Katie, I’m Sorry I… What’s That Buzzing? Fly In The House

Dear Kaitlin...

Gone Home‘s ‘put back’ command shows how much our character cares about the home she’s exploring, the people whose things she’s rummaging in. Why wouldn’t she carefully replace her family photo? Explore-o game Fly In The House also embeds emotion in its controls, but it’s more about wanting to kill a lousy fly buzzing around. It’s a zany physics smash ’em up where you tear rooms apart flinging objects at that rotten fly, while also uncovering bits of a “parody” story about returning home. Hating flies is an emotion too, you know, part of the complex patchwork of this wacky adventure we call life. Come watch someone express it.

Developer Mykhail Konokh says it’s about smooshing that fly, but watching the video makes me suspect this is all a big excuse to smash a house to pieces. Furniture, decorations, cherished possessions, all must be destroyed. Some objects contain hidden items though, which Konokh says will “Reveal the mysteries of main character in the parody story.” I’ll make a guess: they’re a terrifyingly strong jackass who really just wants to smash things, because smashing things is fun.

Anyway, it’s all a bit like a video game version of Finders Keepers, isn’t it? Pushing the frontiers of environmental storytelling years before video games got there, that show.


  1. voorsk says:

    I was hoping someone had rebooted Mister Mosquito, but this sounds fun too.

    • MadTinkerer says:

      As my mother who lives on an island on a lake can tell you, mosquitos love large still bodies of water.

      So anyway, now that Fly In The House exists, there needs to be a Dear Ester parody about squashing mosquitos.

  2. Dodj33 says:

    When all of gaming media is talking about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, RPS talks about Fly In The House

    • slerbal says:

      Great, isn’t it? I doubt CoD needs any extra hype.

    • MadTinkerer says:

      Whoa, I heard that Nintendo were making Splatoon with those new squid characters, but now they’re rebranding it as a Advance Wars title? With crazy science gadgets? Nintendo just doesn’t understand how “new ip” works.

  3. ElDopa says:

    Reminds me of that side quest in Jazzpunk :)

  4. johnybgood says:

    I like this article : ))

  5. Tornado Nick says:

    Game of the year right here, folks

  6. Borodin says:

    What’s the “Katie, I’m Sorry I…” reference?

  7. Zafman says:

    Ah, Humanlateral Damage. Or is it Picnic Paranoia 3D?

  8. Jackablade says:

    This seems like a suitably flimsy pretext to play some Cornelius.
    link to youtube.com

  9. headless97 says:

    It’s a good thing they put in a score system; without it, it wouldn’t be a game, like those other non-games that don’t have high-scores. If Gone Home or Dear Esther had points and combos, they could have been games too, and this whole debate wouldn’t even exist!

  10. zhiganov says:

    *yawns* sorry guys, but we played this kind of stuff back in the 90s

    link to 1c.ru