Going Up: Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Expansion

IGoing on up...

Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIV‘s first expansion this weekend. It’s named Heavensward and does the usual MMORPG expansion things.

Look, it’s 8 o’clock on Monday morning. I don’t know what you want from me. Is it jokes? Do you want jokes? Here: What do ghosts use to wash their hair? Shamboo! What. Isn’t that enough? What do you want? Do you want blood? Is that it? BLOOD? You can have it. Go on. Take it. Take all of this blood. I’ve even put it in a bucket for you. Oh I don’t know why you’ve gone all wan now, have you changed your mind? Oh, you only wanted to know a little more about Heavensward? Oh. Okay then.

Heavensward will add a new race, a higher level cap, new jobs, new dungeons, new raids, new areas, new items and recipes, airships, and other typical MMORPG expansion stuff. The expansion’s due in spring 2015, but Squeenix will have a little more to say about it on Saturday. For now, you can pore over the slides from the announcement this past weekend to scrape out a few more odds and ends, if you fancy, or have a gander at this here pretty cinematic ‘teaser’ trailer with some very fancy armour that makes shinggg-shonk! noises as it shifts and locks. That’s probably too cool (and too minute a detail (which is perhaps where cool lies?)) to be in the game.

This has me starting my Monday with Heaven’s Blade, so you can too:


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  1. commentingaccount says:

    I really wish it was Spring already...
  1. Pich says:

    Man is the animal :(

  2. gnodab says:

    Posting about FF XIV expansions…. And I thought my start into the day was lousy.

    How about some Coffee? And respect for the tag.

  3. xfstef says:

    Good morning Alice ! I’ll have my coffee without blood today, thank you very much. :)

  4. commentingaccount says:

    I really wish it was Spring already…

  5. Xzi says:

    That cinematic was all fine and good, but I’d just like to know why they used a dying cat for the background noise. Didn’t seem to have much to do with the subject material.

    • Luciferous says:

      I think they were aiming for something like the amazing ‘Answers’ that was played at the very of 1.0’s life and for the trailer introducing A Realm Reborn… It wasn’t quite successful.

  6. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    Hah! Shamboo.

  7. Luciferous says:

    So excited for this, and for the London Fanfest on Saturday, supposedly we’re getting info about the new jobs in the expansion – Dark Knight has already been strongly hinted at.

    But first we have 2.4 (and 2.5) to enjoy before we bump up to 3.0.

    I like that they are dropping A Realm Reborn to prevent bloat in the games title and to hammer home that A Realm Reborn was in every way an expansion as well asa reboot for FFXIV.

  8. pepperfez says:

    I wish non-MMOs could get the kind of scenery this game has.
    Because I am a crotchety old man.