Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s Rural Idyll

Ah, this is the life!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance makes medieval life look so pleasant in its latest trailer. Developers Warhorse have built something beautiful in CryEngine, and are showing off its fields, ponds, meadows, sheep, villages, and taverns in little slices of life. How splendid. They don’t show any of the warfare the open-world not-fantasy RPG’s actually built around, though. Still, just imagine men with swords hitting each other in the background of these tranquil scenes. Soldiers march between the pines. The fisherman stares intently at his rod, hoping the two blokes duking it out ignore him. A severed head flies past the praying lady’s window, briefly obscuring the moon.

Oh, it’s not all murder. The social side of things sounds pretty clever. Along with typical consequence-bearing dialogue and all that, it has a nice touch with clothes, where people will treat you differently based on your appearance. Apparently Medieval Europe was big on that sort of thing.

It is very much set in Europe, do note, free from dragons, wizards, and ancient prophecies that (gasp!) are coming true. Starting as a lowly blacksmith’s son, you’ll get to roam around, complete quests, murder men, and all that. And look how pretty it is!

Warhorse, you might remember, was founded by a few folks from Mafia creator 2K Czech. They raised a whopping £1,106,371 on Kickstarter, and are still accepting pledges themselves to help reach stretch goals. The next one’s to add an illustrated codex with info on historical places and folks you’ll come across. They’re planning to release an early, feature-incomplete version to backers on October 22. It’ll cost you at least $45 (£28) if you want in.


  1. TimePointFive says:

    The alpha is not a feature-incomplete version, but rather a small “slice” of the world (I think one small village and some forest). This is the only thing I’ve ever Kickstarted, can’t wait! I kinda really wanted Bohemia Intreractive to pick up publishing on this game to bring some of the Arma devs on the team back home…and as far as I know (other than Paradox’s grand strategy) this is the only game where you actually play as a Bohemian.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Hm. The site says it’s both a small slice and potentially missing stuff like dialogue and combat: link to

      • TimePointFive says:

        Damn, I was looking forward to combatting. Good catch.

    • Turin Turambar says:

      Are you discussing semantics? A small slice of a game will possibly lacking some features from the final version.

      • TimePointFive says:

        Didn’t want people to buy in thinking they were getting a feature-incomplete version of the complete sandbox, you anti-semant.

        • Universal Quitter says:

          Great, now I have this need to somehow shoehorn “anti-semant” into a casual conversation. This is going to consume my life for weeks. Bastard.

    • Paul says:

      They plan to update the tech alpha every couple months with new features. Horse riding, combat etc.
      But the alpha will never contain the whole game/story/quests I think. They will not want to spoil that.

    • Binho says:

      As a backer I can tell you their aim is to add features to the alpha as they complete a working version of them. So now it’s just a village with some dialogue and mini quests, but as they get the combat and mini-games in a more workable state they will add them in one at a time and ask for feedback.

    • Wulfram says:

      No Puccini simulators out there?

  2. Stevostin says:

    This is a thing of beauty. Amazing.

  3. Kong says:

    Ye gods. Living feudal.

    A new age dawns for noble pcgamers, setting us apart once again from console pissants.

  4. Yukiomo says:

    Is it odd that I wish they had gone for a much more stylized “fantastic realism” appearance, even with the historically accurate setting? I was just getting serious uncanny valley from those NPCs. Also, couldn’t the game possibly have chosen any opening other than “the protagonist’s family is murdered by the evil invading army” ?

    • Horg says:

      I think that’s doing the uncanny valley a disservice, those were some of the best fake humans (fumans? NPC always sounds so impersonal) i’ve seen in gaming outside of hyper-realism mods. As for the opening, it may be a bit of a cliche but you need a good murder or something equally dramatic to get your character motivated. Chosen Hero is not going to abandon his life and bring down the evil oppressive regime single handed because some visiting soldiers nicked a sheep.

      • Serenegoose says:

        Corrupt soldiers burned down his smithy.
        A raid on the village sees him recruited by a band of mercenaries due to surprising fighting competence.
        Plague is coming and everybody runs. Some death, theft, and a few weeks of living in shit later, the protag decides to find something better.
        A lifetime of bad gambling decisions sees the protag given away to indentured servitude, and they decide to bust out along the way.
        It’s discovered you’re the bastard of a local noble, who, to protect his honour, decides to have the illegitimate offspring silenced. You survive.
        A corrupt sheriff has oppressed their village too long, and this calls for a band to rob from the ri- No, wait. Sorry.

        Any of these (well, except the last and maybe the first) would be plenty of motivation for a character to get behind -and- have literally never been done in any videogame ever before.
        Or we can just stab his wife.
        I appreciate you said ‘or something equally dramatic’ so I’m not per se aiming this at you. But it’s more than a bit of a cliche at this point.

        • pendergraft says:

          “Plague is coming and everybody runs. Some death, theft, and a few weeks of living in shit later, the protag decides to find something better.”

          Reminds me of (the very excellent) The Last Valley with Omar Sharif and Michael Caine.

      • Yukiomo says:

        Really? I just rewatched it, and I got a serious animatronics vibe from the fumans’ movements that was totally offputting. And you do need some sort of hook to get the protagonist involved in your story, but having their family be suddenly killed off is possibly the laziest-but-still-functional hook that I can think of.

        • Paul says:

          Animations are not final..they just recently built their own motion capture stage, so it will all get redone.

  5. PeopleLikeFrank says:

    I’d wager thou canst squeal fit for a swine, boy

  6. inf says:

    That soundtrack sounds a lot like the original Mafia one, same composer?

    • WhatAShamefulDisplay says:

      Possibly, Dan Vavra has written both games, and I believe most employees of Warhorse either used to work for Illusion or Bohemia Interactive.

    • Paul says:

      Nope, this is Jan Valta and not Mr. Šimůnek.
      They are both pretty brilliant though. Even Mafia 2 had great soundtrack, done by someone else.

  7. WhatAShamefulDisplay says:

    With this, The Witcher 3 and Mount and Blade: Butterlord all coming out relatively soon, it looks like it’s a good time to be alive for fans of somewhat-realistic medieval RPGs!

    • jonahcutter says:

      Also Sui Generis:

      link to

      The combat beta is available if you buy in at that level now. If you are a fan of video game melee combat, it is arguably worth the £20/$32 right now. It is a very interesting system based on positioning, directional attacking/defending and physics. Not easy to master at all though. As far as content, there is a progression through increasingly difficult foes and a higher difficulty to unlock. Well, progression if you’re far better than me, who generally gets cut to ribbons no later than the second guy.

      Be aware though, that it is only a combat demo. There is no larger game yet, though the alpha access tier for the “Prelude” is supposedly due soon. I don’t regret the early access risk though, as I find the combat system itself pretty compelling.

  8. Laurentius says:

    I don’t know, it doesn’t look particularly medieval to me.

  9. Jigowatt says:

    Duelling Lutes?

  10. Polifemo says:

    Did you just say this is a no-fantasy Medieval Soldier Sim were you are just a random soldier bloke? In a Medieval setting? As a lowly soldier bloke? With some hard history thrown in on the side?

    HOLY BALLS THIS IS MY DREAM GAME. How did I miss this? It had a Kickstarter? Wowowowowowowow.

    Color me excited, with high hopes up.

    • WhatAShamefulDisplay says:

      If you don’t already: play Mount & Blade. Seriously. OK it’s fantasy, but in a very realistic way. No magic, dragons, zombies or bikini armour.

      If you like being a historical soldier in general, the Napoleonic expansion and its various mods are also stellar when played with realism-minded players online. Some of the most fun I’ve recently had is playing the Zulu mod online, defending Rorke’s Drift (and indeed attacking it).

  11. frosty2oo2 says:

    it looks good – but will every male character be wearing motley in the finnished article?

    • Ogun says:

      Aye, looks great – and I’m not normally one for caring about hats in games – but I don’t want to be running about like Timothy Claypole.

  12. Paul B says:

    Why can’t they get rid of the fighting and the Skyrim-aping and just make it a medieval peasant simulator like the trailer suggests? I’d love a game where I could just be a blacksmith, do my best to avoid the plague and learn to live in a feudal system. Someone make it so.

    • WhatAShamefulDisplay says:

      I’ve always wanted a medieval RPG where the player plays as the Reeve of an English village. Making sure tax is collected, sorting out peasants lives, dealing with the local illiterate priest, managing the harvest, drumming out those suspected of infidelity, dealing with the local ‘witch’, perhaps raiding the hops of rival lord, sorting out which peasants are free or unfree, chasing after unfree peasants who try to emigrate without their lord’s permission to the local city, and so forth.

      Very few other people would enjoy it, but it would be my GOTYAY

  13. Widthwood says:

    I never thought that anyone would ever use a name closely resembling Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

    • Paul says:

      Yep, at first glance the name is bad, especially for its connotation with terribly named Kingdoms of Amalur.
      On deeper look though, it is a good name, referencing the era game takes place in and the importance it places on religion. Plus they can keep Kingdom Come for future game and just switch the subtitle.

      • Widthwood says:

        Big Huge Games also had perfectly valid reasons naming KoA:R the way they did (it was explained in an interview somewhere).. But names don’t get deeper looks from non-fans, the whole point is to instantly grab attention of widest possible audience.

        In a way this name is even worse. Not only is it also translatable, but it has to be translated into some old/weird bible phrase in every language, otherwise it would loose that “deeper” meaning (btw I had to google to get why “Kingdom Come” is even a valid phrase). Most likely international publishers will just ditch the title altogether and change it to something completely different in every country.
        Compare it to say “Skyrim”, which is an awesome name in its own right, and sounds the same in every language with minor variations. I wonder if it could reach it’s international youtube meme status with the name like “Kingdom with Dragons: Ferocity”…

        • WhatAShamefulDisplay says:

          Honest question which I hope doesn’t sound patronising: did you really not recognise The Lord’s Prayer? As far as The Word goes I don’t think they could have got something more widely known than that, apart from maybe the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End line.

          • tormos says:

            Consider that Widthwood may not be a native speaker. Also I would submit “And God said LET THERE BE LIGHT and then there was light”

          • Widthwood says:

            Yup, not a native speaker, but I’ve been reading books/watching movies/playing games in english with zero difficulty for years.

            Come to think of it, if the name was directly translated to russian (Царствие Твое: Избавление), I still wouldn’t get the reference – it is simply an archaic and overly pompous way to say “heaven”, but used as title I’d say it’s a companion game for a Mel Gibson movie.

            Anyway – this is just nitpicking, sounds like a great game, hope they’ll get tonnes of money regardless of title.

  14. Nogo says:

    I’m deeply concerned this is going to be entirely broken and un-fun to play, in the same way similarly ambitious, high-concept kickstarters have been.

    The cabbage cart seems quite a ways in front of the mule from everything I’ve seen about this.

  15. racccoon says:

    Looks nice & tranquil lol for a second.
    The thing that bugs me is we bought WIDE SCREEN T..V.’s so we could see wide screen movies cover our screens! & now they still put the cinemascope bars in. WTF
    Why on earth did we buy the dam WIDE SCREEN t.v’s.!! So DAM Annoying in all mediums glad games haven’t gone to that point but visual & movies just suck!. I gave up on buying blueray’s because this is what i find so disappointing about it..

    • Widthwood says:

      Before wide screen TV’s it was much much worse. Not only did the have larger black bars, but movies were routinely released with cut sides.

      Wide screen TV ratio (16:9) was created as a compromise between TV (12:9) and cinema (21:9) aspect ratios. If they moved to straight cinema instead of middle ground – then legacy programs (which at the time constituted 100% of cable and radio channels) would occupy minuscule amount of TV screen with huge areas wasted, and new and expensive TVs would in reality show smaller picture than legacy ones.

      Only now, after most cable channels have moved to 16:9, true cinema 21:9 TVs have much less wasted space, and have become economically feasible to mass produce. It’s annoying, but there was no alternative way at the time.

  16. RegisteredUser says:

    This needs a guarantee that it won’t be turned into another online-only game, quite frankly.
    Other than that it seems wonderful and I hope they make the game great.
    And many a nude/sex/infinity-of-other-things mod for it as well.
    God I hope they don’t forget these games live on mods long term.

  17. neckozenica1 says:

    Interesting game … according to link to this could be my next game to play