QbQbQb: Cheerful Planetary Columns-alike On Steam

It looks more exciting in motion.

It’s an old game design trick that things will feel good to the player if there are enormous consequences to very small actions. That’s why Peggle feels so wonderful when popping that last peg prompts slow motion, zoom, a drum roll, a rainbow, fireworks and Ode to Joy.

QbQbQb seems to have some sense of this: it’s a game about rotating a circle in order to collect coloured blocks that are falling from all sides of the screen. Stack three of the same kind and they’ll vanish, like in so many other games. But also there are light-trailing butterflies, and shooting stars maybe, and a screen that pulses in and out, and ooh it’s all lovely.

QbQbQb was originally made as a Ludum Dare entry, but this more fleshed out version was just recently Greenlit on Steam. There’s single player and co-op modes, and each level has an electronic track with, er, karaoke lyrics you can sing along to.

It’s also made by Rezoner, the same person responsible for Limbs Repair Station, another free jam game which I fell in love with earlier this year. I hope he returns to that idea now and similarly fleshes it out, with butterflies or anything else.

Oh wait, I just got why it’s called QbQbQb. And it’s £4 on Steam.


  1. padger says:

    I do love these sort of low level puzzle games. They eat up more brain time than is fair. (And also work on this laptop.)

  2. heyhellowhatsnew says:

    Don’t keep it to yourself, why is it called QbQbQb? I just woke up i wanna know

    • rezoner says:

      Cube Cube Cube was already taken and it was a Ludum Dare entry so I haven’t too much time to think over the name. I took the inspiration from VVVVVV and abbreviated it to QbQbQb #mysterysolved

  3. Bugamn says:

    I have this on the Humble BUndle and I didn’t even know until other day, when I was looking which games I could install on Android.

  4. Robstafarian says:

    The gameplay seems like a 2D version of Tetrisphere, while the music seems like GlaDOS has started to experiment with psychedelics. Tetrisphere had a few hidden songs, come to think of it.

  5. kalirion says:

    I only wish there was a way to rebind the keys, or at least swap the rotational directions. Just as with And Yet It Moves, the rotational direction binding which may be intuitive for one person are counter-intuitive for the next one.