Looking For Group: World of Warcraft Documentary

Azeroth's finest

This weekend’s BlizzCon will see the premiere of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft documentary, Looking For Group. According to the blurb:

“Celebrate 10 years of adventure, camaraderie, and /dancing on mailboxes all around Azeroth. Explore the history of WoW with its creators, and journey into corners of Blizzard and the WoW community you’ve never seen before.”

My own experience of World of Warcraft has been mostly from a once removed perspective so a documentary like this appeals. By that I mean that I don’t particularly enjoy playing the game beyond using it to catch up with a friend in another country but I love hearing the stories of other people’s time in Azeroth and why it means so much to them.

The trailer feels designed to tug on that type of slightly-outsider interest as well as celebrating the existing community. To me it feels like a mix of upbeat and interesting with a few forays into sentimental and PR-ish content – pretty much what you’d expect from a company making a movie to celebrate ten years of an incredibly successful game, then.

“It’s goofy stories at the end of the day but when we share them it becomes infinitely bigger.”

The documentary will premiere on Saturday, Nov 8 at 5pm PT which translates as 1am on Sunday, Nov 9 in the UK. It’ll also be on the WoW YouTube channel and the official site. No idea how long the documentary lasts. Possibly forever because when it’s shared it becomes infinitely big.


  1. Reapy says:

    From the trailer, what I really want to see is their server room! Looks like a government war room in there.

    • Martel says:

      That’s exactly what I thought and will probably watch it in the hopes we get to see more of it.

  2. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    This probably shouldn’t be billed as a documentary (link to en.wikipedia.org) since the trailer, how it’s spread and the people who made it (Asylum Entertainment) seem to point at it being a pr piece.

    Would be nice if it were a true documentary, though.

  3. bleeters says:

    Strangely, I remember very little camaraderie from when I played Warcraft.

    I do remember a whole lot of people alternating between silence and being a jerk.

    • Quiffle says:

      Then chances are that you weren’t doing much to help the problem.

  4. Distec says:

    If it isn’t 50% ladies in succubi costumes, I’m out.

  5. Shiloh says:

    I bet it’s not as good as South Park’s “Make Love, Not Warcraft”.