Freeware garden: Hellscapes 7-8

I have apparently escaped from the Organaut Inquisition, emerged from the Transdimensional Meat Escalator and into a hellish and absurd glitch RPG: Hellscapes 7-8. I’m nothing more than a Salary Man with an esoteric rifle, an urge to survive and a demented determination to explore. 

It took me a few hours of running into neo-mammals who reproduce glitch-sexually (through a titillating ceremony of data corruption) and subtle societal satire, but I have now declared myself triumphant. I have successfully murdered Angels of Slaughter and used JRPG techniques on Angels of Torture. I have looked into vaguely naughty red things and kept my sanity. I have endured the Poet’s Tower and marveled at the noise of the ungodly music.

All I can now do is lure new travelers into the alienating wastes of Hellscapes 7-8. And, maybe, just maybe, bake me a cookie.


  1. Echo says:

    Transdimensional Meat Escalator is the name of my next band.

  2. Megazell says:

    I like this a lot. Good find.

  3. milk_cyclops says:

    Howdy. Dev here. If you have any questions regarding the topography, biology or known history of the Seventh Hellscape then by all means feel free to ask me in this comment section – or send me a tweet or something.

    Also, as a long time secret admirer of Castle Shotgun, let me just say how lovely, surreal and nerve-wracking it is to see my silly game on its walls – like a toddlers inept drawing fixed with a magnet to a very fancy and imposing fridge.

    I think I just called RPS a fridge. Oh my. That’s not a very flattering metaphor at all. I think I will go and die now.