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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Cat-llergical Problems

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I love cats, but their luxurious coats disagree with my nose. I am writing this from behind a mountain of soggy tissue paper, even as kittens attempt to use my toes as props in play. I should probably run away, but they’re too cute. Help. (On the bright side, this much sneezing has to qualify as a workout, right? Right?) Because I’m currently located in the Pacific North-West and must prepare this earlier than I normally would, there’s a chance that this week’s Bargain Bucket might have more inaccuracies than normal. I hope not. I don’t know. I’m too busy sneezing my lungs out in the service of cute, fuzzy things. Regardless, enjoy today’s collection of discounted video games. (Ah-choo!) Also, this week’s plushie is an old submission from Lemming because I’m too sick and too far away from home to take my own photos.

Unrest is interesting. Set within a “fantasy interpretation of ancient India,” the game examines the lives of the common folk, the rabble, the nameless people who slip unseen into passages of history. It puts you in control of a woman attempting to resist an arranged marriage, a slum dweller, a troubled priest, and other unique personalities. It asks you to interweave their lives, to see if you can break from centuries-old patterns. It’s not perfect, but it is Interesting, with a stern emphasis on the word “interesting.” Adam had plenty of thoughtful things to say about it (including a handful of spoiler-y comments) in case you wanted even more words to convince you of the purchase.

Shiny Loot 8 Bundle
$3.50/£2.18/€2.74 minimum
Groupees bundles tend to be wildcards, often filled with more imagination than polish, more variety than triple-A talent. And the Shiny Loot 8 is no different. As of the time of writing, we have seven games up for grabs, with an additional three sitting anxiously in the wings. There’s Unearthed, which is like Uncharted but with a different regional slant and Lylian, which puts players in the role of a smiling asylum resident. Crazy Machines provide an alternative for those who just want to built strange contraptions, while Elements: Souls of Fire offers some old-school RPGing for those who need even more diversions. Will they be good? Who knows. They’ll certainly offer variety in your life.

Inquisitor: Deluxe Edition
Inquisitor sits at the forefront of my backlog, looming like a vulture, waiting for me to finally find time away from demanding cats and endless words to infest in its madness. I keep thinking I should get around to playing it. I keep thinking I should try experiencing this flawed theological RPG, where you play as someone deadset on raining doom on those who worship things you don’t personally believe in. I keep thinking about it, which is almost as good as playing it, right? The writing is purportedly thick-as-thieves, a veritable avalanche of words further compounded by the presence of a novel. Whether you enjoy this game or not, it seems, will be wholly dependent on your fondness for reading and being hopelessly, frustratingly lost.

The Humble Weekly Bundle – Pay at least $6.00/£3.73/€4.70 to unlock all
Like so many other people out there, I have my issues with some of Penny Arcade’s misdemeanors, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying their game series. Humble’s latest weekly selection comes with an assortment of familiar titles, many of which I’m certain we all own already. There’s the aforementioned Penny Arcade games, the Shank franchise, the Baconing (!!!), and Plant vs Zombies: Game of the Year Edition for those who still haven’t played that one. Oh, and Boximals Bounce. Because rectangular animals with the ability to bobble energetically are something this world always needs more of. (B-b-b-b-onus deal: Devolver Digital is also having a sale this weekend on Humble.)

NaNoWriMo Writing Tools Bundle – Pay at least $20/£12.43/€15.67 for everything
Did I get that acronym, right? Bugger that acronym. The meaning remains intact. If you don’t know what it’s all about, NaNoWriMo is short for “National Novel Writing Month,” an annual event that involves thousands of people attempting in earnest to write and finish a novel before the end of November. Now, as anyone who has ever tried writing a hulking block of text will tell you, this isn’t an easy challenge. As such, Storybundle has come up with a bundle featuring a host of books to teach you precisely how to survive this arduous challenge, and how to just become an overall better writer. If you do pick up the bundle, check out Shadows Beneath, which features some award-winning authors talking very critically about how they do it. (Also, if you’re joining the fray, good luck! You’ll need it.)

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