Diablo III 2.1.2 Changes Goblins, Rifts, Hubs

Diablo was the awkward child of this BlizzCon. With WoW’s expansion coming soon and StarCraft’s Legacy of the Void now being shown off, Diablo is the only currently-released game without a paid update on the horizon. I figured another expansion would be announced this weekend, but between a new game, movie news and the like, nothing was forthcoming. When asked, the reply was “nothing to announce.” Instead, the panel on Friday was focused on upcoming patches, the next of which is 2.1.2, and what changes they’ll bring. Check out the details below.

The theme was diversifying what was already available. The dev team kicked off by showing new versions of the treasure goblin, Diablo’s running loot-piñata. There are now three variations on the theme that drop late-game currency blood shards, reagents or gems rather than the regular gold ‘n’ items haul. They’ll also now be actively seeking out enemies to run towards, rather than in a random pattern, which was always their most frustrating/fun feature when it occurred by accident previously.

The endgame rifts are getting the most changes. The maps themselves are having their algorithms rearranged to prevent massive corridors leading to dead ends or big loops that take a long time to navigate. This was part of a series of changes that are meant to prevent uncontrollable variables from influencing the time-trial style challenges in Greater Rifts. In that vein, players can now resurrect at their corpse rather than having to run back from the start of a level and monster distribution and density as been tweaked to be consistent, but still random.

Additions are coming in the form of a new item tier called “Ancient”, aimed at players who have already maxed out their character and need something new to hunt for. These are upgraded versions of legendaries which are “up to 30% better” statistically. They’re very rare, a percentage of the already-quite-small chance that a legendary will drop. New and tweaked bosses for rifts are planned for rifts too.

Past the next patch, there’s a new area in the works. The Ruins of Sesheron (top class Blizzard naming there) are the homelands of the Barbarians, one of Diablo’s classes. They were destroyed by demons (natch) but will now be explorable in adventure mode as opposed to the previous added zone, The Cesspools, which were only available as a tileset in Rifts. It’ll have new monsters present, like the Rat King, an orifice-covered horror from which rats spew that throws out “rat tornados” of rats tied at the tails. Rats.

2.1.2 will be hitting public test “very soon(tm)” while others will spread into next year.


  1. Eglath says:

    Haven’t been playing for a while, not gonna play it until they fix those stupid affixes like thunderstorm/vortex/frozen/jailer.

  2. Skeletor68 says:

    I’ll probably jump back in again once this patch launches. Still no Taskers on my Witch Doctor. I went back and scratched my TF2 itch for Halloween.

    As an extreme aside, have any of you fine folk gotten Sacred 2 to launch on Steam?

  3. Mungrul says:

    Blizzard have been doing fantastic work with this recently. I didn’t buy it on release, but picked it up post patch 2.
    I’ve consistently been impressed with the ongoing development and their very real attempts to fix what was broken.
    It’s now my go-to game when I’ve got a spare 10 minutes, as I can jump in and do something cool quite quickly, whether that’s a bounty, a rift or a story segment.
    I also really like the drop-in multiplayer. I avoided it for a long time, but it’s a great way to up the loot drop rate and glean some build tips from other players.
    My main’s a Demon Hunter, and yes, I’m using a Marauder turret build. But as with Skeletor, I still haven’t had Tasker & Theo drop, so I’m instead using the Illusory Boots which allow you to walk through enemies and Waller walls. That and Countess Julia’s Cameo (converts arcane damage into healing), mean that I can quite handily fight against some of the tougher affixes. Sure, it’s a sub-optimal build, but it suits my play-style.

    • foop says:

      I agree. Initially put off by all the doom and gloom, I played through with a couple of my favourite classes a few months after release and had my money’s worth of fun.

      After the slaying of the auction house, I picked it up again recently and had even more fun. Blizzard obviously still care about this game, and it shows. It’s not the best game in the world, but I enjoy playing it. And what more can you ask for, really? It contrasts nicely with Shadow of Mordor which is a great game but annoys the hell out of me constantly while I play it, mostly because I suck at timing-based combat games. I’m going to finish it, dammit, but I’m not going to enjoy it.

      • Premium User Badge

        Ben Barrett says:

        I haven’t got around to watching it yet, but apparently one of the Blizzcon panels was basically 20 minutes of them going “yeaaaaah, this wasn’t very good, so we fixed that”

  4. Jockie says:

    I kinda of stopped playing the moment the Crusader’s high end build emerged as being one that relied on you firing horses out of your flail at enemies by holding down the right click button. While I will admit on some level that sounds awesome, it was an incredibly dull playstyle. Hopefully the game has progressed/changed a bit since then and I can check it out again with the patch.

    • Reapy says:

      I’ve layed off d3 recently due to the same feeling in general about it, the skill requirements are more math based rather than execution. There is certainty stuff to learn about playing build, monster affixes/types, but when you compare the day to day skill you need, it is sort of a loot gathering snooze fest. I hope they are able to execute on saying they wanted to make the gameplay a bit more dynamic.

  5. Dale Winton says:

    I’ve not played this for a while now. Hope they release another expansion next year

  6. Poppis says:

    I wonder if I’m the only one, but every time I watch diablo 3 or path of exile videos on youtube, it just makes me want to start diablo 2 again.

    • Skeletor68 says:

      It’s funny. D2 is still very much its own game. If Diablo 2 gave birth to twins, Path of Exile keeps the gritty more hardcore gothic feel and Diablo 3 refines and polishes for a more casual feel. I really like both games though have sunk more into D3 as it is better optimised etc.

      I backed Grim Dawn a while back but haven’t played it yet. Anyone been messing around with that?

      • barelyhomosapien says:

        Everytime I play grim dawn I try to like it. But movement feels mushy and combat lacks Diablo’s punch…

        I’m sure there are many folks that disagree though and I have to admit I am of the opinion that d3 is the best arpg currently available.

      • Dogsbody says:

        Got about 10 hours into Grim Dawn – lot of mixed thoughts. It’s technically proficient, but it really adds absolutely zero new things to the genre. Like, none, even a tiny, single thing that I can recall.

        It’s TitanQuest with a grimdark post-apocalyptic-sorta-magical setting. With sort of worse looking environments. The aesthetic is good, but the execution is kinda just grainy, and not that appealing.

        The action is still fun. Maybe I’ve just hit my capacity for ARPGs.

  7. rooppa says:

    With the introduction of the new gear level I am hoping they will do away with some classes’ sets as well. Monk class for example has a set bonus that means that if they spend their main recourse, it causes an explosion that does large damage. This has led to the monk class being basically reduced to 1 button bashing RSI inducing class. Other classes don’t have massive amounts of range that they can spec into to get to the higher level rifts, but they have the benefit of pressing more than 1 button while doing it.

    • barelyhomosapien says:

      Wizard has one very specific spec to get high up with very limited gear choices within that which is a shame as I really enjoy the freedom to experiment in the game otherwise.

    • Jamesworkshop says:

      that monk set has new set bonuses, as does the other monk set

      link to media-diablofans.cursecdn.com

      link to media-diablofans.cursecdn.com

      • mechabuddha says:

        This is awesome. My problem with class sets is that there just isn’t enough variability — you’re pretty much forced into a single playstyle. There’s no real choice at that point. Adding more diverse sets is great, because it lets *me* choose different ways to play. I hope they keep adding new sets with each patch!

    • montorsi says:

      No thanks. Add more, not remove them. Class sets, for better or worse, are what allow classes to progress in ‘end-game’. This is what you get when abilities scale off weapon damage, which has a cap, whilst sets do not. They would have to overhaul the entire system if they wanted to fix this problem. Much easier to create more sets that target different ability loadout’s to promote more diverse playstyles.

      • Jamesworkshop says:

        they do have new sets, DH,Bab,Wiz


      • whorhay says:

        There are definitely sets that need removed, or completely reworked. WD Helltooth comes to mind, Tal Rasha for the Wizard is also very under performing.

  8. Shardz says:

    I’m over the moon that I didn’t buy into this game. I recently fired up LoD the other day for sentimental reasons (and Halloween) and I still realize after all these years that the series will never get any better than that iteration. Ever.

    This corporate stuff is for the birds…

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      Yup. GF and I are playing through LoD (again) right now and it’s still got that elusive “something” that to this day I haven’t found anywhere else.

  9. illuminerdi says:

    I know I’m in the (super) minority on this, but is there any word on whether or not this patch will make it to the (gasp) console versions of D3?

    My wife and I much prefer to couch-play D3: Ultimate on the PS4, so I’m really hopeful that they aren’t going to just abandon us console players. We got the most recent major patch, so I’m assuming we’re going to at least continue to get patches, but console versions always seem to get neglected far faster than PC versions do, and lack of direct confirmation that this or future patches will be coming to the console versions does worry me a bit…

    • Arkanos says:

      Yeah, the PS4/XBONE will get the patch eventually. 360/PS3 are screwed though.