Far Cry 4 Kyrat Trailers: Not A Great Holiday Destination

As a brochure for a(n imaginary) place, these Far Cry 4 trailers aren’t doing a great job of selling me on Kyrat. Sure it’s got the natural beauty of snowy mountains, lush plains and ancient ruins but literally everything there is trying to kill you. There’s animal attacks, rebels with mortors, mad dictators, spirit people, arena fights – for a (pretend) small Himalayan state they’ve sure crammed in a lot of death. These two latest videos focus specifically on this place and what you’ll find there.

The first centres on the lowlands, which looks to be where you’ll begin the game. It also introduces one of the game’s main antogonists, De Pleur, who runs the drug smuggling operation there for Pagan Min, the big boss. Also: meat-directed controllable bear attacks.

The second is about the midlands and mountain region. This is where those battle arenas come in, another of Pagan Min’s lieutenants running a Roman-style gladiator combat sport where you’re put up against wolves. Wolves always get the short end of the stick for an animal that is basically a cooler dog. You wouldn’t kill a dog, would you? There’s also some sort of mountain prison.

Something in Far Cry 4 has me excited. I dabbled with the second but bored reasonably quickly (controversial – ed!) and never touched 3, devoid of a decent platform to play it on. These kind of open world things always flummox me too – my answer to “you can go anywhere” invariably being “yes, but where?” But Ubi’s take on it is always so structured, giving you logical options rather than just telling you to get on with it. I know for some it’s the antithesis of what these games are about, but I find that guiding hand very useful.

We can all go off on our kablamming holiday on November 18th. A recent achievement leak (spoilers through the link, and some mechanical ones to follow for those who dislike that sort of thing) suggested that there’ll be a homebase to protect and you’ll have a choice as to what happens with the characters who oppose you, once they’re defeated. There’s also hints at a multiplayer mode beyond the co-op fun already announced.


  1. Bravado says:

    So what’s the difference between this and FC3?

    • Cinek says:

      More animals, more types of terrain, few new vehicles, arena battles and… That’s about it.

    • scrub tier says:

      Hopefully about 100% less dudebro…

      Also leaping from gyrocopters and stabbing bad guys in the face.

      I mostly enjoyed my time in FC3 (wtf that ending) but playing as Buck or Willis would be the best thing ever.

      • Comrade Roe says:

        I gotta say, thinking about playing Buck has me imagining doing a QTE where Buck violates Keith, and if he escapes, you lose. Or at least, I think that’s what Buck did to Keith that made him always look so terribly scarred.

    • Morte66 says:

      You can have a tiger on your side.

    • FreeTom says:

      FC3 was great, but felt like it didn’t fully explore what was possible with the environment in which is was built.

      I fully approve of this being effectively Far Cry 3 Episode 2.

    • dkRAM says:

      I thought they’re also adding a dynamic storyline so you can decide which side to support during your play through.

      Main focus is on co-op though…. eurgh co-op

  2. Skhalt says:

    One does not simply walk into mortors.

  3. SuicideKing says:

    It’ll be capped at 24 fps and require a Core i7-5960X, 16GB of DDR4, and 2 GTX 980s. It’s going to be a cinematic rendering experience after all!

    • Morte66 says:

      Far Cry 4 System Requirements

      #####Minimum Requirements#####
      INTEL CPU Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz
      AMD CPU Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600+
      Nvidia GPU GeForce GT 630
      AMD GPU Radeon HD 6570 1GB DDR3
      RAM 2 GB
      OS Win Xp 32
      Direct X DX 9
      HDD Space 15 GB

      … allegedly

  4. Morte66 says:

    Yeah, FC3 did a passable job of “do what you like, but here’s a reason to care about getting a thing done”.

    I have a railroady feeling about the arena and the prison, though. I think whatever you do, and however well you do it, you *will* lose control of your character for a few seconds as you walk through some door, and be banged on the head so you can be put in the prison.

    • Premium User Badge

      DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Or get stabbed and miraculously survive like 8 times.

      • montorsi says:

        As opposed to getting shot roughly two billion times and fixing yourself up with a gauze wrap and syringe.

        Oh it’s a video game. Are these things new?

  5. tonicer says:

    I really enjoyed FC3 (and still play it from time to time with mods) but i’m never preordering a consoleport again. I made that mistake already.

  6. ribby says:

    That sky prison is straight out of game of thrones :P

  7. danimalkingdom says:

    I can’t help but think that they may be drawing from Richard Mosse’s photography for visual inspiration.

    link to google.co.uk

  8. Bodylotion says:

    I can’t see there will be anything wrong with this game, if the story is good this game could be amazing. Yes it’s a lot like Far Cry 3 but is that a bad thing ?

    • SuicideKing says:

      Story wise? Yes. Hallucination-sequence wise? Yes, that’s bad too.

    • PopeRatzo says:

      No, it’s not a bad thing. Far Cry 3 was on the Advent Calendar.

  9. Morte66 says:

    Releases November 18 but not yet on Steam. Is this normal?

  10. Shooop says:

    I’m not seeing any blood dragons yet. Therefore I’m not interested.

  11. Antistar says:

    I thought that liking Far Cry 2 was the controversial position. I loved it, myself – despite its flaws (and you know the ones I mean; everyone always complains about them whenever the game is mentioned). Fantastic atmosphere.

    At the same time, I recognise that the gameplay in FC3 is generally better all around, if a bit cartoonish and nasty… but that writing/characterisation/etc – ugh. It really rubs me the wrong way, and unfortunately it looks like FC4 is more of the same in that regard.

    So I dunno; I enjoyed FC3 a lot when it came out, but the toxic writing (at least I found it so) got to me after a while, and now I’m a bit wary of FC4.

    • Lobster9 says:

      There are certain things I really miss about the second game. Mostly those slick paper maps, so simple and tactile. Quite unlike the huge swooshing over designed maps you see in virtually every Ubisoft game after AC2. I really hate the FC3 map, and I know it’s a small pedantic detail, but it makes every time I open it a horrible chore.

    • montorsi says:

      Naw, FC2 was a fun game. I still fire it up every now again and run around making trouble for the locals. The best part about it is you don’t need a narrative to go out and make crazy shit happen.