Go Further Than Halfway: Update Adds Mod Support

Halfway is a turn-based sci-fi tactics game in the vein of XCOM, but with a linear storyline tying together its battles and back-at-base sections. Our review called it “almost there, but not quite”, because we like to make clever puns based on the names of things. But now you might be able to help get it the rest of the way: the developers have added mod support to the game.

They’ve created a wiki to support those trying to make mods, and this page has a breakdown of what the tools can and can’t do. Can’t do: change basic core gameplay; add new skills or attributes “at the moment”. Can do: everything else. The list of changeable elements includes tweaking existing skills, plus adding conversations, artwork, characters, levels, AI behaviour, weapons, enemies… seemingly near-everything.

If you’re just looking to play other people’s creations, there’s Steam Workshop support for those who own the game through the service. There’s nothing available to play yet, so if you can’t wait and need an excuse to re-play the game, the update also comes with an extra “++” hard mode.

At the time of writing, Halfway is 25% off on Steam, from a normal price of £10. It’s still cheaper if you buy it direct from the developers though.


  1. amateurviking says:

    I might actually give this a go as a 2D TBT game is probably what I would make if I could make games.

    Watch in awe as I try and fail to recreate FFT in the Halfway engine!

    Edit: I suspect the more apropos quote from the original review was ‘My playthrough has sounded like a pigeon trying to fuck a snake’

    Also: can we expect more writings from Marsh?

    • c-Row says:

      Same here – this might save me the time I would have to spend on programming my own framework instead.

  2. Hex says:

    Wait isn’t this game still in EA? Why was there a review?

    What the. Released July 22nd?

    Where the hell have I been?!