Freeware Garden: Barrier

It looks much nicer when it moves; now, you know.

It has become apparent to me that I enjoy the odd super twitchy game from time to time. You know, something along the lines of Super Hexagon or the lovingly freeware and proudly glowing Barrier.

Barrier looks a bit like ur-indie racer Audiosurf, but, trust me, it’s a more frantic affair. It’s a super fast avoid-’em-up that has you dodging what I’d describe as flat shaded concrete walls on neon lanes to the tunes of a hypnotic trance soundtrack. All you get to do is move left and right and hope you are good enough to last enough seconds to unlock the next level.

The visual cues and design of the thing help and, chances are, you’ll be in the zone in no time. That’s where everything clicks together and the exhilarating sense of speed properly tests your reflexes. Be good enough and you’ll apparently get to shoot stuff too.

Expect to get addicted to the thing. You’ve been warned.


  1. LTK says:

    Dodging the walls seems straightforward enough if you know that the road turns orange when there’s an obstacle ahead, but the slight shifts in perspective and the mid-game instructions on combat make things a lot more difficult. What do I do to shoot enemies? The instructions for tablet controls were way confusing.

    • winesays says:

      Thanks for your comment, LTK. To shoot enemies on tablet you must hold left/right side and tap on another (for web-version – just Space). About in-game instructions I’m already fix it in the new version that will be available in a few days.

  2. elevown says:

    Anyone know what the arrow and blue track mechanics on level 2 (R) mean? ive made it to 21sec on R but still cant really tell what im meant to do.

    • wine says:

      The blue track with an arrow show you which side you should move to avoid this barrier (just the blue one) otherwise you will be blocked.

      btw on the level 3 you will face with barriers on the green track. Then you should pass only through it.

      • elevown says:

        I figured it out a bit later- managed to get to 4th lvl – S before giving up :)

  3. Luringen says:

    Tried the windows store version. Says development build in the corner, and if you tap a corner of the screen the game goes nuts and throws object reference not set to object Unity errors instead of moving the player until a restart. Was the wrong build uploaded or something?

    • wine says:

      Thank you for feedback, Luringen. Yeah, the first attempt (current build) for windows has some troubles. We were in a hurry for a W8 contest : ) Soon a new version will be ready and update on windows Store and also appears on Android