The RPS Bargain Bucket: Time Slip

Ugh. Do you know what happens when you’re travelling in the United states, trying to adhere to a Malaysian schedule, and occasionally checking in to see what time it is in United Kingdoms? Chaos, that’s what. And being insanely late with the Bargain Bucket, which is embarrassing to no end. (Sorry sorry sorry, overlords and Bucketeers.) Okay, without any FURTHER ado, here’s a list of possible impulse buys for you. (Plushie is from MadKatrina!)

Dark Souls 2
Okay, look. Let me level with you. The price for this? It will go down. That is how the world is structured. That is how it all works. No matter how awesome the game, prices will eventually plummet, allowing you to pretend it’s already ruddy Christmas and all that. But, if you can’t wait, and you’d really rather get it before, say, Bloodborne shows up, Dark Souls 2 is going for pretty darn cheap. On the slight chance that you might not – who am I kidding? This is Dark Souls 2 we’re talking about. You probably know about it already. (Quick experiment: raise your hands, ye who has not heard of this kill-em-up?)

Murdered: Soul Suspect
People seem divided about Murdered: Soul Suspect. Half of them can’t stop raving about the damn game, while the other half think the protagonist rather needs a slap over the upside of his spectral head. (We fell in the latter camp.) But, it is pretty. And if you’ve been hankering for an opportunity to mix L.A. Noire with bits of Ghost Trick, this might just be the weekend indulgence for you. Personally, I prefer my investigators with a bit more wit, and a little less silliness but that’s entirely my own preference. (Note: You need to visit this site via, say, Hola. Otherwise, Square Enix will laugh you away to a higher price point.)

The Void
I keep recommending Ice-Pick Lodge, even though I know they’re so painfully broken. It’s a weird compulsion. Regardless of the execution, their ideas are often killer, filled with this impossible magic and sense of imagination. The Void is no different, really. You’re a soul trapped in the Void, a place not unlike purgatory. Color is currency here, and also everything else of importance. There are strange, naked women known as Sisters, and grotesque brothers, and whispering hues who tell you everything else is lying. It’s mad. And beautiful. And Quintin had far more to say about it than I ever will.

They Bleed Pixels
They Bleed Pixels is like Super Meat Boy, except with a purple lass and Lovecraftian monsters. It also has a fascinating save system, which I’m adored from Day One. There’s a meter which measures your performance. Play sloppily, and it will slowly trickle to life. Play well, and it will rocket forward, along you to deposit save points wherever you choose. They Bleed Pixels will literally award you for being a performance artist, which is fantastic to no end. Play it, then play it with friends so you can show off how much of a bow-wearing badass you really are. (Don’t forget to apply vouchers where applicable: U9OULG-XRTO1V-4VMUGZ)

Also of note:

Painkiller: Hell and Damnation – $2.99/£2.49/€2.99
Did we like Painkiller? I’m not sure. Do we like first-person shooters with a ton of strange enemies, an assortment of weird guns, and gore? Do we like not doing anything about just making things explode? Do we. I don’t know. Do you? If so, Painkiller: Hell and Damnation – Collector’s Edition is currently going at 90% off.

Brandon Sanderson’s 2014 Creative Writing Class – Free
So, Brandon Sanderson does some excellent stuff. He writes great books. He runs an excellent podcast, which is geared towards assisting beginner writers. He’s generally awesome. And, you can now watch an entire semester of him explaining how to be a better penmonkey online. (If that wasn’t enough, you can also watch his 2012 and his 2013 lessons. I mean, no biggie.)


  1. therighttoarmbears says:

    I don’t normally gush for the plush, so to speak, but you got me.

  2. MasodikTiasma says:

    Anyone knows if DS2 is region locked? I’d like to buy the season pass, but I’m worried I’ll be getting a key that works only with the US version. Anybody tried it yet? Thanks in advance for the info!

  3. coppernaut says:

    Who makes all these wonderful stuffed animals?

  4. yhancik says:

    I just reinstalled The Void 2 hours ago!

  5. mezron says:

    Thought I’d point out that Painkiller Hell & Damnation is the Collector’s Edition, not the Complete Edition. The Collector’s Edition doesn’t come with any DLC. Calling it Complete Edition implies that it would.

    As far as I know there’s no such thing as the Complete Edition.

    Feel free to delete this post if you update the story.

    • Cassandra Khaw says:

      I’ll keep it to remind myself of my dumbness. D: D: D:

    • drewski says:

      The DLC isn’t worth bothering with really. You’re better off just replaying the main game if you want more of that Painkiller-y goodness.

  6. YogSo says:

    Also of note, Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut is 90% off on Steam. Awful port, grab DPFix, yadda, yadda, yadda. But if you’ve been tempted to try it, like me, I guess that low price won’t be beaten for a long while.

    • Bull0 says:

      Speaking as someone who bought it the week it came out on Steam and has yet to actually launch it, ouch. And yet, I continue to do this shit

  7. Martel says:

    Saint’s Row IV with all the DLC (their Game of the Century Edition) is down to $10, which I imagine will be the lowest it hits for a while – link to

  8. eggy toast says:

    Sorry but the site in link #1 looks fishy as can be, to me.

    Also the link says it’s for the PS3 version.

    • Llewyn says:

      The link is not remotely fishy – it’s the US store of the game’s publisher, ie about as direct as can be in this case. Following it gives you a platform selection option, which includes Steam (as well as PS3 and X360…)

      • Strazz says:

        The way their site is worded it sounds like they’re shipping the Steam code. Has anyone from Europe ordered from that site or is Europe barred from ordering there?

        • cbayley says:

          The site FAQ says, “I bought a Steam Key – How will this be delivered to me?
          Your steam key will be delivered to you both via email and will be shown in the “Tracking Number” field once your credit card has completed processing. To find your tracking number, please login, click “Your Account” and then select “Track Packages” from the “Order Information” section of your account dashboard.”

          However, I just bought it, and yeah. I have no steam key, just a tracking number, and I am also very confused. Bandai Namco is fucking insane, is all I can say.

          ETA: I’m from the US, by the by.

          • MechanicalPen says:

            Weird as it sounds, The FAQ says that the Tracking Number IS your Steam key. Why they’d do it this way, I’ve no idea.

          • cbayley says:

            In response to the Tracking number being your steam code–it has been 5 hours, and I still do not have a tracking number.

          • defunct says:

            “I have no steam key, just a tracking number”
            “and I still do not have a tracking number.”

            so, just curious, do you have a tracking number or not? Because you said both.

  9. heretic says:

    killer is dead is on sale on steam for 8 quid until monday I think, I’m not convinced I will pick it up this time (still got a backlog I’m going through) but I’ll be getting it at some point

    • malkav11 says:

      I wouldn’t bother. It’s pretty tedious and it’s superficially “crazy” and “weird” but not in interesting or thought provoking ways.

  10. mechabuddha says:

    Just a note: Using Hola gets you to SE’s EU site, but SE still apparently knows if you’re out of country when you go to purchase.

  11. MegaAndy says:

    Daisy !

  12. Baines says:

    I really didn’t like They Bleed Pixel’s save system for two reasons:

    1) It is too easy to accidentally trigger a save in a spot where you don’t really need it, rather than in a spot where you do. This affects more the people who are most likely to rely on the save system.

    2) It rewards more the people who don’t really need the reward.

    • SuddenSight says:

      I kind of like the save system, because you can position it how you want.

      My complaint about They Bleed Pixels is: it is a precision platformer with an ice level.

      I gave up. Someday I may go back and try to get past it.

  13. kalirion says:

    Nimble Quest is on sale for only $0.49: link to
    I’ve been having a lot of fun with this one. And it has trading cards (but alas, no achievements)!

    And link to is not bad – its a build-a-bundle style so you can decide how many games to pick up. 2 game minimum, most of them are $0.50 a piece, $4.25 for the whole bundle:

    Project Temporality (the only $0.75)
    Boo Bunny Plague – Deluxe Edition
    Tesla Breaks the World!
    Voyage: Journey to the Moon
    Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader (GOG key)
    Spy Fox in “Dry Cereal”

    Blood Star is a DRM-Free bonus which you get no matter which games you pick.

  14. Peter Radiator Full Pig says:

    No episode for the Brandon Sanderson videos? Or are they misnamed?
    Love his work, Mistborn is great,though i dont think he did the last Wheel of Time book well.

    • Cassandra Khaw says:

      I am confused! You mean, like, on the YouTube playlist itself or on the site? @@

  15. Ejia says:

    Is it a crocheted rhinoceros?

  16. Jalan says:

    That voucher code, like most vouchers with GMG these days, can’t be applied unless you’re spending a required minimum amount. Which makes it useless (GMG in a nutshell these days) if you’re wanting just a single title that doesn’t meet that requirement.

    At this rate, I expect them to run a Christmas promo that has the digital equivalent of Santa taking a crap down everyone’s chimney.

  17. Shadowcat says:

    I’m adored from Day One

    Well, your parents pretty much have to do that. Genetics and all.

    Still, if you’ve kept it going continuously ever since, that’s not bad.

  18. Kefren says:

    Free! Anyone want either of these, first come, first served? Brackets tells you the site you need an account on.

    – Magrunner Dark Pulse [GOG]
    – Dungeons of Dredmore [Desura]

    • ashim says:

      I would really like DoD, if it’s still available. Thanks!

      • Kefren says:

        It is! Just go to my blog and contact me by email or Facebook, and I’ll send you the Desura key. It’s a fun game.
        (I can’t paste the code here, someone else might take it first!”