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Hello youse.

I’m going to try to do a news-style update once a month, to try to keep you all up to date with what’s coming down the line in the wide world of board gaming. It is endless. Games upon games and expansions upon expansions to those games upon games. It is eternal, and if we don’t step out once every four weeks or so to take stock of what’s happening, we’ll get ourselves in an awful state. Read on.


The most interesting news, for me, is that Age of Conan has leaped back into life. Age of Conan is a really interesting empire-building board game set in the Hyborian Age of the Conan stories. You don’t get to be Conan, but you can try to influence him and set him against your rivals. It’s a strange, big game, and Fantasy Flight’s first edition is a beautiful thing. Well – Fantasy Flight have now kicked the game over to Ares Games, who will deal with shifting the remaining first edition copies (and re-printing more, I’d think) and the brand new expansion Adventures In Hyboria. They’re using Kickstarter to get the expansion produced, and I expect they’ll meet their target with no trouble at all. You can read a little bit more about this on the Ares site. The Kickstarter launches on the 9th of this month.


Eldritch Horror, as I told you back in the day, is a fine board game. I still have Arkham Horror in my collection, because I just love the way that big intimidating behemoth clunks along – like a big old clock counting down the seconds until your death. But Eldritch Horror is the one I would pull out with friends. It is reasonably light, fun and full of Lovecraft flavour. I already have one of the expansions (It’s called Forbidden Lore and it’s pretty much an essential purchase if you plan to play Eldritch Horror regularly – it introduces lots of variety into the game, ensuring you have less cards repeating in a play session) and a few seconds have passed since I picked that one up, so I suppose it’s time for another.

Mountains of Madness gives you a new board depicting the icy, ancient mountains from the famous story. You know the one – with the mad fuckin’ penguin things and the stark realisation that we are all nothing. It’s a side-board, to be placed alongside the original Eldritch Horror board, and it allows players to go on that expedition into the wastes. Fantasy Flight have given us a little preview, and it looks really nice. Looks like Christmas present material to me, folks! (Hint hint!)


Kobayakawa is a tiny, beautiful Japanese bluffing and gambling game by Jun Sasaki. Every player starts with 4 coins, and there is a new coin to win every round (two coins in the final round). A deck of numbered cards is shuffled and one card is dealt to every player. Then, the rest of the deck is placed in the middle of the table, and a card revealed from it. All of these cards have numbers on them. In your turn, you decide whether to turn up a new card from the top of the deck, replacing the one in the middle, or take a card into your hand, discarding the one you don’t want to keep. The object of the game is to have the highest numbered card at the end of the round.

So, the round ends, everyone having taken their turn. There is a card in the middle of the table with a number on it. Everyone has a card in hand. You now decide whether you want to attempt to win the round. You do this by betting one of your coins. Those who don’t bid a coin need to leave the round. The ones still in reveal their cards. The person with the lowest card adds the number on the card in the middle of the table to their total. Highest total wins.

This game has been picked up by iello games for an English print run, and I’m pretty excited about picking it up in my own language (kinda, I’m Scottish). The key element of the game – will the low card, when added to the card on the table, beat all other higher cards in the round? – is a strong idea. And the game is light, fast, it looks beautiful, and you could play it with real money.

Y’know. If you wanted to.

I want to.


The best board game about pirates is about to get even bester. Well, as long as the expansion is a good one. Sometime expansions make games worse – lookin’ at you, Battlestar Galactica.

The reason why this game is called MERCHANTS and MARAUDERS is that you can choose to be one or t’other. You can choose to be a boring merchant, shipping goods from port to port like a real poindexter, if that’s what floats your (ready?) boat. Or you can choose to be a vicious marauder, a vile pirate, blowing holes in the side of the HMS Poindexter. It’s maybe harder to win as a pirate, but it’s much more satisfying.

Anyway, anyway, an expansion is on its way at last. It’s called Seas of Glory and it seems to be one of those modular expansions that lets you mix and match new elements of the game. You want to do some smuggling? You want to have to look after the satisfaction levels of your crew? More stuff is always good, and I particularly like more stuff when I can choose which parts of the stuff I want to use.

I’d expect this expansion in 2015. That gives you time to pick up the base game. It’s a great, great thing.


I have something a little bit special coming for you at Halloween. I’m working on that just now. Next week we’re back on the review train, with another fine game to hassle your wallet.


  1. frenz0rz says:

    I really must pick up those Eldritch Horror expansions. For anyone who’s played Forsaken Lore, how does it affect the difficulty of the game? We’ve played against every Ancient One but so far have only beaten Azathoth, and as much as I’d love all the new cards and stuff (and that interesting new snake chap) I don’t think we’re quite at the stage to start making the game harder or too much more complicated.

    • jacob says:

      My group had played each of the Ancient Ones once, and won each time. We then shuffled in Forsaken Lore and lost two times (once against Yig and once against Cthulhu). I suppose that could be a coincidence, but I think it does make the game harder. More complicated, no, but seemingly more difficult.

    • banski83 says:

      Is Forsaken Lore available anywhere at the moment?

  2. Scurra says:

    Well, actually Black Fleet is the best board game about pirates. But I’m biased because I was a playtester. (Plus – it’s always good to support a UK designer who I think has a very solid track record.)
    Although it’s true that M&M is a very fine game, and the expansion does sound good.

  3. amateurviking says:

    Raaaaaaaab. When is yer new gaem series startin’?

  4. BananaMan3000 says:

    p.s. Games Workshop released another limited run of the new Space Hulk. It’s already sold out online but there’s some copies (I think every GW store / Indy retailer got 5) left in stores. Also plenty of copies on ebay for at or below the RRP currently.

    • Kaben says:

      This comment just cost me £85.

      But by god am i grateful – thanks for the heads up! Last time i looked a fe months back all of the sets available were £150-£200 or had all the minature missing and sold seperately.

      I just got a brand new sealed one for £80+ £5 delivery. My inner 15 year old is yelling with delight. Its been so long since i have felt the panic of jammed bolter as a second genestealer blip is flipped to reveal 3 more of the ugly b*stards.

      Im sure all the people who bought Spacehulk reprint as a limited edition never to be reprinted investment are pissed now though.

    • webs1 says:

      I heard that the game was sold for outrageous money on ebay before, but alas, 100 Euros (outside Albion) RRP looks pretty outrageous to me. And it’s not that there are tons of models included (37 in total as far as I know).

  5. unitled says:

    I just got a hold of my copy of the new Warhammer 40,000 LCG from Fantasy Flight Games, Conquest. Had a couple of games last night, really enjoyed it. Straight forward to learn (less complex than, say, Netrunner, apparently more on the level of Star Wars?), and when you get the rules down I reckon it’s pretty quick to play too. Plenty of fun to be had in the core box (42 match ups, by my count) just using the faction decks before you get on to deckbuilding. Think it will definitely be one to watch!

  6. stoopiduk says:

    Time is a fairly difficult thing to keep track of, but at some point, probably in the past and hopefully recently, Fantasy Flight announced a new faction for the X Wing miniatures game. Spoilers of the new cards are up on FFG’s website for those of you with the internet and an interest (Internest, interent, internst… Nope).

    The Rebel Aces B wing and A wing pack also landed at a point in time that I think was around a week or so ago. Things are pretty shiny in the X Wing world.

    I highly recommend the game to anyone, it’s accessible and fun and needn’t cost the earth (unless you’re an obsessive completionist like I am. If you have a 3′ by 3′ flat surface and an interest in tiny spaceships, you can’t go far wrong with the starter box.