Glowy Death Abounds In Daedalus – No Escape

Lasers, glistening biceps, and corrugated labyrinths, oh my! Is there any way to make space marine-driven arena shooters better? If you were Daedalus – No Escape, you’d say something like, “Of course! By turning it into a top-down affair, naturally.” Out now on Steam, Daedalus looks like a slick, violent conflagration where only the best can reign from the top of the leader boards. No feelings, declares the trailer. No crying out for your mommy. None of that rot at all.

Instead, it sings with plasma, with fluid camera angles, with copious amounts of blood sloshing everywhere. Daedalus draws inspiration from Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena, with a dose of Alien Breed in terms of its gritty moodiness. You can play alone, or you can play with your friends. It’s up to you. The standard game modes are all here. Capture the Flag? Death Match? Shoot to kill? Yup. In case you ever get bored with blasting things in the face, there’s a map editor that will let you engineer new death traps to cavort in.

I like how Daedalus – No Escape is so audaciously open about the fact it’s not trying to remake the genre. It’s supposed to be Quake 3, except from a top-down perspective, and it is proud to strut it across the Internet, something that more games should be bold enough to brandish. Steam tells me that you can buy the game for £8.99. Four-packs cost £26.99, which sound like the infinitely better bargain if you can find enough people to chip in.


  1. int says:

    So I assume it is safe to call this game an inescapable Daedalus encounter.

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    This looks like My Kind Of Thing. Such a weakness of top down blasty.

    • Antsy says:

      It immediately made me think of Loaded on the Playstation, which I loved.

  3. Borodin says:

    Goodness! Not one, but five opportunities in one day to bask in Cassandra’s delightful writing.

    I’m having a great day. Thank you RPS.

  4. coppernaut says:

    THANK YOU. It’s not a rogue-like. Just kinda burned out on rogue-like’s.

  5. behrooz says:

    This does look quite slick. It’s been a while since I’ve played any of the Alien Breeds, too. I wonder if they’d respond as well to joystick/thumbstick love as this seems it might.

    Also, having fallen in love with Wrecking Crew mode in the Red Faction Guerrilla Steamworks beta all over again, I can say that we need more online leaderboards of all kinds. ALL kinds, I say!

  6. Beefsurgeon says:

    This game is really good!

  7. caff says:

    It plays very well. Multiplayer bots are challenging but there’s not enough human opponents yet. Hope it gets a lot more players.