It’s A: Deathtrap Launching On Early Access Oct 22nd

Given the comments on our article about the closed beta, a lot of people are disappointed or nervous about Orcs Must Die!’s trip from cheery, co-op tower defense game to cheery, free-to-play MOBA-like. Deathtrap may satisfy, then.

It’s being made by Neocore, creators of The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing, and it hopes to blend tower defense with action-RPG mechanics. It has co-op and competitive modes, it has traps and waves of creeps, and it’s just been announced that it’s coming to Early Access on October 22nd.

Here’s a trailer from when the game was first announced back in August, which I think is supposed to be comically violent but which I actually find a little disturbing:

Gross. The game’s site bills it as “the goriest Tower Defense game ever,” which I guess someone else will like. I’ve clearly grown soft.

There are other features that I do enjoy the thought of, like the aforementioned co-op, or the integrated map and monster editors. It’s a shame that there’s only two videos released so far, and that neither does much to dig into the particulars of the feature set. October 22nd isn’t far away, so I wonder exactly how early this Early Access will be.

I’ve never played the Van Helsing games – John informs me that they’re solid if unremarkable – but I was a fan of Neocore’s other series, King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame. It blended campaign map and real-time battles together in ways akin to Total War, but in a world of magic and fantasy creatures where you were as likely to stumble across a piece of choose-your-own-adventure interactive fiction as you were a Lord of the Rings-sized war.


  1. Tei says:

    Speaking of Van Hellsing. I am that type of person that download all apps with “turret” or “defense” in the name in his phone and I had absolutely no idea how to play the last Van Hellsing game. Looking on the Internet, it seems its a very popular game that people liked, but this one never figured out a thing about it. Totally undecipherable to me.

    For a second, I felt like abandoned in the middle of a JoWooD game.

  2. jasta85 says:

    pretty amusing, if gory, trailer. I hope they have solid mechanics though, presentation is one of the lesser important parts of a good tower defense, it’s the gameplay that makes or breaks the game.

  3. Wowbagger says:

    Not a fan of tower defense games – they don’t scratch my gamer itch at all. Even the more interactive ones are still mind numbingly boring and lacking in the catharsis of say dynasty warriors.

    • Tei says:

      They are strategy games. And the good ones have a puzzle feel to it, with a bit of RPG-ness progression.
      Turret Defense games are relatively easy to make, but the good ones are always entertaining. They are a bit like eggs with fries, if you follow the formula and don’t screw terrible, they are always tasty. Of course, every dev add something to them, not all additions works.

  4. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    It’s a-
    It’s a-
    It’s a deathtrap

  5. angrychair says:

    I played Van Helsing II and it was a weird combination of juvenile humour and gritty grit. In any case, it scratched that Diablo itch that nothing else (including Diablo 3) has been able satiate, although it had its fair share of problems.

    Van Helsing II had these strangely out of place tower defense segments/mini games and it looks like they are doing a full game built around those. The TD in the game was actually quite satisfying. You had a full range of action RPG options built around your character which felt much better in play than Orcs Must Die. The trap options were good, although there weren’t quite enough options, and the maps were sufficiently twisty. That said, it was way too easy because Van Helsing could easily make up for any mistakes in your tower setup. If this really is just a full game version of that TD minigame this could turn out alright, it just needs more of everything.