Moon Waltz: Sometimes Like The Wolf

Wolfing about, doing my wolf thing

After a series of events I don’t want to get into involving trying to decide whether to start a blood feud with someone or not, I ended up playing Moon Waltz, a game about sometimes being a werewolf who rips people apart and sometimes not being a werewolf who rips people apart.

It’s by Major Bueno – the same people behind cat posing sim Musclecat Showdown – and lets you control the clouds covering the moon as your werewolf character strolls through the town. Holding space down reveals said moon and triggers your inner lethal werewolf.

On my first playthrough I was too excited about being a werewolf and thus was a werewolf as much as possible. I killed all the civilians and all the pot plants before getting punched through a pub window and then shot in the back by an enraged cardinal.

The second time went far better. There were only a few bloodbaths and I made friends with a cat. To be honest, that’s basically where I’d set the bar for what constituted a successful day as a freelance writer anyway.

Definitely not.

It’s not a long game by any means. Playing will take you about one or two minutes, tops. That’s less time than it takes my kettle to boil. Either I should get a new kettle or you should play Moon Waltz. I’m going to go with the latter.


  1. Spacewalk says:

    I don’t see how they can expect you to waltz through the town without reducing everyone to shredded rags.

  2. LionsPhil says:

    I’m sure this has shown up in a Live Free Play Hard or such before, but Google’s not finding it.

    Maybe it was a comment thread off of that space mission one they did.

  3. lupinewolf says:

    I played this morning while waiting for my wife to be done with the bathroom, best 2 minutes of my day so far.

  4. Heliocentric says:

    Went to werewolf jail, fell in love with the warden.

  5. gfrenz says:

    I’m really Lycan this!