Better Than Stoke, I Guess: Basingstoke

Another day in the hive mind.

I feel like instead of picking on an individual place, post-apocalyptic survival roguelike Basingstoke should just be called Your Town. Who doesn’t feel like they’re beating back invading alien dog-things in a pitch black nightmare when they’re walking home? Or maybe that’s just a similarity Basingstoke and Glasgow share? I’ll admit this won’t feel realistic to me without the accents. The horrific wasteland that is my home aside, Alice brought news of Revenge of the Titans dev Puppygames’ last ditch effort to save themselves from bankruptcy in August. Now they’ve released a trailer and new details on what you’ll get up to.

The video accompanied a blog post about what to expect out of the game. The main goal is to “ultimately escape Basingstoke, like any right-thinking individual.” The method to that prize is up to you, but the plan is for it to be a challenging, randomly generated experience. At every turn you’ll be accosted by the invasion of the Titans, the long-time alien antagonists of the Puppygames universe, who used Basingstoke as their first landing zone. The levels will be procedurally constructed from a number of preset “blocks” of terrain that will clip together, hopefully in such a way as to offer plenty of variety.

Puppy Games developer Justin “Allicorn” Burt also released this Alpha footage last month, which shows some more of what the game will actually be like to play:


  1. The Sombrero Kid says:

    Glasgow is the greatest city on earth.

    • Sleepymatt says:

      Seconded, ya bampot!

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      I once got stopped in Glasgow by the police for drinking in the street. As soon as he heard my accent and realised I was a tourist he eased up a bit and just made me pour it away, but just as they were about to drive off the other copper leaned over and said “just remember, in Glasgow ye cannae drink in the street, ye cannae piss in the street, and ye cannae shit in the street”
      You stay classy Glasgow :)

      (great city tho)

  2. Alberto says:

    The cute cute I-Want-One level skeletons staring at blue screens melt my heart. Hope they appear somewhere into the game.

    Game that I’ll buy, given that I loved Dead Nation and Revenge of Titans.

  3. Shadowcat says:

    I’ve seen things you little droids wouldn’t believe
    Attack ships on fire above Basingstoke

    The Humble Puppy Bundle still has the best HIB video ever :)

  4. Zyx says:

    Now I need to know what the egg timer was for..

    • princec says:

      You can throw it somewhere and a few seconds later it goes off with a ringing bell, which will attract any nearby monsters to come and investigate the noise, so you can slip past behind them. Or you can craft something with it to put a time delay on a device.

      • tigerfort says:

        Feature request: Daytime mode, because a dark screen with bright flashes gives me a headache and makes playing a game no fun. And this looks like something that I’d enjoy playing, provided it didn’t give me a headache. (Think of it as easy mode?)

        • princec says:

          There’ll be an option to turn off the strobes though I’m not quite sure how a daytime mode might work given that the torch and hiding in the dark is sort of an essential feature of the gameplay.

          • AaronLee says:

            Sounds like the perfect opportunity for bait-n-switch difficulty trolling. “I bet you thought daytime was easy? Not seeing as you’ve got no shadows left to hide in, jokes on you.”

      • AaronLee says:

        I need to add this to my outer space aliens from outer space invading earth survival handbook notes.

  5. Bull0 says:

    Looking pretty good, I think. I’ve enjoyed all their previous games so I’ll definitely pick this up.

    I don’t agree about the title, the joke works because it’s a specific town they’re being unreasonably cruel about, that’s what makes it funny.

    • tumbleworld says:

      Nah, you’re totally wrong there. There’s no unreasonable cruelty there. I assume you’ve never tried to get from Popley 2 to Popley 4 at 11:30pm on a Friday…

  6. Sami H says:


  7. FurryLippedSquid says:

    There aren’t many places shitter than Stoke, but Basingstoke is one of them.

    • yan spaceman says:

      … last time I was in Stoke I barely got out with my backside un-kicked. And at the traffic lights there was a gang of 12 year-olds throwing stones at cars from outta town. I feel for the poor people of Basingstoke …

      • Pockets says:

        Basingstoke is bad, but it’s not Stoke bad. It’s a shitty version of Milton Keynes kind of bad.

  8. lowprices says:

    This very much reminds me of Minigore on the iDevice. Same grim situation rendered cute as a button by the art style. This seems to play the situation relatively straight though, with less bellowing from Egorapter.

  9. RARARA says:

    I’m so glad PuppyGames is still in the game.

  10. b0rsuk says:

    This honestly looks better than I expected. If the gameplay is decent, I’ll buy it.

  11. caff says:

    This looks nice. I hope it’s bastard hard too (though not quite as savage as, say, teleglitch).

    • AaronLee says:

      Man, teleglitch!

      It didn’t even occur to me that these games have some similar elements. It’s now only endeared me further to this game.

  12. Rufust Firefly says:

    Oooh, this looks like it could be a lot of fun. And isn’t that company at the end in one of the other Puppygame efforts? Hopefully one can unleash a horde of adorable killer robots…

  13. Synesthesia says:

    I didn’t know puppygames was struggling. What a shame, their ideas are pretty good.

  14. Caiman says:

    This looks delicious! I love the looks, sounds and feel of Puppygames… er… games. They take existing concepts and polish them to a brilliant, future-80s aesthetic that I love. The soundtrack on this one is excellent too.