2 Slow 2 Ponderous: Hac Is Gone Home In A Car

How soon is too soon to write about a new game? Hac has been in development for a few weeks and was only today posted about by its developer on the TIGSource forums. That’s the mark against it. In the ‘pros’ column is that it’s a “first-person game about driving 1990’s Europe, with a focus on meaningful interactions and a ‘true’ driving experience”, that it aims to become “Euro Truck Simulator with a narrative”, and that there’s already a super-duper-early build to try out.

There’s little I’d like more than to tool around EFIGS countryside to the sound of jangling keys and the click-clack of mechanical levers, so I recorded a quick video of me fiddling with what’s in the current build.

Spoilers: there’s none of the countryside, but there is a robustly interactive vehicle with satisfying knobs, sticks and nozzles. Watch below. There’s sound and music eventually, though not much of it:

I like that “meaningful interactions” extends to dropping my keys like a goon.

In its current prototype this is no more than five minutes of fun, but sometimes the mere idea of something is enough. It’s also being made by Greg Pryjmachuk, a former developer on Codemaster’s F1 games, which at least suggests the skills necessary to make that idea a reality. I raced to download this, steered my way towards following its dev log, and see no reason why some of you shouldn’t feel similar.


  1. Terragot says:

    Oh wow, I’mma be like that Fez guy now, huh.

    • Ross Angus says:

      Lovely work, Sir. Please continue.

    • doomlaser says:

      Oh man, I love this. but haha, all this detail and you still haven’t changed the default unity camera clear color!

  2. caff says:

    This already plays better than a load of finished games I’ve played recently. It has the great lo-fi graphics and atmosphere of Mercenary 3 mixed with a late 80’s stasi film. Hope the dev turns this into something. I really should follow more stuff on tigsource.

    I get the feeling it should become a spy game, where you piece together a story from documents you find. Maybe something along the lines of the film “The Lives of Others”?

  3. MickMick says:

    Don’t forget to get your empty briefcase from the top floor and put it in the car boot before you go on your journey.

  4. Chaz says:

    I really like the mid 60’s vibe to the car and the architecture.

    Also to open the car bonnet you probably need to pull the bonnet release lever first, either down in the driver or passenger side foot well, at a guess. That’s assuming he’s put one in of course.

    Oh yes, can we have a right hand drive version too please?

    • alms says:

      That car is a Trabant as far as I’m concerned. And you’re right about the lever.

  5. Henke says:

    The part where you smash into the boulder and the music cuts out is comedy gold.


    I usually like it when games don’t take place in the US (and don’t present this “foreign” place as exotic), but it seems strange for a game about a road trip. That’s a pretty USian institution I’d think.

  7. Nyanthrax says:

    Like Glitchhikers with gameplay? This looks like my jam.