RuneScape Legends Takes A Card From Hearthstone

Living book looks a lot like pop up desert

Jagex, the company behind RuneScape, has announced HearthScape! Actually, that’s a lie. They’ve announced Chronicle: RuneScape Legends! It’s a collectible card game based on the RuneScape universe so you can see the possible influence of Blizzard’s recent Warcraft-based hit, Hearthstone, though.

The developers explain that the game will be “played out within the pages of a living book” and will feature such things as quest-building, letting you craft your own RPGs against enemies from the RuneScapeiverse and, of course, PvP.

RuneScape is an intriguing game to me. I don’t know anyone who has mentioned playing it and yet it has been going for 13 years and boasts over 200 million registered account holders. The only time it has ever come up in conversation was at GameCamp last year when I met someone who worked on it. They described a fascinating-sounding murder mystery which I think was set in a monastery or nunnery.

What I’m getting at with this is that even though I’ve never been into World of Warcraft, I’ve played some of the previous Warcraft games and Dota 2 – which started life as a Warcraft III mod. As a result, many of the characters are familiar to me or I recognise them through references or echoes in other games. That’s why Hearthstone had the appeal of the familiar, despite me drifting pretty far from its core universe over the years, and was a big part of why I played it as long as I did. With RuneScape I don’t have any of that familiarity on which to draw.

I guess, with more than 200 million existing RuneScape account holders to appeal to (and to presumably act as a recruitment force if it’s any good) that might well not be a problem for Jagex. But I’d be curious to see how new players react to the game and its cast of characters.

Lead designer, James Sweatman, said: “We’ve been quietly developing Chronicle: RuneScape Legends since the start of the year to ensure that it’s not only a fun and compelling player experience, but one still very much interwoven into the rich lore of RuneScape.”

If you’re a regular player of RuneScape I’d be really interested to know more about what keeps you coming back to the game and what you’d like to see included in this CCG. It’s currently being scheduled for a 2015 release on PC as well as tablet and mobile. Basically, TELL ME OF YOUR RUNEWORLD.


  1. Kaben says:

    They could have at least tried to go with an art style that didnt scream “We want to be Hearthstone!”

    • shoptroll says:

      Or at least a different card frame. The frames in that screenshot look fairly similar to Hearthstone.

      • KevinLew says:

        If you look at the cards, you can see the summoned creatures have their Attack Power and Health in the top corners, and the summoning cost is in the bottom left corner. In other words, all they have done is vertically flipped the numbers as a cheap attempt to make the game look less of a copy of Hearthstone.

        The reason why summoning cost is always listed first in CCG is because that’s the most important value. With this design, you’ll have to look at the very bottom of the card to see if you can summon it. That’s like putting the title of a book at the very bottom of the page instead of the top.

  2. Bioblit says:

    I played Runescape on and off from roughly 2002-2011. The main appeals of the game, at least for me, were the wide array of skills to swap between if you got bored of training one, the uniqueness of the quests, the large world and the number of fun minigames. The ability to swap between activities combined well with the way the game played, and all allowed for a kind of lazy style of gameplay, so that it could be played sort of off-hand whilst also doing something else.
    It’s not really a game to play hardcore, with the exception of a few high-level, high-risk areas, and that’s why people are attached to it, because it’s hard to get bored with it, and it’s drop-in/drop-out nature means that it’s easy to pick up after some time out. I might still be playing it today had I not been disastrously hacked and lost everything, just because it’s kind of relaxing. That was my experience of the RuneWorld.

  3. Nevard says:

    But can I make an Gnome Child deck?
    link to

  4. ribby says:

    Try Infinity Wars if you want something a bit different

  5. Bull0 says:

    Well, that is shameless. There’s some irony in people copying Hearthstone, now it’s clear copying WoW is a route only to failure and misery.

  6. Chuckleluck says:

    I’ll never forgive jagex for what they did to Ace of spades.

    • BooleanBob says:

      What did Jagex do to Ace of Spades? I remember enjoying messing about with it when it was free.

      • LTK says:

        If I recall correctly, when they got on board with the game as a publisher, they changed it from a free game of trench warfare with a lot of emergent gameplay based on its destructible terrain to paid class-based team deathmatch with generic maps built around bridges to blow up and tunnels to block and such. People did not take the changes well.

      • Chuckleluck says:

        Along with what LTK said, the biggest issue with me was the rate of construction vs the rate of destruction. It wasn’t worth building a fort because it could be torn down in seconds.

  7. FriendlyFire says:

    “Chronicle: RuneScape Legends”

    … Really? Could you have chosen a more generic title than this?

    • Vin_Howard says:

      Not to mention including both “Chronicle” and “Legends” it kind of redundant

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        It’s downright flabbergasting how generic and nondescript some titles are. I “eagerly” await a spinoff called Legend of Chronicles: The Battle of Strife.

  8. Disrespecting says:

    Well.. They can’t possibly develop slower then blizzard does, so this might be interesting.

  9. Wytefang says:

    Incredibly lame. Well at least they have the Runescape IP and good name to bank off…..oh wait. That sucks too.

  10. BonesAO says:

    It would be awesome to have cards dropped as loot in Runescape, and synch account > you get the card to be used in the other game