Soon Moving Into Knees And Toes: Arms Dealer

My own neon truck, it's just what I've always wanted.

What’s better than shooting guns? Well, okay, nothing, obviously. But what gets close is moving them around the world in bulk and it’s an awful lot safer. Arms Dealer, soon to be released on Early Access, is all about that. With an Uplink-akin interface and blatant disregard for basically every law, it’s your job to ship weaponry of all kinds around the world before your father’s debts catch up to you. Probably best to focus on that, rather than what happens with said destructive elements afterwards. A rad little trailer goes into more depth below.

It’s a cool concept but one with a lot of possible pitfalls. It’s something easily glamourised, which would be a serious shame when it’s so ripe for something more thoughtful. Papers, Please showed that there was great potential in the stark portrayal of hellish circumstances. Managing a worldwide network of arms deals while dodging law agencies could do something similar alongside more involving strategy mechanics.

Hopefully that flavour is used for something and treated with reverence, rather than just a selling point for a spreadsheet simulator. The first release, which is around 85% complete according to the Steam description, is due on October 14th.


  1. Anthile says:

    That looks more like a ghost truck to me.

  2. Hunchback says:

    That “Plays best on Alienware” ad at the end is so silly, considering the game showed in the trailer. I mean, this could run on my phone, not sure it’s such an achievement to run it on an ultra-overpriced gaming laptop that sports desktop grade GPU and other h/w.

    Otherwise this MIGHT be a fun game, but there’s not enough actual gameplay shown to judge.

    • Flavour Beans says:

      It’s to get you to put in an order for an Alienware computer with your favourite hardware smuggler, only to receive a crate of fifty Alanware PCs with a couple grocery bags of miscellaneous parts.

  3. Tom De Roeck says:

    that trailer doesnt show a 85% complete game, though. I call potential scam.

  4. Artist says:

    No gameplay? No info about gameplay on their website?! I imagine this as a kind of dull clickfest for smartphones. Wonder if/how the game design will avoid this.

    • blind_boy_grunt says:

      the steam page has some more info. Sounds a bit like ports of call or black gold(aka oil imperium) without minigames.
      edit: Or they have minigames, they really aren’t that forthcoming with info.

    • Lanfranc says:

      Surely that would be a “tapfest for smartphones”?

    • sith1144 says:

      probably very similar to the flash version here: link to

      • hemmingjay says:

        Even the most cursory investigation shows it looks and plays nothing like that very basic flash game. That’s not to say that it’s necessarily better. We’ll find out on the 14th or later since it’s early access.

  5. Viroso says:

    How does this stuff even work in real life, I mean arms trading. Do arms dealers compete with each other? Do they trade globally? Is the real world like a Nic Cage movie? I think the game will probably be in the flavor of GTA instead of Papers Please.

    • Universal Quitter says:

      Sometimes I wish the world was more like a Nic Cage movie. Honeybees seem to be doing so well in The Wicker Man’s universe. In others, there are plenty of attractive women willing to sleep with a guy that looks like Nic Cage. Even freemasons are cool when he’s around

      It’s practically utopia.

    • Vin_Howard says:

      Well I can’t help but imagine it would be like Jormungand

  6. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Between this and Prison Architect, it’s a great time to be a sociopath who plays games.

  7. Player says:

    This looks really good,
    I think the trailer is more of eye candy rather than game-play video, (have to know the difference guys)
    Would like to see more of it tho

  8. EuchreJack says:

    Since when was being “a spreadsheet simulator” a bad thing?
    I LOVE spreadsheet simulators!!!

    And since when did every video game have to be “socially conscious”?
    Sometimes, I just want to look at shiny guns before I sell them to someone else, or compare the lethality of AKs versus M16s. Just cause guns get sold doesn’t mean they get used (although they obviously get used more than ones not sold, lol).

    While I look forward to this game just for the fun of selling shooty things, I suspect all those “moral consequences” stuff will also be addressed. Probably not to the preachy level that will turn off gun nuts like myself, but the developer has mentioned including something about the moral consequences.

  9. Phrodo_00 says:

    This looks like it needs some Koko Hekmatyar