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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Candy Haze

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So, I had my first Halloween experience this week, which is to say, I spent a lot of time meandering after a troop of kids, and hanging out at a friend’s living room with a cauldron full of candy. My teeth ache from excess, but it has been an informative day. Hopefully, your Halloween was equally novel! Or frightful. Or, well, whichever idea you like best. As I am still in transit, there won’t be an exceptional new plushie to feast your eyes on so have a bucket filled with bargains instead.

Sang-Froid: Tale of Werewolves
Oh, look. Werewolves. Sang-Froid: Tale of Werewolves is an unusual take on defense games, with axe-wielding lumberjacks and a beastiary of dog-like creatures to slay. It has its problems, most notably its ho-hum cut scenes and uneven pacing. But Sang-Froid seems rather beloved, nonetheless. A testament to indie grit, so to speak. And it does seem genuinely interesting to me, athough I’d say that about any defense game that wears its wolf pelt on its sleeve.

Knock-Knock is weird, eerie, and so utterly Ice Pick Lodge that it isn’t funny. Again, we have another defense game of sorts, although this one takes part on a two-dimensional plane. Instead of guarding against werewolves, you’re now tasked with protecting a wild-haired hermit from yourself. Or … something else? Who knows. Certainly, Knock-Knock won’t tell you too easily. I’d play this one for the spooky atmosphere, the inexplicable moments. (You can also pick up Knock Knock for even lower numbers over at Humble today, but only if you want other games as well. Yeah.)

Overlord II
Continuing on our theme of dark, fantastical situations, we have Overlord II coming up next. And a debut entry taken from simplycdkeys, which seems to hawk items of puzzling repute. (Traditional sites seemed rather lacking in bargains this week, and I felt like being slightly adventuresome.) As always, proceed with caution around new dealers of virtual goods. You might be found crunchy, and good with pixelated ketchup. Warnings aside, Overlord II is an interesting game, which puts you in control of a terrifying Overlord who must triumph against the Glorious Empire. It is outfitted with more goodness from the original game, some improved features, and the same diabolical sense of humor. Pick this up for when you want something between after Halloween screams.

More games? More. But, let’s put aside our desire for screamfests and dark things for a moment. Instead, let us embrace the awesomeness that is parkour and giant robots. I haven’t played Titanfall, personally. I suspect neither my rig nor the Malaysian internet will hold up in a fight. But, I’ve seen things. Heard things. Things like how good the players in this game have become, and how the balletic nature of the fights is sometimes a thing of utter wonder. Titanfall probably won’t fit your needs if you crave solitary play, but anyone looking for the next step in multiplayer mayhem may want to pause here.

Also of note:

Scratches: Director’s Cut – $0.99/£0.62/€0.79
Okay, so, Scratches isn’t perfect. In fact, it is has drawn an intense amount of polarizing reviews, each hissing cordially at the other. Some revelled in its mysteries, others questioned its cameras. Whatever the case might be, Scratches was affecting in some ways. As such, if you feel like taking a chance on some old-school work from the venerable Augustin Cordes, here’s your chance.

Magicka: Four-Pack – $5.99/£4.79/€5.99
You’ve probably gotten this cheaper or, hell, for free. From a friend. Who really wanted to punch you in the face with some magic. But, if for some reason you haven’t played Magicka, you should. A modern day classic, Magicka combines an irreverent sense of humor with a truly interesting combat system, which demands breakneck reflexes and an aptitude for some amount of playful malice.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – $36.77/£22.99/€29.36
Last but certainly not least, we have Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, that four-player shoot ’em up the Internet wouldn’t stop talking about for a few months. While the hype has died down, the game remains a competent albeit not entirely innovative continuation of the franchise. I’ve been too busy to pick it up myself, but I absolutely adore the idea of being able to play as the villains this time. Especially given that we already know that respective fates, for the most part.

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