Visit Dystopian Manchester In Beyond Flesh And Blood


Bath, the Georgian crown of England, the enthusiastic voice track on the open-top tour bus barely stopped short of calling it. After official RPS business (a nice big lunch) took me to the UK’s unofficial home of PC games word writing yesterday, our Adam t’up north is the only Rock, Paper, Shotguneer whose manor I haven’t visited. No worries. A demo’s out now for Beyond Flesh and Blood, a shooter set in a dystopian future Manchester. Our kid gave it a look with his beady eye before, recognising a few bits, so I shall be sure to grill him after playing.

“ADAM how long have those warbots been there? ADAM is Manchester always this dirty? ADAM what species of tree is that growing through the office blocks?”

You can download a slice of man-gibbing, high-scoring, defense-building, mech-stomping wave survival over here, though for some odd reason you will need to sign in with Twitter or Facebook or register an account. You big sillies, PixelBomb Games, you’re supposed to make it as easy as possible for people to try your game.

PixelBomb tried to Kickstart Beyond Flesh and Blood last year, but felt far short. After wrestling through Steam Greenlight, they’re now planning an Early Access launch.

I am fond of shonky video game tourism, gaining an extremely wonky understanding of cities through their video game experiences. What’s video game, what’s Manchester, and what’s dystopian flourish will entirely escape me. I’ll surely be disappointed if I visit Manchester and there aren’t any mechs, but the same’s true for every city.


  1. 9of9 says:

    If that’s their USP, someone needs to tell them it’s already been done :)

  2. Stevostin says:

    It looks surprisingly ugly (although design & animations are ok). Also 3PV shooter. When will they learn ?

  3. jingies says:

    I visited Washington DC in reality after wandering around Fallout 3 for a while. I was surprised how good my vague sense of direction was.

    • Volcanu says:

      Did you spend 2/3rds of your time wandering through the metro tunnels?

    • BillyBantam says:

      I visited London for the first time after playing The Getaway and was surprised by how much I recognised, and found it really easy to get around.

    • Kefren says:

      I visited the Von Braun in reality after wandering around System Shock 2 for a while. I was surprised how good my vague sense of direction was too, and how friendly The Many were. I was soon one of them.


    • thelastpointer says:

      I visited Deck17 after wandering around Quake3 for a while. I was surprised how good my vague sense of direction was, and not once did I fall in acid.

  4. mpk says:

    Coming soon, the Glasgow DLC entitled Beyond Vomit and Buckfast.

  5. contextual says:

    As a human named Adam who lives in manchester, I feel strangly compelled to answer your queries.

    “ADAM how long have those warbots been there?”
    Those aren’t warbots, they’re man utd fans.

    “ADAM is Manchester always this dirty?”
    That’s pretty clean compared to saturdays.

    “ADAM what species of tree is that growing through the office blocks?”
    It’s the metaphysical personification of human misery.

    • WiggumEsquilax says:

      Dammit, ninja’d.

      “Is Manchester always this dirty?”

      …Is that even a question?

  6. buzzmong says:

    I wonder if this game has any insane mustelids in it.

  7. Slouch says:

    I assume the soundtrack is Joy Division and Smiths songs along with audio clips of politicians discussing the hollowing out of the British working class as a result of the transition to a post-industrial economy.

  8. sinister agent says:

    You can just say “Manchester”.