A Good Day To Tri Hard: TRI Released On Steam

Craig wrote about TRI: Of Friendship And Madness when it was a purchasable alpha. Now it’s forged a path from the floor of early access to the wall of Greenlight and finally, now, to the ceiling of a final Steam release.

Because it’s a first-person spatial puzzle game about walking on all surfaces of rooms, you see. Ha. There’s a release trailer below.

I played a bit of TRI either at home in my pants or at Rezzed in my pants – I honestly can’t remember where I was – and found it a little fiddly to draw the triangles which let you shift between surfaces. You need to connect each corner to a surface – a wall, a floor, a ceiling, whatever – in order to form the bridge between planes, but it seemed to occasionally mis-connect or leave me with awkward jumps to make. Perhaps this becomes more important later in the game, but in the earlier areas it felt like an unnecessary obstacle to the fun and challenge of the game.

Bot lie in exploring the game’s world. Being able to transition between surfaces means that you’re navigating a fully three-dimensional space, plotting routes through levels that initially looked impossible. It’s quite a Portal-y feeling, and while the tone is different from that obvious point of comparison, I liked that the jovial Monk’s story suggested you’ll never be rushed when trying to pick your way across the game’s atriums.

Tri is £13 on Steam, with 10% off for the first week.


  1. ersetzen says:

    This game is amazing! I find that Antichamber or Tiny and Big are more appropriate comparisons. It has a very similar feel, at least. And sometimes it really has that do-whatever-you-want-as-long-as-it-works stuff that the cutting in Tiny and Big had.

    Also, it looks great and the soundtrack is a thing of legends. Triangles feel finicky for the first ten minutes and then it becomes second nature. Plus the levels seem brilliantly designed and you feel so clever and rewarded when doing some completely stupid and roundabout path until you are in the weirdest spot and suddenly see a secret to pick up, maybe even with achievement for finding a really well hidden one.
    I think this might just be my favorite game so far this year and I liked some others an awful lot.

    Can’t really say much about the length, I am roughly 90 minutes in and haven’t gotten all hidden stuff on any level so far.

  2. Brtt says:

    No mention of GoG ?!
    I’m almost surprised.
    OK, actually not.
    It’s right next to death and taxes.

    link to gog.com


    This is excellent news!

    …because it means now Rat King will work on a big version of Tale of Scale. Right? Right? Right? RIGHT?