Lo-Fi Let’s Play Special: The (Complete) Colonel’s Bequest

I’ve been doing a series of Let’s Play videos exploring old adventures, text games and lost design forms from the 1980s Apple IIe and Commodore 64 era. In a time when young men shout over new action games, I will talk softly over strange old ones. Come along on a visitation of a different era that’s one part meditations on my childhood, one part adventure game criticism, and one part preservation effort. Bonus: Everyone says the quiet talk, lo-fi handmade feel and keyboard tapping triggers ASMR responses. Please enjoy!

When I recently featured one of my all-time favorite adventures,The Colonel’s Bequest, for a quick Lo-Fi look, I thought it might be a good idea to revisit it later in a full-length video. I suggested it, and the response was overwhelming — you wanted more Colonel’s Bequest!

I think Lo-Fi Let’s Plays thrive on well-researched, quick looks. But this particular game is special to history and to me. Throughout my youth I’d always get a close friend to team up with me, side by side at the machine, and I think lots of folks grew up playing adventure games in a similar fashion. As a little Halloween present, I recruited friend and colleague Quintin Smith — you RPS old-timers remember Quinns, don’t you? Quinns doesn’t like adventure games very much. He likes this one. I think.

So here it is, friends! One of my favorite murder mysteries, warts and all. Quinns and I aim for the rank of Super Sleuth. We don’t quite make it. Please enjoy, and don’t eat any candy from strangers this weekend!

The entire Lo-Fi Let’s Play series is available and regularly updated at my YouTube channel if you’d like to subscribe, but my friends at RPS are graciously syndicating them here from now on, with some additional written analysis and commentary.


  1. RARARA says:

    Oh, we remember Quinns, alright. Every now and then we still go back to read his New Vegas WIT and grumble about it.

    (And then read Butchering Pathologic and AHL:The 5 AM and miss him terribly.)

  2. Nova says:

    Quinns? The guy with the iron deficiency?

  3. felisc says:

    I just finished watching the whole 3 hours (!), this was very sweet. I like that you make these lp a “safe place” as you say. Quinns was a nice humorous side kick, good energy between you kept me smiling all along. Hopefully you two can find the time to record another long format for Christmas !

  4. LaunchJC says:

    Really enjoyable few hours worth of lo-fi LPing :), my favorite one yet.

    Was incredibly interesting seeing it through to the end, really remarkable game that I had no real idea of before. Having Quinns too was a fun perspective &his thoughts as someone who is less familiar seemed to mirror mine, also his occasional breaking of lo-fi rules were hilarious.

  5. Stugle says:

    Three hours that I greatly enjoyed. I played Colonel’s Bequest a few years after it came out and it was amazing how much of it came right back to me (though I played it in glorious green monochrome). Fun nostalgia. :)