Night Of The Living Devs: 3D Realms Relaunches

From what sacrifice does this blood flow?

Names have power, oh names have a terrible power. Names define and names bind, names create and names destroy. No name can ever truly die. Utter those syllables by chance or by mischief and the name returns, just like that, hungry to reclaim its power. When we instinctively shush a burbling baby, it is a primal terror that they might speak a forbidden name. From the mouths of babes, indeed.

But hark, why do the cats wail so? From whence does this gale blow? You press your hands to your ears but cannot keep in the gushing blood nor block out the howling winds and the name they carry:


All of which is to say that 3D Realms have declared themselves officially relaunched.

The brand has been back for a while, but now it’s official. They say they have an “exciting game development incubator program” going on as well as several games in development. Duke-Nukem-with-a-lady-instead shooter Bombshell is one, we know, and I suspect they’re up to more with Rise of the Triad and Shadow Warrior after last year’s series reboots. (Our Adam was quite taken with Shadow Warrior.) Who knows, perhaps they’re even still trying Earth No More after all these years.

Today’s 3D Realms is, of course, not the old 3D Realms. The development team left 3DR when Duke Nukem Forever did, and for several years it existed as a vague idea, a few people, a still-ongoing legal battle with new Duke Nukem owners (and DNF-finishers) Gearbox Software, and a handful of intellectual properties. After a few years of re-releases, they surprised folks with those solid reboots, then surprised us even more by being bought by Interceptor Entertainment – the folks who made that RotT reboot. The new team of six includes 3DR founder Scott Miller, dear community manager Joe Siegler, 3DR veteran Bryan Turner, and Interceptor CEO Frederik Schreiber.

To celebrate all this, they’ve put out a 32-game ‘Anthology’ of things 3D Realms have made and published over the years, from Duke Nukem 3D and Raptor: Call of the Shadows to Math Rescue and Word Rescue. It’s got a few good’uns and a lot of filler. It’ll cost $19.99 (about £12.50) until 5pm on Saturday, then double in price. It also includes what 3DR call a “re-rockestrated soundtrack” with a medley of songs from those games.

To repeat, the term they use is “re-rockestrated”.

Here, have a video celebrating all this. Come for the nostalgia, stay for Jon St. John, the voice of Duke Nukem, skirting around saying the name ‘Duke Nukem’:


  1. shagen454 says:

    Well, I hope I have 15 years left to live to see if whatever they produce is worth the wait?

  2. Geebs says:

    Anybody want to join my sweepstake on the new 3d Realms’ start-to-MOBA time?

  3. rusty5pork says:

    Imma let you finish, but Raptor: Call of the Shadows is the best SHMUP of all time.

    • Detocroix says:

      Raptor and Tyrian, oh my, so good.

      • gnodab says:

        Oh and I love your @vatar

      • Monggerel says:

        Oh Tyrian. Your silly planet descriptions and haunting boss fight themes.
        That was always a funny thing to me, Savara in particular standing out the most.

        You blast through a level to some catchy tune, then the music cuts out. Something different steps onto the screen from the top. Massive and alien and radiant with determination. The tinny spirited chiptunes give way to a simpler and more somber melody.
        The colossus begins its final basse danse and there is a grave elegance to it all.

        In another moment the flames swallow them.

        … then you win the level and the game lets you know of this with something Mario would approve of.

      • DelrueOfDetroit says:

        Tyrian is free on GOG for those not in the know.

        I don’t remember either of these games being as difficult as I find them now.

    • gnodab says:

      God Raptor was GREAT!

      But overall I am not too happy about this. After decades of emptiness at least Shadow Warrior and Triad got decent reiterations and I was hoping that the IPs, along with Duke Nukem, would end up with proper studios (i.e. People Can Fly or whatever they are called now). Now I’ll expect we get a resurrected corpse of a studio that is only holding together by the black arts of corporate law and copyrights.

      • NukeStormMachine says:

        The studio that resurrected 3D realms is the studio who remade Rise of the Triads

        • gnodab says:

          Really? So there is a glimmer of hope?
          I mean they are nowhere near PCF imho, but Triads was alright. Not enough to get me properly excited, but hopeful at least!

    • RedViv says:

      In a world where Jets’n’Guns exist? Only if you go by seniority combined with goodness. Though it owes a lot to Raptor, so without it there would be no JnG.

      • Bull0 says:

        It’s the same world where I’ve never heard of Jets’n’Guns, so, yeah. Looks good though, thanks for the recommendation!

        • Phasma Felis says:

          Jets’n’Guns is probably the only game in history where the dodgy translation actually adds to the atmosphere. The setting is so over-the-top murderwacky that it just makes sense that everyone talks like a used car dealer from Romania after a mild stroke.

          (That’s a recommendation, by the way)

          (“Looney Louie says: I KILL WITH THIS PIECE”)

          • Kaeoschassis says:

            Hero Core with the “Retro” language setting. ’nuff said.

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        Agreed. Jets n Guns is basically “Raptor and Tyrian had a baby and Machinae Supremacy played at its birthday party”.

    • TomxJ says:

      RAPTOR! Thats a ‘Gaming made me’ article right there.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Oh my yes!

      • Phasma Felis says:

        I never really understood why your plane looks exactly like you’d expect from the near-future-earth setting, but everyone else is flying something out of Battlestar Galactica.

    • Harlander says:

      Man, what about… uh.. that anime-themed one with a top-down view that rotated around your planey thing. Came out about the same time as Traffic Department 2042… that was pretty sweet, but apparently not good enough for me to remember what it was called.

      • Jackablade says:

        I think you’re meaning Zone 66.

        Fun, but not one I’d put up against Raptor.

        • Harlander says:

          That’s it, yeah.

          I kept thinking Gate 88, which is something else entirely.

        • Kaeoschassis says:

          I dunno about anyone else, but my problem with Zone 66 isn’t that it’s not good, but that it should be better.
          It’s gives you these wide open environments, a toybox of planes and weapons and a set of objectives and basically says “get to it”. And that’s so much fun.
          But the difficulty is all over the place and the majority of the planes are just not much use, so I never got as much fun out of it as I’d hoped.

          Anyone who ever enjoyed Zone 66, or the idea thereof, should DEFINITELY check out Sky Rogue, though. A very different game, but the basic idea is the same – here’s an island full of baddies, here’s a bunch of cool toys, blow stuff up.

    • Yserbius says:

      Agreed. No one remembers Galactix though. It was the title independantly produced by Cygnus, the Raptor developers. It was good, but it had some major flaws all of which were addressed in Raptor. But it had the greatest opening of any shareware game at the time.

  4. LionsPhil says:

    Starting as they mean to go on, then—living on past glories they can’t recapture?

    Also, wow, what did they do to Bombshell since the 2001 DNF trailer?

    Edit: Wait, the trailer I’m thinking of was the 1998 one. 2001 was the good one. Apparently despite being the butt of all protracted development jokes for over a decade I still underestimated just how protracted that game’s development was.

  5. Barberetti says:

    Looking forward to checking out Duke Nukem: Till Doom5day in 20 years time

  6. kwyjibo says:

    This is just an Interceptor imprint right?

    • KeeperKrux says:

      Basically. Their both owned by a Danish Investment firm. Not sure I can about 3D Realms anymore, especially if that awful looking Bombshell game is any indication of where their taking the label.

  7. The Sombrero Kid says:

    Did someone say Wacky Wheels?

    • Rublore says:

      GOG certainly did – it’s been available there for at least a couple of months. Handy if it’s the only one of the pack you’re interested in.

      • YohnTheViking says:

        Yeah, I was interested in the pack….then I realised that all the stuff I was interested in I already have through GOG

        • jnik says:

          But…but…Commander Keen! I’ve been waiting for Keen on GOG, and Andrew Jackson says I don’t have to wait any longer!

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      I remember when this just sort of magically showed up on the PCs in elementary school. Twas a day fit for Ice Cube.

    • Tyrmot says:

      I would love a remake of that! So many hours spent playing as a kid. I was lethal with those hedgehogs.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      I have the sneaking suspicion Wacky Wheels was the first game I ever played over a lan… Huh, nostalgia.

  8. samsharp99 says:

    The bombshell teaser trailer thing: Wow. The early 00’s called and wants their trailers/graphics back. I’m not expecting great things. Waiting to be proven wrong…

    • Eukatheude says:

      It’s laughably bad. No wonder the comments/ratings are closed.

  9. WhiteLando says:

    Seems a little reckless selling this with the Duke Nukem ownership lawsuit still ongoing, they must be really confident they’re going to win that case.

  10. buzzmong says:

    Hmm, it’s interesting that Joe Siegler has been brought back into the reformed 3DR and that Bryan Turner has been kept on. I wonder if Interceptor are going to try and bring back more ex-3DR staff, or if they’ll restock with fresh developers.

  11. AyeBraine says:

    What the hell, you can’t be legally allowed to write so good! Seriously, that article teaser was a little too good.

    (and I had huge flashbacks for Terminal Velocity and Raptor. forgot that it was 3D Realms too – not that I’m playing them again)

  12. kalirion says:

    Worth noting that several of the included games have been Freeware for years – at least Stargunner, Bio-Menace, Alien Carnage/Halloween Harry. You can still get Stargunner for free from GOG, and the other two (and some others) from the 3drealms site.

  13. Phasma Felis says:

    “The 3D Realms Anthology,” huh. I guess “The Apogee Anthology, plus a couple of 3D Realms games” didn’t make it past the PR guys.

  14. Jalan says:

    “…double in price…” Under new management and still not coming to grips with effective marketing tactics. Bodes well for the future, I’d reckon.

    If its current price were to stay, I’d buy it the moment I have the amount of cash to spend. But since keeping a roof over my head is priority one, all my excess spending money can’t go to old games (the horror, the pain!).