Dungeon Of The Endless Strikes Gold

Dungeon Of The Endless, one third of the Endless trilogy of genres from Amplitude Studios, is now officially released. Version 1.0.15 of the roguelite dungeon defender/explorer is up on Steam, and has a dashing new trailer to celebrate the launch.

As captain of a wrecked ship, it’s your job to defend your precious generator, while simultaneously exploring a procedurally generated dungeon that sprawls around you in all directions. And it’s built of some of the most stunning pixel art I can remember. Take a look:

It’s been in Open Access for nearly a year, so it makes for an interesting case study of how well a long-available game sells when its number counter ticks over the magical 1.0. It’s a tenner either on Steam, or directly from the developers.

We’ll take a closer look at the Endless Space prequel pretty soon, I reckon.


  1. eggy toast says:

    Space Base DF9 also rolled over from unfinished Alpha 6 to Complete Release 1.0 yesterday, although unlike Endless they had to take on a 40% discount AND give everyone who already bought it a copy of their most recent game. Because of what horrible assholes they are slapping a finished sticker on a game that is not worth buying for $5.

    • bonuswavepilot says:

      Um, yeah it’s crappy that they’re abandoning it, (though in the scheme of abandonment, doing so with a free game and opened source code is not the worst thing they could have done) but why bring it up here?

      If you put money into it, I think you have a right to be annoyed, don’t get me wrong, but where is the link to this article? Are you just spraying rage into every forum available?

      • Baines says:

        To be fair, the last paragraph is “It’s been in Open Access for nearly a year, so it makes for an interesting case study of how well a long-available game sells when its number counter ticks over the magical 1.0.“, which can open the floor to people bringing in other games that were in Early Access for long periods and how they performed when switch to “officially released”.

        The other similarity is as eggy toast mentioned, Spacebase DF-9 transitioned to “complete” yesterday, the same day as Dungeon of the Endless, which makes the comment the kind of “In similar news…” news bit that gets posted in comments. Even if it was posted more to gripe about Spacebase than to let people know of the exact date of the official transition.

    • deadfolk says:

      Be aware, though…the free game apparently only applies if you bought it from Steam. If (like me) you got it via Humble, you’re screwed, because although they want to make it up to SOME of us, they’re not contrite enough to bother with things like factually correct statements. I quote: ‘And as a token of our appreciation to those who supported these games early, anyone who already owns Hack n Slash will be getting a copy of Spacebase for free and vice versa.’
      And then in the comments: ‘One thing to note is that you will have had to buy the game on Steam and not through a bundle or something, as that’s how Steam has the records of the purchase.’

      So they really expect us to believe that Humble do no track purchases? My library page says otherwise.
      And no, I’m not talking ‘got it for 10p in a bundle’. I bought the game proper, standalone, through the Humble store.

      • AngoraFish says:

        There is no need to track purchases, it’s in your goddam game library for god’s sake. It’s not as if this is hackable.

  2. Lim-Dul says:

    One of the few games that I actually played in Early Access, which I usually avoid doing since then I get bored with the given title before it’s feature-complete.
    However, Dungeon of the Endless has been excellent for months now. It’s an excellent and unique blend of genres and leaves the player tons of ways to play it. Do you build up your heroes and treat it like a semi-turn-based action RPG? Do you build up your defenses and treat it a bit more like a tower defense game? Regardless, there’s a lot of resource-management similar to a turn-based strategy game involved.
    And yes, the pixel art is gorgeous.

  3. Cross says:

    As an aside, i really, really love Endless Legend. It largely rectifies the bitchslaps that Endless Space deservedly got, and adds a bunch of really diverse factions into a wonderfully built and really quite beautiful world. I love it to pieces, and to an extent, i think it’s a better 4X game than its major competition: Civ Beyond Earth.

    • bonuswavepilot says:

      How is the AI, Cross? It seems to be the only thing which folks aren’t really impressed with in the reviews…

      • Phantasma says:

        Granted, the AI in EL is terrible at combat and has a visible problem with city-defenses, but it at least tries to be active about things.

        If it took Civ V a plethora of patches and a major expansion until the AI was even barely noticable (sadly they broke all that with Brave New World again), then i’d say Amplitude should be allowed the same amount of time before pointing fingers.
        But that’s just my opinion.

      • vahnn says:

        The AI is kind of buggers at the moment, but Amplitude is aware of the issues and have a plan laid out for addressing these issues, as well as leaving the issue wide open for community feedback and input. In fact, they are directly asking for it!

        You can check out this thread on their official forums regarding their goals and discussions on AI improvement here:

        link to forums.amplitude-studios.com

        • bonuswavepilot says:

          Well that sounds promising! I suppose it must be quite a tricky problem to put together a decent AI for one of these 4X type things.

      • Hex says:

        So I’ve only completed one EL campaign, but I felt like the AI was pretty adequate. I was playing on normal, as I didn’t want an Hercurlean challenge, and things remained tense-but-workable pretty much throughout the game.

        What was really fun in the end was that the AI faction that was giving me the most run for my money almost achieved 3 different victory conditions during the end-game. When I got a notice that they own 50% of the territory in the world or some such thing, I launched an all-out assault and started gobbling up their districts. I ended up getting notices both that they almost completed a Wonder victory, I think, and a Science victory before I eradicated them. (I was necrophage. Ummy nums.)

        So maybe for someone who understands the systems extremely well the AI isn’t that impressive, but I felt like they gave me a run for my money. It seemed like several of the factions were trying. I’m not sure what it is they AI is doing which is making them a target for criticism…?

    • Phantasma says:

      Couldn’t have said it better.

      After a quite steamy but short honeymoon with Endless Space, i had been rather disappointed with the lack of depth and polish.
      But Amplitude really took a risk and Endless Legend clearly is the better game because of this.
      And all the BE demo did was wanting me to start a new map in EL.

      So, normally i’m only a moderate fan of rogue-likes and i don’t really fancy tower defence bits, but now i’m almost interested, what Amplitude did with this formula.

    • soulblur says:

      Is RPS doing a WIT of Endless Legend? (I know it says “Endless Space prequel” above, but I think that refers to Dungeons rather than Legend).

    • Joshua Northey says:

      Yes Endless Legend is great and this game was pretty fun when I last played it months ago..

      Endless Space is also great, a lot of people were just angry it focused on balance/challenge/UI rather than pretty spaceship battles you could manually control.

  4. internisus says:

    You can also get the soundtrack here for pay-what-you-want, including $0 if you like: link to gameaudiofactory.bandcamp.com

    • slerbal says:

      Yeah, it is very good indeed. Too good to pick up for free, I reckon – if you can, throw a few dollars at the composers.

  5. morbiusnl says:

    Amplitude Studios is what I think Early Access done right. They were one of the first with Endless space, and they are doing the same with all their other titles. Release early access when the game is pretty much finished, tweak a bit for a year or so, and then release it. I love endless legend, and will prolly get this one too. great games.

  6. slerbal says:

    I recently picked up the soundtrack for this on Bandcamp. Really great music. I’ll wait for the WIT but the music alone has made me want to take a look at this game :)

  7. phanatic62 says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this game for sometime now. It does a great job of presenting you with interesting options which keeps the game fresh, and the mayhem after opening a door puts enough stress on you that you’re never mindlessly clicking to the next floor. If you liked FTL or other games-that-share-mechanics-with-Rogue you should check this out.

    I have a ton more I could say about this, but I feel like learning the nuances of the game was half the fun.

  8. Eggman says:

    Really a gem of a game, more than well worth its low price.

    Multiplayer really changes it as well. Resource income is shared among the players, but not auto-pooled.
    You can send resources to other players and this way you can pool up for building major modules or research.

    Creates interesting discussions about what to do/when, and you actually get this feeling of four non-coordinated people trying to escape a dungeon.

  9. Hex says:

    Hmm. After playing tons of the Early Access versions of this game over the last year, I’d stopped over the last few months because I hit a couple of versions in a row which were pretty rough.

    Time to jump back in, I suppose.

    • tetracycloide says:

      I was in the same boat and came out really happy with the tweaks that were made. One favorite in particular is that merchants take random FIDS resources or dust as currency rather than only dust. I think that one change added a ton of depth to the game. It still feels like a fair amount of success in the game comes down to the floor layout and which direction you blindly pick.

  10. geldonyetich says:

    If I were to arrange games in terms of “Clever application of solid game mechanics and marvelous presentation,” very few games would hold a candle to the “FTL” tier. Endless Dungeon is one of them. Very solid, particularly if you like board games with a smattering of tower defense and procedural generation.