Team Fortress TwoOoOOooOo Halloween Events Return

Things that rocket jump in the night.

I wouldn’t say ‘boo’ to a ghost. That’s rude and, worse, trite — like saying “Aha!” to Steve Coogan. No, if I e.g. met a ghost rattling chains I might ask “What’s shaking?” Top gag. My problem is a short temper with ghosts. The last time jangling disturbed my sleep, I woke the whole block yelling “Hey! That’s enough of your ghost nonsense! Get outta here, you!” I’m not proud, but come on: it’s well out. With Halloween looming and spirits rising, I’d better practice patience if I’m to stay chill.

Helpfully, Valve have resurrected all past TF2 spooky events (this year’s is still to come). A few scraps with the Horseless Headless Horsemann, a little Ghost Fort, and I’ll be cool as a corpse.

Valve now have official servers running a playlist with a mix of the past five years’ events, as well as one that’s simply last year’s. Click that there ‘Play multiplayer’ button to see. I’ve always enjoyed the odd objectives and silly boss battles of TF2’s Scream Fortress events, but haven’t seen some in years; it’s time for a return visit.

Sure, you could always play the maps whenever you pleased, but Valve have now flipped the big switch that sends electricity crackling up a Jacob’s ladder, sparking between Tesla coils, and through occult chymicals to reanimate the squirming glob of mutated brain tissue whose psychic powers make Halloween gifts manifest. Hats. I’m talking about hats. You can get Halloween hats and the other spooky gifts again, I mean. TF2’s spooky menus and music are back too.

Valve are keeping quiet about what this year’s Halloween event will bring and when, but not quiet about much else. Look how loud and spooky and wonderful the TF2 blog post announcing this is.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Grizzly says:

    I might just have the courage to face these events now that the power of Horace is at my side.

  2. BlitzThose says:

    looks like Volvo have learned their lesson from last year

    • starmatt says:

      Are you talking about the Diretide fiasco? Cause I don’t think it’s comparable.

  3. Heliocentric says:

    Alice O’Connor: bigoted against ghosts, the more you know.

  4. OctoStepdad says:

    Played the Halloween maps for a couple hours last night with a seal mask over the Horace!

  5. Enkinan says:


    I know what the kids and I are doing this weekend. Time to take a pause on Grimrock II.

  6. technivore says:

    I had an absolute blast playing last year’s halloween “Helltower” map for a couple hours last night. I had never played any of the Halloween events before and the amount of hilarious, insane stuff happening is just off the charts. I’ll definitely be back to try the “halloween mix” servers.

    • Jalan says:

      Helltower was probably the first genuinely fun Scream Fortress map since the introduction of the event overall. Not having to fight some stupid boss definitely made it that much more enjoyable (listening to Merasmus’ lines might have been fun but trying to fight and defeat the bastard was the opposite of fun – even on servers that forced both sides to focus their attacks on him).

      Hopefully whatever they have cooked up this year is something that replicates Helltower, not so much shot-for-shot but in the sense that it’s played out like an every day/year-round styled match and not some objective that eventually morphs into a playground for non-stop troll antics.

      • Coming Second says:

        The servers that forced cooperation against Merasmus did at least offer the opportunity to be a complete arsehole as an Engineer by using the time to set up a sentry nest directly outside the other team’s spawn. Good times had by all.