Red Faction Guerilla Rebels Against GFWL & DX10

Games For Windows Live? No mate, come on, that’s a fairy tale. Just something people made up to scare kids. This ‘orrible bogeyman that made all your videogames malfunction and constantly scream at you to login, yeah? No such thing, mate, no such thing. I mean, look around you, look at all these games that they used to say it hid in. Dawn of War 2? Dark Souls? Dead Rising 2? Resident Evil 5? BioShock 2? Super Street Fighter IV? I can’t see any Games For Windows Live, you great ninny. Whassat? You swear blind that it roared its terrible roar and gnashed its terrible teeth and rolled its terrible eyes and showed its terrible claws in Red Faction Guerrilla? No way, mate. Take a look. Nothing there.

Ding dong, the witch is once again basically dead, although Microsoft have yet to officially read last rites. Red Faction: Guerrilla has ditched the notorious Microsoft multiplayer/achievements/savegame-kidnapping infrastructure in favour of the no less monopolistic but rather more reliable and straightforward Steamworks. It’s also thrown out DirectX 10 rendering with the bathwater, defaulting to DirectX 9 in order to resolve various display and performance issues, particularly on another MicroBete Noir, Windows 8. I’m not clear on whether there’s any hit to prettiness as a result, but it does mean that if you’ve got a way old graphics card you’re now able to play RFG.

This is, however, happening via an opt-in beta rather than a straight update. To join, you’ll need to right-click on RFG in your Steam library, select Properties, then Betas, then enter the access code ‘nordicrfgbeta’ (no quotes), then click ‘check code’, then you can select ‘publicbeta’ from the drop down list above. The game will update and you’re in, footloose and GFWL-free.

Which games still need to have the infection burned out, or are we most of the way there now?


  1. Neurotic says:

    Done and done! Thank you Alec.

  2. drinniol says:

    It gets waaay too repetitive towards the end but, man, MR TOOTS!!!!

    Edit: I am shamed, I got Armageddon mixed up with this masterpiece :(

  3. Premium User Badge

    distantlurker says:

    Come on Alec! Can’t you poke the Big Redmond Bear with a long enough stick to get a confirmation on its final demise? (or alternatively, get a dev (who it clearly seems have had ‘the word’) to say so on the QT ;) )

    I’ve been saving these party poppers for ever!

  4. Optimaximal says:

    I can’t see any Games For Windows Live, you great ninny.

    Something something Fallout 3 something!

  5. sonofsanta says:

    Having tried to play Dirt 3 a couple of months ago, I’m afraid to report that’s still horribly infected. I was not best pleased at the amount of getting-up-from-my-comfy-chair-to-go-to-the-keyboard-to-faff-with-licence-keys-before-sitting-back-down-with-the-gamepad under the medical circumstances of the time.

    • trjp says:

      Codemasters have let their customers down horribly with this – they promised fixes for Dirt 2/3 – then back-tracked on 2, removing it from sale instead.

      Dirt 3 is still stuck with GFWL and it’s “in your face and part of completing the game” DLC – that you can no-longer buy!!

      I can’t imagine it was THAT much work inbetween making a ‘meh’ sequel to Grid – a quickly-rehashed sequel to that and an F1 game which is considered by most to be a backwards-step in the series?

      • Baggypants says:

        Lets also have a moment of silence for online games of Codies published FUEL. Although at least you can still play single player with an offline profile.


          I have FUEL on both XBox and PC, and can’t play multiplayer on either (since I ain’t paying for Live). I feel my legacy has been denied.

  6. gbrading says:

    Has it now got Steam Achievements? That might encourage me to go back to Guerrilla. Really enjoyed it back in the day.

  7. phelix says:

    No DX10 means no SSAO, I believe.

    • Dave L. says:

      You can enable DX10 by setting “-nod3d9” in the launch options.

  8. Jakkar says:

    Excellent! GFWL was a nightmare while modding the hell out of this game…

    My favourite action sandbox. Nothing else has anywhere near the degree of technical sophistication in the engine, quality of AI interactions or depth and detail in world design.

    The plot is rubbish, but good luck finding an action sandbox with a good one…

    This game is all about the emergent moments, the intersection of AI, physics and a beautifully realistic and well-realised setting.

    The weapon, vehicle, clothing and environmental designs and voice work are cinema-grade…

    • jonahcutter says:

      I’ve always enjoyed the subversive tone of the plot. The blatantly populist and anti-corporate, even vaguely socialist, theme is something I love seeing in any media. Especially built around an accessible action story and gameplay. There’s nothing complicated and it’s all b-movie stuff, but it’s well done within that. It’s classic sci-fi in that sense. Simple and straightforward doesn’t necessarily mean rubbish, to me anyways.

      Otherwise we agree. The destruction gameplay is still-unmatched by any other game, and the pure emergent chaos you can create is endlessly satisfying. As is knocking those arrogant, murdering, corporate PMCs around with a sledgehammer. I periodically go back and try a hardest difficulty, permadeath playthrough. It makes you truly play as a guerrilla, using hit-and-run tactics to stay alive. Just thinking about it now tempts me for another go…

      It is repetitive. Fortunately for me, I enjoy all the mission-types.

      It’s probably a top 5 game for me. It does what it sets out to do, almost perfectly.

      • David Bliff says:

        What really impressed me with the game was how polished it was (not the PC port, in my experience – I played it on PS3). It clearly wasn’t a huge-budget game and it didn’t have to be everything at once, but there were lots of little things – features I expected to be missing having played a lot of sandbox games being integrated really well, being allowed to do things I expected a sandbox game to stop me from doing, etc – that really convinced me the guys at Volition put the player’s experience front and center. I know that sounds dumb, but it really did seem like they had an extra bit of time to really make everything fun in a way that other sandbox games often fail to do.

        A few things that I really liked were the difficulty (you did, for the most part, actually have to play like a guerrilla), the creativity in combat (plus the weight of the hammer), and the relatively good AI. Something about bringing a bunch of AI good guys into battle and doing everything I can to keep them alive throughout the fight is so satisfying to me. I guess it reminds me of the second mission in the original Halo, which is still a great level to this day.

      • Jakkar says:

        Oh, no argument – the plot is 80s b-movie with Heinlein-esque heavy-handed political overtones and it pulls that off well, up until it starts killing characters ‘off-screen’ just to artificially ratchet up whatever emotional investment you have, then ends it with a boring, difficult mission and an utterly stupid end-boss. It’s the way the weakest missions in the game are the core plot missions and the strongest missions are the generic hostage rescue, raids etc where you’re free to get clever and creative.

        I spent around 100 hours modding the game to make it much more difficult. Drastically reduced health regen, rebalanced weapons to have major recoil and variable accuracy, made the vehicles stronger against gunfire but less able to crash right through walls, finetuned the collapse physics for realism and unpredictability (my modded build has slow, ongoing collapses with far more frequent stability checks causing a constant ‘shuddering’ and ‘crumbling’ effect as you explore large, damaged buildings during battle…

        Gave the AI a lot of little weaks.

        It’s all just XML stuff, but almost.. all of it. Retuned the entire game. Got a little OCD.

        Wanted to make it truly Guerrilla => I think I succeeded.

        Occasionally it helps to replace the build folder with a vanilla one to get through some of the more stupid plot missions though, as the changes make some things almost impossibly difficult. ..

        • David Bliff says:

          Is this mod available anywhere? The buildings collapsing more gradually or unpredictably sounds wonderful. Walking around inside a building wondering if it’s going to crash on you would be great.

          • Crimsoneer says:

            What he said. Release this shit.

          • Jakkar says:

            I’d love to, but the tools have mostly vanished off the net and I’ve no means of turning this into a ‘fix’ file. I’m not a programmer – what I have, at this point, is a meticulously modified set of hundreds of xml files repacked using Gibbed’s Tools into the game’s basic foundations, which are called .vpp’s or something similar – volition stuff. They’re huge. A lot of knowledge was lost when Volition/their publisher closed the Red Faction: Guerrilla forums, losing all the knowledge we’d ever worked out about the workings of the engine ._.

            I’ll happily work to provide these files to anyone who’d really like to play with this retuned version of the game, but it would involve a multi-gigabyte upload/download

            On the plus side, the installation is simple – just replace your ‘build’ file with mine, while keeping the original – swap their names around and restart the game if you want to revert to complete a certain mission (A few of the little demolition side missions are more difficult in my version due to altered weapon behaviours, altered physics, etc)…

            If you’re interested, throw me an email – my username at gmail, com. I’ll find somewhere to host it =)

        • Petethegoat says:

          I too would be interested in using your mod!

  9. Artiforg says:

    Bulletstorm is still infected :(

    • fish99 says:

      Also GTA4.

    • KevinLew says:

      Sadly, Bulletstorm has practically a 0% chance of ever getting converted. The game was not profitable and the company that developed it, People Can Fly, closed its doors. I suspect that it is still being sold for the same reason that Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is–to collect whatever money it can from random sales while giving the game no support.

      • gunny1993 says:

        I distinctly remember GFWL being the reason i didn’t get bulletstorm on release, every now and then i go to load it up on steam, see the devil pop up in it’s little box, sigh and shutdown the game.

        Hell one day it will be a boast “We got loads of sales with GFWL activated”, think only batman series can claim that.

      • shoptroll says:

        PCF is still around, they’re working on Fortnite since they’re owned by Epic.

        Last I heard, Epic basically punted on the GFWL issue since it sounds like the support ball is mostly in EA’s court.

  10. Umberto Bongo says:

    This post has reminded me, I’ve ‘lost’ my copy of Guerrilla. It’s not on my Steam list (thought I can’t be certain if I bought it on Steam in the first place; it’s not on my purchase history). Was there a GFWL UI, like Steam at one point? Been wanting to play it but it seems to have disappeared from my PC without a trace.

    • trjp says:

      The Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace might be what you’re looking for – it stores any games bought from Microsoft Store directly.

      Of course you could have bought it from ANYWHERE else – in which case you’ve had to figure-out where, re-download it etc. etc.

      It’s possible that – given a move to Steamworks – they’ll have some sort of ‘key exchange’ so you get a Steam key (as it will become necessary to have Steam for the new version to work I guess) but I’d not hold your breath on that – they’re not obliged to do it.

  11. mukuste says:

    Dark Souls still has GfWL, actually, though they’ve promised the switchover for November. Let’s hope it happens.

  12. Eightball says:

    Holy crap, that’s awesome! I booted it back up a month or two ago and played through almost the entire first section without being signed on. “I’ll take a break and come back later” sez I. I came back later to discover that because I wasn’t signed in to GFWL my game didn’t save at all. I obviously stopped playing then.

    This is great news going forward.

  13. rockman29 says:

    Zomg GFWL on SNES! (Super Street Fighter 2)


  14. Arathain says:

    Ahh, you can tell the parents. You read those books to your little Things often enough to drive you Wild.

  15. Tusque D'Ivoire says:

    I’m surprised no-one has mentioned FUEL yet. It’s also hampered by the multiplayer gone when GFWL is shut down.

  16. UsF says:

    I wish someone would find a way to move Section 8 Prejudice to GFWL and put in Steamworks. :(

    • padger says:

      Yes! Brilliant game. Well maybe not brilliant: Yes! Better than average game.

  17. padger says:

    Yay, will get this downloaded again. Actually deleted it in disgust last time I tried to play and remembered GFWL.

  18. Shooop says:

    What about copies of the game that aren’t from Steam?

  19. Buffer117 says:

    Umm I know this post is only a bit of fun to get people talking, but there is (what I assume) a fairly accurate list of GFWL games on wikipedia :

    link to

    Any chance RPS can investigate some of the big titles that haven’t ported and find out why/if there are any plans too?

    GTA IV never looks like dropping it unfortunately and the Dirt games are personal annoyances…

  20. iniudan says:

    Yay, will finally be able to play and quit the game without loosing progress, due to how fucked up GFWL is when it come to language (the English and French language in GFWL are incompatible for god know what reason, other then MS having forced a frog and a rosbif to program the age old tradition), which left me unable to save the game.

  21. Kollega says:

    Regarding other games infected with GfWL: Iron Brigade, which is a brilliant WW1 mecha game by Double Fine, now has Steam Achievements. Even though Double Fine said they don’t have any plans to ditch GfWL for it due to legal issues. I never got to play multiplayer of that game, and now I hope that it will be migrated to Steamworks after all.

    • headless97 says:

      I managed to get Iron Brigade working once in multiplayer. It has a glitch caused by GFWL that makes the player immobile unless they’re in the pause menu. It’s as broken as it sounds….
      When it’s working, it’s brilliant fun. But it doesn’t work. Considering the game is published by Microsoft and they own the platform that broke it, they should get it fixed.

  22. David Bliff says:

    I’m at least as excited about the game dropping DX10 support as GFWL – the PC port had some really, really wonky pop-in, which DX9 hopefully fixes. I’m reinstalling to find out!

  23. Muzman says:

    Now someone make a free play multiplayer mod like Just Cause 2 (I wonder if that would be possible?)

  24. Smegheid says:

    Ooo! Thankyouverymuchindeedy for the info, Mr. Meer. I haven’t played RF:G in years, and the last time I thought of reinstalling it, I found the notion of infecting my newer, shinier machine (than what I last played it on) with GFWL rather distasteful. Now I can have another bash at it, with better frame rates and the visuals turned up this time round.

    I will admit to giggling rather insanely the first time I played RF:G. I brought the building down on my head in the first tutorial mission (you know the one: “here’s a bloody great hammer; guess how you use it”) and was addicted right up ’til something like the penultimate mission where my miserable frame rate meant I just couldn’t shoot straight enough to complete it.

    Now if they’d just fix the pathetically low ammo counts. I seem to remember being able to heft several large pieces of weaponry at once, but couldn’t manage carrying more than a couple of extra clips for the rifle…

  25. Dave L. says:

    This is awesome news. Too bad that they’re not letting people redeem their retail keys for the Steam version (I totally expected that to happen). the Nordic Games rep says they didn’t get a comprehensive list of existing keys when they bought the IP, so it can’t be done.

    DirectX 10 can be enabled by setting “-nod3d9″ in the launch options. If you’re on Win7 you’ll have to uninstall the KB2670838 update or you’ll get tons of weird graphical glitches.

  26. Zero_hu says:

    Eh, Dawn of War 2…
    Yes, it got rid of GFLW, and it was fine for some time. But Sega issued a patch that replaced the THQ logo and did something with matchmaking and the multiplayer protocol, and it’s now back to GFLW level of awfulness. Game lobbys can be broken by closing a slot that has a player in it, the game laggs like hell, and games fall out of sync.
    Thanks, Sega, we really needed this!

  27. grenadeh says:

    You do know that GFWL is still in RE5 and DS 1, right?

    It’s “planned” for removal in favor of Steam works this month. If you go look at your game, GFWL is still in Dark Souls. I tried it Tuesday. It’s still in RE5. They haven’t converted yet.

  28. JiminyJickers says:

    Wow, they actually mad the game worse by removing GFWL in this case, the game can no longer be played offline. Hopefully this is just a bug that will be fixed, but I’ll stay with the GFWL version for now, which allows for offline play with a local profile.

  29. mestido says:

    What about GTA4, are they planing to remove GFWL?