As Seen On Craigslist: Cottage Of Doom

Doom is awesome! Maybe not the state of being doomed. Or even that movie where The Rock forced his cooking down alien olfactory senses. But domiciles of doom? Better than cottage cheese. Master of leafy strategy games Alex May recently released a remake of Cottage of Doom, his winning entry in 2007’s TIGsource B-Games competition. The idea behind this piece of lo-fi goodness is a simple one. You’re one of six characters. You’re alone in the forest, with nothing for company but shabby wooden furniture and a bug-eyed moose head. You’re also the heart d’oeuvre in an undead feast for hundreds.

Of course, you’re not required to just sit there and mope. Cottage of Doom arms you, the player, with planks and a massive shotgun. The game differs from your traditional zombie shooter, in that a) it doesn’t even try to pretend it isn’t a campy riff on all those old horror movies and b) it actually requires you to madly barricade your house with whatever you have on hand. How effective that is, of course, is another thing entirely. I mean, zombies are more persistent than fruit flies. In the end, you will go under that tide of squishy viscera.

But the important part is the journey, right?

May has upgraded his luscious arena shooter with a choice of playable characters, an “enriched environment,” online high scores so you can always know who is better than you, and Mac and Linux versions. It’s pay-what-you-want-so-long-as-you’re-paying-above-this-amount, costing £5.99 but you’re always welcome to shell out extra. You can still try the original as a demo of sorts.


  1. haowan says:

    Oh wow thanks for posting!
    I intend to add some stuff to this (First person mode! Secret chaos modes!) as time goes on and make a sequel! Anyone who buys this will get the sequel free! The sequel will have a survival mode like I always wanted to make!

  2. Javier-de-Ass says:

    Cottage of Door! REVOLVED

  3. ColCol says:

    So, is barricading actually useful? It seems like you can possible just keep leading the zombies around the house.

    • haowan says:

      It works for larger scores by preventing the zombies from getting to you – if you scoot around the house a lot they stand a good chance of hitting you, which slows down your score increase. Also your character gets tired after a lot of walking around and after a while the zombies become really quite numerous. It could be a viable technique for sure, but eventually you will give up and let them get you, and that’s kind of the point.

  4. haowan says:

    I’ve just reduced the price of Cottage of Doom to 99p because I think £5.99 was too high. I’ve sent everyone who bought it an email about getting the £5 back as a refund if they want it!