What Big Downloads You Have: Red Hood Diaries Demo

The controversial McGee Act of 2000 has not yet been repealed, despite the revolt led by Tale of Tales’ The Path, so it remains the case that every videogame based on a fairy tale must be a broody platformer starring a young lady with a weapon. While we await Snow White: Dwarves Of Darkness and Rapunzel: Hairway To Hell, we can Halloween it up with today’s demo of Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries.

It’s Red Riding Hood with an axe and an acute case of Burtonitis, innit.

You get three levels to play with, which includes assorted hacking at monsters, switch-flipping and platform-hopping. There’s a great deal of insta-death, but at least it’s generous with its checkpoints.

Despite a fondness for twisted metal architecture and characters and the decision to make her murderous, I’ve not seen any suggestion that it’s taking Red Riding Hood to truly surprising places, but it is of course pleasing to see her in charge of her own destiny/axe, rather than needing a bloke in a lumberjack shirt to come and sort it all out for her.

Its Unreal-powered dark steampunkery is attractive enough, though it doesn’t have the visual imagination of McGee’s Alice games. The demo is, however, based on an early and unfinished build (which also lacks many graphical options), so we’re probably not seeing it at its best yet. Hopefully they’ll improve the bored/supercilious-sounding voiceover in the released version too.

Still: can’t really argue with three free levels of jumpy-stabby fairy tale on jokey-spooky day. It’s got pumpkins in it and everything.

The demo’s up on Steam right now. Here’s the pitch video from their Kickstarter earlier this year, if you’d prefer:


  1. Orija says:

    It might be a private niggle but I rather dislike titles with “…Diaries”, “…Chronicles”, “Confessions of… ” in them, it’s like the creators just ran out of creative steam when it came to finding a decent title.

    • kalirion says:

      So would you prefer “Confessions of Diary Chronicles” or “Chronicles of Diary Confessions”? Or perhaps “Chronicle Confessions Episode 1: The Diary”?

      • Tacroy says:

        “Confessions of the Dairy Chronicles: A Cow’s Life, in Parts”

    • valrus says:

      I assumed it was a reference to the old Showtime softcore erotic series “Red Shoe Diaries”. If it isn’t… I don’t know if that’s more embarrassing to me or to them.

    • Geebs says:

      In the nineties, this would have been called “Operation Woolfe”

  2. Rae says:

    I like the setting and world. Um, I can’t be the only one who thinks the MC’s face is somewhat scary ih a bad way? Right?

  3. gabrielonuris says:

    It has a kind of Trine vibe in it, which is rather good for my tastes!! I’ll keep an eye on this for sure.

    • Baines says:

      It does look like Trine, until you play it.

      The combat in the demo requires way too much precision, unfortunately. It seems like only the axe head hits, which means you miss anything standing right next to you. The result is that it is rather difficult to even fight lethargic rats in the sewer. If it was a side scroller, you could get the spacing down fairly easily, but it is 3D combat instead of Trine’s 2D gameplay.

  4. forddent says:

    It took me several minutes to realize this wasn’t actually an American McGee-helmed title. The side-scrolling bits look real good! I will have to check this demo out when I’ve got a moment.

  5. pepperfez says:

    Is there a reason we can’t have free roaming in 3D platformers anymore? I feel like Mario 64 would look more revolutionary now than it did then.

    • G-Lord says:

      They have become rare indeed. I hope A Hat in Time will deliver.

  6. cpt_freakout says:

    Woolfe – The Red Ryedeeng Hewd Diaries