Show Me Your Moves: Toxikk


I’ve been keeping one of my infinite eyeballs on arena FPS Toxikk while the rest stare at Unreal Tournament, Blizzard and my own naval. It’s a genre I’m convinced only needs a small push to skyrocket in popularity now that we live in an age of Twitch streams and YouTubers. Much like MOBAs it’s a genre ripe for spectating¬†and competition in equal measure but just needs that one uber-popular game to gather a following. Will this be it? Time will tell, but for now Reakktor have revealed how they’re planning for movement to work. As discussed in the video below, this is the starting point as all other balance – weapons and map size particularly – revolves around it.

With the exception of useful rocket jumps and the jetpack powerup, this looks near-identical to Unreal Tournament 2004’s system, one Epic themselves have chosen to move away from. It’s very welcome to those who, like me, have spent more hours than they care to admit bouncing around DM-Rankin, but isn’t necessarily good or bad. It’s a base, as they say, and what they build on top of it will draw the line between clever spin on old idea and direct port to a new engine.

On that note, Reakktor really need to work on their presentation. Between the continued smug references to the elements of modern military shooters that didn’t appeal to the arena crowd and long, lingering shots of holographic strippers, I nearly turned this off. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of the roots of your game, but use it as an excuse to revel in what you do excellently not mock those who do something else. It’s the fastest way to make the Toxikk community a toxic one.

Want to see more? Here’s Adam with the trailer from last month. Alpha release is still planned for before the end of the year.


  1. Bodylotion says:

    Back in the day I was one of the many people who sided with Unreal Tournament over Quake 3 Arena. Everything about UT 99′ was great; Original weapons, amazing maps,you could customise your character etc. The game came with a load of maps where nowadays in games like COD you get like 10 maps or something ? (sorry i don’t know the exact count) and ofcourse I know these maps are harder to build than back in the day but still. Sadly somehow UT3 never was a very popular even though it was quite a good game (nothing compared to UT99 though).

    Anyways I’m digressing, right?

    Well this game Toxikk looks like it could be a great Unreal Tournament clone although I’m fully aware i shouldn’t be too excited because even though the gameplay is similar & the weapons are similar, Toxikk just isn’t UT. I hope they will add tons of maps, character customisation, fantastic soundtracks and let’s not forget the taunts ofcourse :)

    P.S. they should change the game’s title.

  2. Czrly says:

    While I really do appreciate the mutterings about Arena Shooters we have been hearing, recently, I think that everyone has lost the plot. You can clone *any* arena shooter, easily, and it will be great. The challenge is in ranking players and matching them to provide a fair fight.

    Be it the staid movement and cunning accuracy of UT-like shooters or the manic strafe-jumping and ridiculous twitch-rail-shots of Quake, a fair fight will always be fun.

    • Scumbag says:

      I’ll agree with that. When the commercial version of Nexuiz hit a couple of years back its matchmaking was so god-damn broken I imagine it put a LOT of people off. When you were on a team where the average K:D was 0:5 and the other team was stacked with people on a 8:0 it usually ended up as a curb-stomping session. That and the netcode and movement were arse.

  3. Hunchback says:

    Copy/paste from my post on youtube:

    Looks like a solid imitation of UT movement. Not saying that as critic or in a negative way.
    One thing bothered me with the demo – the slow-down after you perform a dodge-double jump seems too harsh. I am mostly a q3 player, it might because of that, that i am used to basically either keep accelerating or atleast keep the same speed after a strafe jump. In the demo it looked like you get a significant speed boost and then kinda rapidly slow down once you land. This makes the movement less fluid, kinda clunky, and it might make aiming at someone quite easy if you just aim about where he’ll land knowing that his move speed will be much slower.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ben Barrett says:

      That’s generally how it worked in UT. You’d accelerate quickly and that return to normal running speed once you hit the ground. There was much less of the momentum-keeping stuff from Quake in there.

  4. Sleepymatt says:

    Really?? Not a single Britney joke? Shame on you!

  5. Sleepymatt says:

    Although to be fair to you, looking back Adam stole the best one last time!

  6. Hex says:


    • Ogun says:

      that was bothering me too.

      The name is rubbish, will wait for reviews.

      • Hex says:

        Indeed, if they insist on having a stupid name, it may as well at least be more thematically correct in the vein of “Reakkshun” or something. Or even “Reakkt.”

        I mean, those are awful. But “Toxikk?”


  7. Faxanadu says:

    Sorry, had to stop watching when he failed to give out the most important reason you have slow movement from shift: To line up accurate long distance shots while strafing.

    I’m sure it’ll make an OK game but you really need something more than that. I’ll be enjoying my Quakelive. For free.

  8. untoreh says:

    If the genre had potential to be streamed it would have boomed with loadout, which is pretty much the best arena shooter of this last period… But it didnt.