M-m-m-multibike: Trials Fusion Online Multiplayer Update

Bikes at dawn

Ubisoft has released a bunch of info about multiplayer changes to its bikestravaganza, Trials Fusion. The update promises to add online multiplayer and to up the number of racers from four to eight.

Currently there’s asynchronous leaderboardy business which has been part of Trials since the first game. There’s also a local multiplayer option for four people. I gave it a bash at a preview event shortly before its release in April. and although fun it had a few problems, not least that if you were at the far end of the bank of racers everyone else would be obscuring your view.

The solution when I played was that the order of the bikes on the track was randomised so you’d be unlikely to be in the back all the time. It was far from perfect, though and Antti Ilvessuo (creative director of RedLynx – the studio behind the game) says the same problem worsened when you took the game online in Fusion’s predecessor, Trials Evolution.

“While this isn’t typically a problem in Local Multiplayer when you’re with friends, yelling and having fun – it didn’t translate well online, where it could feel remote and unfair,” said Ilvessuo.

That landing isn't going to smart at all....

Instead, online multiplayer for Fusion will always have the player as the character closest to the screen. Basically, everyone will see themselves as the nearest rider, regardless of where they might appear to be on a friend’s screen. The change means it’s easier to keep an eye on where everyone is without sacrificing player visibility. That’s also why RedLynx have been able to boost the number of players to eight instead of four.

Consoles will get a free content update with the multiplayer mode before the end of 2014 while us PC players have been promised a multiplayer beta soon.


  1. Potajito says:

    “Antti Ilvessuo” is a great name.

  2. GallonOfAlan says:

    Always loved Excite Bike.

  3. Dominic White says:

    I am very unimpressed. The previous game had online multiplayer on day one. They promised a similar feat for Fusion. It’s been almost a year now since launch, and they’re HOPING to get this launch-day feature patched in by the end of the year?

    On top of that, the PC version had major bugs unpatched months after release. Also, by splitting the level-sharing servers between platforms, the PC is a tumbleweed-filled wasteland compared to the PS4 edition, with somewhere around 5% as many user-made maps.

    And yet they’ve still been selling tiny (but remarkably expensive) DLC all the while. Ubisoft really screwed Redlynx on this one.

    • iainl says:

      Is none of the DLC particularly interesting, then? I’ve not been back to the game since I got stuck on the last Extreme track and generally set times I wasn’t unhappy with for the base tracks. Some of the stuff for Evo on 360 was great value, but there didn’t look to be much to the Fusion tracks.

  4. iainl says:

    Trials Fusion is the point where I realised the true evil of UPlay. Never mind the terrible patching process or the pitifully bad bandwidth their servers have; the fact that the game isn’t in my Steam list means I forget it exists if it’s been more than a week or two since I last played it.