Valkyria Chronology: Tactical RPG Arriving In November

We've got spirit, yes we do! We've got spirit, how about you?

When Sega announced a PC port of Valkyria Chronicles earlier this week, all we knew was: it’s coming to PC. That’s fine news, as I’ve heard good things about the tactical RPG, but a little vague. They had a marketing plan, see, then a ratings board tipped their hand. Better a hasty announcement than the tedious “We do not comment on rumour or speculation” we often hear from publishers dodging things that are clearly happening. Anyway, now we have details. It’ll launch on November 11th, coming complete with all the DLC from PS3 at a price of £14.99 (or £13.49 if you pre-order).

Valkyria Chronicles goes down in an analogue of World War 2-era Europe, where it turns out, hey, also there’s a race of ancient beings with special powers. Its combat is its real strength, or so They tell me, so perhaps go read Eurogamer‘s review for more on that. That lot seem sensible enough.

The Sega PC Ports petition gang are taking credit for this one. I couldn’t say quite how much this was down to them, but good on ’em either way. I too hope this is the start of a Sega port-o-rama, as Bayonetta and Vanquish are the only two reasons I still have an Xbox 360 filling me with clutterdread. Those are pretty great video games. In fact, let’s get irresponsibly hype-y: Vanquish is the best third-person shooty-shooter I’ve played. Pretty please, Ian Sega.


  1. Mungrul says:

    Yup, Vanquish makes all other third-person manshoots look like the plodding dinosaurs they are. It looked spectacular even on last gen machines thanks to a fast proprietary engine and lots of clean design, but it should look absolutely [better-than-spectacular-superlative] on PC.

    As to this, I pre-ordered it faster than you could say “Butwhataboutthatsoddingpig”.

    Ramsey Clement forever.

    • wintermute000 says:

      Played it around 1/3rd through on PS3, got interrupted and couldn’t pick it up again but it was a damned good game from memory.

      re: Vanquish – had all the right ingredients except mouse+kb, could never figure out how anybody could hit a flippin thing using twin sticks esp skating around @ such speeds. I’d buy a PC port of that in a flash.

      • nearly says:

        My sole gripe with Vanquish was lack of New Game + or way to replay with your upgrades. A lot of them were great and it seemed odd that you couldn’t start the game over with them. Otherwise, the game seemed very firmly in the “fuck it, just have fun” Saints Row camp.

        Got stuck in Valkyria at some point maybe a quarter to half of the way through and never picked it back up. It can be really heartbreaking to lose your troops. I’d still love to pick it up on PC and I’m willing to bet I’d pick up most any game Sega re-releases on PC (I’m not even mad that I paid full price on Jet Set Radio despite it regularly being dirt cheap in sales these days). Throw in some other older games like Skies of Arcadia and I bet Sega could make a lot of money

    • Makariel says:

      My consolebox sometimes struggled under the assault on the senses that is Vanquish, I would instantly buy a PC version that would enable to keep 60+fps. I might even buy two! Best third person shooter of all time ever.

  2. lowprices says:

    I’m hoping it’ll be a better port than other recent Japanese console-to-pc efforts, but honestly, even if it’s nothing more than a 1:1 recreation of the PS3 version I’ll be happy.

    • Mashakosha says:

      Let’s be honest, even if the port is wonky, the fact that it’s on PC will have people swooping in to save the day.

      • TormDK says:


        I made the purchase already, been wanting to play it ever since it came out on my platform of choice.

        So I’m happy that SEGA decided to do this port, and will throw my Money at them for doing so.

        Hopefully tons of people will as well so that the Excel boys at SEGA can see that it is a good Investment to make, so that we can get them a bit more timely going forward.

      • lowprices says:

        As much as I want the experience to be the best it can be, there’s always a conversation that plays out in my head when console-only games get ported.

        “Hello, Mr. Developer. We are PC gamers, and we would like an opportunity to play that console game everyone liked.”

        “Oh? Ok. We didn’t think there was an audience on PC for it. Ok then.”

        “Oh, but it has to work on a control interface you didn’t consider when designing the game.”


        “Also the experience has to be customisable in a way you didn’t consider on console.”


        “Also as a rule we don’t like to pay as much as console gamers, and a larger proportion of us will probably pirate it.”

        “Right, well it turns out we can’t do that extra stuff you wanted. Technical limitations.”

        “But it’s easy for this modder to…”

        “Or budget limitations. Whichever.”

        • dumbasshaters says:

          Stop talking shit out your ass, the port is already confirmed to be 1080p+ and at least 60FPS with key rebinding and all the previous DLC included. That’s about as good as it gets.

          • rustybroomhandle says:

            Your manners are appalling. Learn how to interact with other humans – it’s a good skill in life.

            EDIT: I see his other inane ramblings got deleted. I’m sure this will follow and then it’ll look like we’re all yelling at the wrong person. :)

          • lowprices says:

            Well somebody certainly had a big bowl of Angry-O’s this morning.

          • TheApologist says:

            It’s clear that you care a lot about this game. This is a good news story about it getting a port to PC. I take it you are happy about that. So are other people in this thread. Everyone is happy.

            So, maybe have a think about why instead of sharing the happiness, you are filling the thread with angry insults.

          • DrollRemark says:

            Actually it’s about ethics in RPS comment posting.

  3. devronius says:

    This is one of those great PS3 exclusive games that I never got round to finishing. The story and art design so great, and the gameplay is super solid turn based strategy. This PC port is just the excuse I needed to pick it back up again.

  4. mattevansc3 says:

    So let me get this straight. SEGA are releasing a PC port of a PS3 game with the extra content and adapted to look better on PC for the same price that most Japanese devs are charging for straight up, low res, lazy ports of their games to mobile platforms?…Where’s my f@&king wallet!…

    • Premium User Badge

      Oakreef says:

      It’s not like SEGA are strangers to PC devs. Even ignoring their previous Japanese-developed games that they’ve also released to PC (most of the mainline Sonic series is on PC) they own Total War, Football Manager and Company of Heroes.

      • mattevansc3 says:

        I know that but if you are a tactics fan the current land scape is dire. PS One, GBA and PSP ports are going for £15-20 on iOS, Android and Win8 with no effort to modernize them other than say a gamepad overlay. Most are worse than being run on emulators because at least the emulators allow cloud saves and cross platform play.

  5. alphager says:

    I instabought it the second it landed on steam.

    Played through it on my PS3 and can really recommend it. It has *great* characters, good gameplay and an intriguing story.

  6. Starayo says:

    Valkyria chronicles is awesome. I can’t wait. I just pray the Japanese audio is still available.

    • Pich says:

      It’s 25GB big so i guess so

      • golem09 says:

        I hope the next thing japanese devs learn ist that they can put stuff like the japanese voice tracks in free dlc, so not all players have to download it.
        But what am I complaining, I’m gonna play japanese game with japanese voices anyway.

    • Buemba says:

      According to the Steam page it is.

      Also, the Sega twitter account confirmed that the game runs at 60 fps and supports 1080p resolutions and beyond so it doesn’t seem like this is some sloppy port like Square did with FFXIII.

  7. Olaf the Merchant says:

    Played this from start to finish- fiendishly difficult last few levels, especially the fortress with Selvaria sniping you grunts with a frikken heavy MG. Definitely gonna pick this up when it’s a’coming, excellent game all around.

  8. cpt_freakout says:

    That trailer has to be one of the worst ever made.

  9. ThornEel says:

    I have very fond memories of this game, but could not continue playing for outside reasons. So this is pretty great news!

    OTOH, I also remember watching the anime they made out of it (not exactly by choice, though). Surprisingly, it was flawed but correct ; until the end, where it exploded in flight like a KSP rocket, turning a decent story into a mess of incoherent clichés.
    This does cool my enthusiasm for the game a bit (knowing that the ending will suck tend to do that), but probably not enough to prevent me to buy it anyway.

  10. Wedge says:

    It’s everything is it’s strength, but lets make fun of it because hey those wacky Japanese. Nevermind the supernatural aspects are extremely limited and primarily allegorical. It’s not like the west ever does crazy things with WW II settings.

    The trend of more Japanese games coming to PC is a great thing, so it’s a shame most of RPS has a general disinterest at best and snarky sense of cultural elitism at worst. Meanwhile I’m going to hope this means there is actually a remote hope for the excellent Yakuza series to somehow end up on PC.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      That’s not cultural elitism, that’s me remembering someone who’d played it telling me the story was daft then seeing something silly-sounding about WW2 with magic people. I’m quite clear I’m going off what I’d heard. Looks like lots of folks in the comments disagree with that opinion, so hey! That’s good to hear.

      I say in this very post that I’m keen to see Vanquish and Bayonetta come over to PC. I call Vanquish “the best third-person shooty-shooter I’ve played”. Deadly Premonition is one of my very favourite games. I am excited to see more AAA Japanese console games on PC, I simply have no experience of this one.

  11. Verun says:

    That game is not an RPG at all. It doesn’t even have any RPG elements in it. The only reason it’s called Tactical RPG is for marketing reasons.
    It’s a one-way turn based strategy game, nothing more.

    • Moraven says:

      It seems to have all the RPG elements of other Tactical RPGs, outside a stat system noticeable stat system (solider classes are upgraded all at once, vs individual characters).

  12. Baines says:

    I wish Sega would port Vanquish and Bayonetta to PC. But Sega seems to show no interest in Vanquish despite it seemingly selling pretty well. As for Bayonetta, it didn’t sell well enough for Sega.

    With Nintendo stepping in to fund Bayonetta 2, and getting a free port of Bayonetta 1 to the Wii U in the process, the odds of a PC port of Bayonetta 1 are lower than ever. And even more so with Bayonetta 2’s likely disappointing sales figures. (It sold relatively few copies in Japan, while US and UK retailers appeared to have either under ordered it or not even bothered to stock the title at all. I know that no stores around me, not even the local Gamestop, had copies on the shelf. If you want the game in my area, then you have to order it online.)

  13. wraithgr says:

    Given how much the term “RPG” has been stretched to fit other games, I think it can be fairly applied to VC. There is a progression system(on a class level but other games do that too), inventory system etc. Each character is unique and will have attributes to their personality that affect how they operate and even who they will work well with. Definitely enough to justify being called a tactical rpg in the vein of tactics ogre or fire emblem.
    Overall I’m quite excited about this game, just wish that with the switch to PC they could have somehow gotten rid of the map view and just rendered the battlefield all the time… But I can see why that might require major changes to the game…

  14. whitebrice says:

    Here’s a great piece Quinns wrote about the game back in the day:

    link to

  15. mattevansc3 says:

    If anyone is thinking of pre-ordering (or has pre-ordered) don’t go through the Steam store, go through Greenmangaming instead link to not only do you get the pre-order price but you can also use voucher code BWG00E-QJP45O-INFGR1 as well to get another 23% off. I’ve just done that and picked it up for £10.39.