Game On, Man: Aliens Versus Predator Free On GOG

Only forgot their 'FREE HUGS' sign, didn't they?

Years of pining for a decent Alien game have been ended by Alien: Isolation, a right little stonker, which probably means it’s time to start hoping for another good Aliens game. That little extra s makes a huge difference, calling for space marines with big guns yelling “Let’s rock!” then melting in sprays of acid blood. If you fancy a fun interspecies rumble on PC, you’ll need to look back a good decade.

As luck would have it (or a convenient marketing opportunity), you can now grab one of the last good Aliens games for free. GOG are giving away Rebellion’s Aliens Versus Predator (the nice one from 1999, not 2010’s so-so Aliens vs. Predator) to get folks testing the infrastructure for the upcoming Galaxy service.

To get it, sign up for the Galaxy beta over here before 9:59am (that’s GMT) on Friday. GOG are sending AvP keys out in batches, saying you should receive one “within the next few days.” Galaxy keys will go out in batches too, although the client service is not yet ready for public consumption – the current test is for infrastructure rather than the service itself. AvP only costs £3 on Steam but hey, free’s free (they’ve got my e-mail address anyway), and that’s been a week’s food budget at times in my life.

To be precise, this is Alien versus Predator Classic 2000, a version of AvP with its addons that’s been updated to play nicely with modern operating systems and support gamepads, for if you want to make an unforgiving game more difficult. GOG are poking around to make it support multiplayer with the Steam version too.


  1. AshRolls says:

    I am mildly (highly) obsessed with Alien at the moment due to the utterly brilliant Alien:Isolation. I will have to revisit AvP, I used to love this in co-op trying to hold a room vs waves of attack.

  2. Phantasma says:

    Thanks for the info, already subscribed.

    Though i still do have the original disc somewhere, i think i remember it didn’t quite work on Windows 7 anymore, so, if this got the usual GoG treatment regarding compatibility updates, i’ll be very happy.

    Fun fact, the first AvP was the last pure shooter i’ve bought (although the Mass Effects felt quite shooty too in the end.)

    And the Alien campaign was an exceptional experience, that no game in my knowledge could ever emulate… let alone surpass.
    Even the (allegedly) superior sequel didn’t get the ease of controls paired with the exhilerating feeling of speed quite right.

    So… does anybody know of some graphics mod for this?

    Oops, i was wrong. Totally forgot Bioshock, sorry Mr. Levine, better luck next time :-D.

    • KenTWOu says:

      So… does anybody know of some graphics mod for this?

      There is a very good AvP Classic Redux 2.0 mod on ModDB. Unfortunately, It could crash the game at the end of certain levels on Windows Vista/7. And even this workaround might not help you.

    • Thankmar says:

      I also tried multiple times to get it to run on XP and 7, and it alway crashed after some moments. Happy to play it finally

  3. Loyal_Viggo says:

    One of the best games of all time, single and multiplayer.

    Back in the day, LAN parties… one as the Predator the rest just, well, dying as the Marines. Good times.

    The only thing I don’t miss is lugging my PC around and us all sitting in someones garage trying to work out why X was not on the network!

  4. Bodylotion says:

    It amazes me how many people forgot about Alien vs Predator 2 (2002) by Monolith. Although not perfect it certainly was a great fun Alien game so I do not agree with Alien vs Predator (2000) being the last great Alien game

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      That’s why I called AvP ’99 “one of the last good Aliens games.”

      • Squirly says:

        Though I will choose to interpret it as “the best game” because it really was better. The 2nd one lost something.

        Either way, I own this game on disk, twice, and neither of them have worked on recent OS’ so I’m glad to hear about the fact that they seem to have fixed it.

        • wengart says:

          The second one had much better large lan potential. Which, to me, gives it an edge over the orginal.

    • captain nemo says:

      Both AvP (2000) and AvP2 (2002) were brilliant. Hope AvP 2 surfaces on GOG as well

    • DarkFenix says:

      AvP2 was the first game I played seriously online. The netcode was dreadful but the game itself was ridiculous amounts of fun in spite of the lag etc.

  5. Zombat says:

    But… I already got this for free on Steam a while back

    And it doesn’t run too well, or should I say it runs toooo well – the game speed is too fast, ends up feeling like you’re playing the Benny Hill version

    • Horg says:

      The game was always very fast, so not sure if it’s just feeling fast compared to other shooters or actually running too fast due to hardware issues. However, there were some cheat codes to slow down the game. Leave a space after the short cut and add the line -debug, use ¬ to bring up the console, then type timescale, 0.0 to 1.0 where the number is your desired speed. More cheats available here:

      link to

  6. Graves says:

    You seen that movie whats called preydayter?

  7. Severion says:

    Bug DM anyone?

  8. Syra says:

    Has this been optimized at all for modern day computers?? I had the disc from way back, but it’s a pain to work it on win7.

    • Guvornator says:

      Yes, there’s a Steam version and everything. I’m assuming it’s just that without the steam bits.

      • cpt_freakout says:

        GOG usually tries to modify old games with their own stuff (no, I do not know what that stuff is) so they run as appropriately as possible (which is to say as closely as possible to going back in time and playing it in the “correct setup”) in new computers. I suppose they will make the same treatment for AVP.

        I loved AVP multiplayer. It was some of the most fun shooting I’ve had in my life, so I’m excited about this being playable again, with probably more than one or two crazy people still wandering around GameRanger servers. :)

        • KenTWOu says:

          I suppose they will make the same treatment for AVP.

          The point is that treatment was already done by devs for Steam version of AvP Classic 2000. GOG will probably remove Steam bits out of it and will put Galaxy bits instead to make multiplayer playable without Steam DRM.

  9. LionsPhil says:

    May as well complement the Steam copy I never got very far into at all with a GOG copy.

    If anything, interested to see where this here Galaxy thing goes.

  10. Baggypants says:

    Of course the big reason why we have AvP and not AvP2 is because Rebellion open sourced the code. People can get in there and have it running on any platform they want if they’ve got enough time to spend. It’s hard to argue that opening the source code has affected AvP’s sales in a negative way.

  11. Jason Moyer says:

    Best Marine campaign – AVP2
    Best Alien campaign – AVP
    Best Predator campaign – AVP2010 (I was shocked to discover this, because the other 2 campaigns are pretty bad)

    • bill says:

      Best Predator Campaign: AvP 1994 (Atari Jaguar)
      Best Marine Campaign: Aliens TC for Doom(2).
      Best Aliens Campaign: AVP
      Best combining of the campaigns: AVP2

  12. FullMetalMonkey says:

    This is one of my favourite games of all time. I played the multiplayer to death as the Xenomorphs.

    One thing i loved about the game was the way explosions worked. If you threw a grenade inside an enclosed space, say a vent for example, the blast would travel along the vent instead of just making a spherical explosion. Haven’t really seen any other games feature it before or since. I think the Crysis games might have had something similar?

  13. cardboardartisan says:

    I remember playing the single player on this when it came out, I guess I was relatively young. It was absolutely terrifying. One of the worst moments came as I was playing as a marine and crouching in the APC at the start of the level, trying to work up the courage to step out of it and take on those terribly fast aliens. I thought I was safe there, but no – the aliens figured out how to get in the APC and kill me right there. I never felt safe in any space in that game again.

    Though honestly, once you play through a few levels the terror kinda fades. You take out so many xenomorphs by the end of it that when they throw you in that big room with dozens of them, you just sort of calmly mow them down.

    • Guvornator says:

      Sure, you’re not scared of the Aliens. But the facehuggers? The first time one of those killed me I fell out of my chair…

      • Shadowcat says:

        Yes, as far as sudden-shock style of scares go, AvP’s face-huggers are top of the table in my gaming experience. Nothing else has almost made me fall backwards out of my chair in my attempt to get away from the screen.

        I wrote the following in 2001:

        The “Boo!” tactics may be cheap scares, but dear god… a face hugger got me earlier — leapt straight at me from the other side of a door as I opened it — and I swear I took two or three minutes to recover before I could start playing again. If I’d had a weak heart, I would no longer be here to type this. You’d think the full-grown aliens would be the scariest, but those freaky little scuttling nightmares have their older siblings beat hands down.

        (Where’s a flame-thrower, dammit…?)

  14. GameOverMan says:

    First game I bought on Steam, the day it was released, after years of fiddling with outdated graphic drivers in order to run the CD version. Good times.