Exilevania: Environmental Station Alpha

Do you remember Exile? Created by Peter Irvin and Jeremy ‘Thrust’ Smith, it’s the game that I was playing while the rest of the world was on a Metroid binge. Environmental Station Alpha is an exquisite power-up and platform game that reminds me of those happy days of yore. It uses its pixel art style to delicious effect, with particle effects a-plenty and brilliantly bizarre creature designs. A demo is available right now and it’s as good an example of its type as I’ve played for a good while.

There’s a grappling hook and the first upgrade you find allows you to double jump. What more could you want? Clever traps and room layouts? Check. Lovely flora and fauna? Check. Varied bosses? Possibly. They certainly look decent in the video. Environmental Station Alpha is splendid.

Due out later this year, Environmental Station Alpha is seeking votes on Steam Greenlight.


  1. Gravy100 says:

    Looks lovely, and that music!

  2. GMorgans says:

    Wow, Nostalgia. I play-tested EXILE for Superior Software (and Peter / Jeremy) – I still have the old five and a quarter inch floppy discs here in the cupboard somewhere, with the BETA software – it was great, albeit quite difficult. Look forward to trying this game out :)

  3. dontnormally says:

    It’s disappointing that this will be a Windows-only release. It’s an avoidable hassle in this day of Mac/Win/Linux as the norm.

  4. shitflap says:

    Is there anywhere I could play this Exile?
    If it’s the game I think it is I’m gonna freak out.
    Crashed on an alien planet?
    Gravity Power type thing?

    • GameOverMan says:

      You could play the BBC, C-64, Atari ST or Amiga versions using emulators. There is also a freeware PC remake: Exile – The Nameless.

  5. valourfrog says:

    I have to applaud them for releasing a proper demo instead of an endless stream of teaser videos. Apparently the level featured in it is not actually part of the game, but a standalone episode, just like Half Life: Uplink was.

    The game is pretty fun, and especially the music made an impression on me. The jump physics felt kind of weird at first but you get used to them I guess.

  6. Kaeoschassis says:

    Gosh darn it Smith, you got me all excited. I read ‘exile’ and was sure you meant what is now “Avernum”.
    Having said that this does look bleeding lovely, and I’m always up for some metroidvania, me… Alright, you’re forgiven. This time!

  7. iainl says:

    EXILE? Oh, wow. There’s a name you don’t invoke lightly – Edge was right to award it a retrospective 10 a while back; it’s a thing of beauty and wonder, even if I never did manage to complete it.

  8. soopytwist says:

    Looks a bit Meat Boyish. Think I’ll pass, because I really like my monitor and it was expensive.

  9. Telkir says:

    Oh, you cards. Like everyone else you had me as soon as you used the word “Exile”. I spent weeks finishing it on my A500 back in the day, and wasted quite some time trying to figure out *how* you could kill Triax after finding the fake message inside the RAM with an Action Replay. It’s possibly my most favouite game of all time.

    But… this isn’t really like Exile at all, except for the spacey-ish setting and “what happened to everyone” storyline. Double-jumps? Bosses? Pfeh, standard Metroidvania fare! Where’s the jetpack, newtonian physics, and the ominous door you have to blow open after solving a massive navigation puzzle spanning the entire first portion of the game?

    Not to say this doesn’t look stylish, mind – it has a strong Cave Story-esque vibe to it and I’ll be checking the demo out.

    And now I have to go read this page and weep at how such a project hasn’t been done yet.