The Reel Ghostbuster: Spooky Recordings In Sylvio

*fzzk* *crackle* LEAVE *pop* *krrk* *skrwwwwp* Sarah darling did I leave the oven on?

I would very much like to play a video game where I’m a paranormal investigator sneaking around haunted places, trying to record messages from the dead on my trusty reel-to-reel recorder. Sylvio has that. But, oh and it’s a big but, it also has a wacky aerosol-powered shotgun loaded with ammunition from rusty old bolts to potatoes to blast ghosts. That is somewhat outside the game I imagined based on the first twenty seconds of this gameplay trailer. I really do fancy playing with that recorder though, uncovering ghostly messages by playing tapes slowly or, as 9 out of 10 satans recommend, in reverse.

See, Juliette Waters is off to investigating a park that’s been closed to the public for years, where locals whisper of a curse named… Sylvio. It’s more dramatic than Agnes, at least. Wilfred. Alfie. Off goes Juliette, armed with a fancy ghost-detecting microphone, a big rusty reel-to-reel recorder, and that damned shotgun.

Perhaps I’ve unknowingly degenerated into a horrible self-parody who wants everything to be a walking simulator, but I long to rip ‘game-y’ bits out of games when they don’t seem to fit. The combat in this video doesn’t look fun. Loading a shotgun with food and scrap metal looks ridiculous. Roaming red-misted woods, searching abandoned houses, waving a magic ghost-detecting microphone, scanning recordings for messages from beyond, solving puzzles, and, heck, even driving a wonky car all interest me. Then you get a gun to fire oranges at a ghost. Oh, I don’t know.

Here, have a look. You can can help free it from the nether realm of Steam Greenlight if you fancy.


  1. Hex says:

    Yeah so I mean is it too late for them to just maybe nix the whole shotgun thing? It goes from being pleasantly creepy to totally ridiculous.

  2. Anthile says:

    Looks a lot like Sir but with indoor environments and driving. The animations looks pretty bad though, especially that poor bird.

  3. Hunchback says:

    There’s a point and click adventure about being a ghost hunter, recording shit with a recorder and cameras and stuff, it was called something about a crown… The Lost Crown? History of the lost crown? Mmmm, something like that.
    The game wasn’t really exceptionally good, probably not even a top-notch point and click BUT it was interesting and fun and kinda broke some cliches about ghosts etc, so that’s nice.

    • Kefren says:

      There were quite a few games like this in the past. Amber springs to mind: link to Also elements of the Dark Fall games (and possibly Barrow Hill, Scratches) etc

      Also: Inherent Evil link to

    • Stuart Walton says:

      Yup, ‘The Lost Crown’, by Jonathon Boakes. He also did the Dark Fall games. The first 2 Dark Fall games, while creepy don’t have the best puzzle design. They require you to gather lots of information that you don’t at first realize is important, so you end up trying brute force or guessing because you don’t really want to go about hunting every scene again. Lost Crown gives the player more direction but is still has in-explicit triggers for advancing the game, such as the old ‘Talk to everyone about everything’ one.

  4. Harlander says:

    I’m not sure about the game, but I do appreciate that the “g-g-g-ghost!” tag appears to be becoming a regular feature.

  5. slerbal says:

    You are right: the initial ghost sound bit was interesting, as was the environment in that first house. But wow the whole “having to wander around staring at the floor to find random things to stuff into the barrel of your gun” thing was really distracting and instantly nixxed my interest.

    The red environment outside looks like it will get really tiresome fast.

    There are some good things in there, but its current form doesn’t appeal to me unfortunately :(

  6. plugav says:

    I suppose ghost hunting with a tape recorder while driving around the woods in what looks like an ancient Fiat is already silly if you think about it, but shooting oranges at wraiths is a whole new level of ridiculous.

    Neither idea is terrible on its own, though.

  7. mattevansc3 says:

    So can you put anything in that blunderbuss? I know the RSPCA would hate this but sod oranges, I really want to fire a squirrel at a ghost…I probably watched too much slapstick cartoons as a kid.

  8. niklasswanberg says:

    Hey! Just to clear things up on the ability to shoot fruits in Sylvio; It won’t do you any good to fire an orange at the enemy. It does however come in handy when solving puzzles in the world, or flipping on switches that are hard to reach. It’s a concept of being able to load anything into the barrel, and selecting what and when and in which order.

    Also, thanks for the article, I really enjoyed reading that :)

    // Niklas // Developer Sylvio


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