Their Finest Tower: Rogue Wizards

You’d never find a wizard living in a bungalow. They love a good tower and, in the modern world, are most likely to be found cackling in their swanky penthouse apartments. In Rogue Wizards, you’ll be helping your chosen spellcaster to crawl through randomly generated dungeons, gather loot, master magic, and construct a towering sanctuary with a town around it. Project lead Colin Day has worked at Westwood and Electronic Arts, as well as on Diablo 3 and Hellgate: London. Designer Clay Retzer also has stacks of experience, including Heroes of Might and Magic 1 & 2 and MechWarrior Mercenaries. The game is seeking funding at the usual place.

Thirteen days to go and just over half of the $70,000 goal has been pledged. I’m surprised it hasn’t shot through its target already – the pitch is solid and well presented, and there’s a strong pedigree in the team. Here are the basics.

In your quest you’ll explore randomly generated dungeons, collect treasures, master magic, avoid traps, solve puzzles, and of course cleanse the dungeons of all the evil minions within. Every dungeon is unique, no two locations will ever be the same.

It’s not all dungeon-crawl. Feel at home in your very own Wizard Tower where you can enhance and customize the way you play by building a thriving town, brewing your own reagents, crafting or buying your own gear, powering up your magic, and recruiting help.

Graphically, I’m reminded of Shattered Planet, which was a fine roguelite and might have lasted longer on my hard drive if it had the RPG depth that Rogue Wizards seems to offer. There’s a town to build, allies to recruit, and randomised items and dungeons to discover. Towns can be expanded into new territory, and new equipment can be crafted and enchanted. I even enjoy the cutesy graphics, clean and colourful as they are.

The one sticking point is that release won’t be until 2016, although I’ve heard it said that good things come to those who wait.


  1. shinkshank says:

    The level tiles popping in like that is very Bastion-esque. Not that I’m saying that this is a bad thing.

  2. Ishy says:

    This looks/sounds lovely, if only I had money to offer…

  3. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    I think this is one of those times where the completely bland and generic name is doing a great disservice to the sort of attention this game is getting. Best of luck to the developers, game looks promising.

    • says:

      Yeah, I agree.

      On the upside, at least it’s not named Wizardville.

  4. Raiyne says:

    The overworld reminds me of Legend of Mana. I miss that game so much.

  5. Skeletor68 says:

    Sounds like my cup of tea for sure!

  6. MrLoque says:

    It really looks like one of those Facebook games (Farmville, Cityville, …). Bland name, cartoonish/cildish graphics, sorry it really does not impress me at all :(

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      I’ve become a bit allergic too these sorts of graphics myself, and it looks like a very simple concept, but it’s not a Facebook game. And probably not f2p as well. And who knows, maybe it’ll be a better game than we suspect it will be.

      On the other hand, I’m kind of puzzled why this game receives attention over a lot of similar games. But maybe that’s because of the devs working on it (and the quality of the pitch).

  7. colinday says:

    Hi RPS! Thanks for the article … it really means a lot to see such awesome support for indie titles!

  8. Shadowcat says:

    Excellent title puns: Garnering attention for games you wouldn’t normally notice since 2007.