccable awesomeness? So, why not? (Maybe. And only if you like indie stuff.)

RPG Maker Adventure DLC Bundle – $9.99/£6.49/€7.99
Do you like RPGs? I hope you do. Because everyone rather likes RPGs in these here parts. At least, to some extent. This weekend, the almost monolithic Humble has something that may be of interest to those of you who don’t completely hate RPG Maker: the engine itself, for super cheap and this Adventure DLC Bundle which comes with an assortment of assets, and two games.

The Indie Royale Mystery Bundle $1.59/£1.00/€1.27 is current price
10 games worth over $70? Uhm. All right? It doesn’t sound like a phenomenal amount of savings, and frankly, I’m not exceedingly impressed with the line-up that has been revealed so far. (Although, doggie.) However, the Mystery Bundle tickles my curiosity, which Indie Royale hasn’t been able to do for a while. Each day, another game is revealed, and the rock-bottom price will creep slightly higher. It might not be the most exciting thing in the world, but a gift-a-day for about two bucks isn’t the world’s worst idea, you know?

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