Tell Of Tales: Game Of Thrones: Details Of Game

House… Forrester?!!!!?? Now come on, come on. I mean, no-one expected to be a Stark, but COME ON.

You will be a member of House Forrester in Telltale’s upcoming adventure/chat-o-dilemma adaptation of Game of Thrones – specifically the TV version, specifically set just before season 5. HOUSE BLOOMIN’ FORRESTER.

Of the RPS staff, Alice is particularly distressed by the revelation that the Walking Dead dev’s take on Game of Thrones will revolve around a lesser house. I’ve shared her concerns below.

Alice: Pip, this game’s about House Glaven’s struggling in the Bantor Hills. Even you don’t care about characters that minor.
Alice: Pip I… made them up. I invented all of those things. Proof: GoL fans don’t even read them #hipsters
Pip: yeah, but you happened to be actually close with one of them. Wasn’t sure if you were “riffing”
Alice: Oh like Littlejohn’s always doing with Gandalf
Pip: I don’t even know what that means
Alice: Book 4, Chapter 7, MOTHERFUCKER
Pip: If you mean GoT, the chapters don’t have numbers, they have the name of the protagonist they’re focusing on
Alice: Don’t you know about The 7 Theory? Check back, Pip. Think: where have you seen the number seven?
Pip: The book of revelation

No, Pip, it’s worse than the end of the world! It’s HOUSE FORRESTER!

OK, they are actually real – Asha Greyjoy mentioned them once (that’s Yara to you televisual philistines) – but come on. COME ON.

… Maybe something completely unrelated to the argy-bargy between the Lannisters, Starks and Baratheons is the best way to make it a personal story. That is where Tellatale most excell, after all.

Here are the details. Basically, outsider house, multiple protagonists, visiting key locations at a point when Westeros is in chaos. Honestly, I think the GOT world is None More Telltale, and while I worry that they often pull their punches in terms of both narrative and technical ambition, I’m genuinely interested to see where they go with this.

Iron From Ice, the first episode of Game Of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, will be available ‘soon’. Apparently.


  1. SMGreer says:

    Telling it about a minor house is the best way to go. Complete freedom to tell new and personal stories whilst putting them in the context of events fans are familiar with. We don’t know any of the individuals of House Forrester but knowing they’re pledged to the Starks has immediate ramifications.

    So yeah, I’m very excited. I’ve enjoyed The Walking Dead and this sounds even more ambitious than that. Will be curious to see what kind of aesthetic they give the game.

    • MacTheGeek says:

      The Forresters are sworn to House Glover, who in turn is sworn to House Stark. But with Stark and Glover both overrun, which way will Forrester go?

      I agree with the concept of using a minor house as the focal point. Other, more well-known houses can appear either to help (Mormont, Karstark) or harm (Greyjoy, Bolton, Frey) — or perhaps the rosters change if Forrester’s allegiance wavers. Being set in the North, there’s also the possibility of a wildling incursion or perhaps the appearance of an Other.

      I guess what I’m trying to say is: You know nothing, Alec Meer.

    • Premium User Badge

      Oakreef says:

      Cyanide’s GoT game did the same thing. It invented a few new houses (all under House Lannister) for the characters to be from.

  2. islipaway says:

    Walking Dead S2 was a big step up in quality from 1, if they continue to ramp up then this might be worth a look but GoT I can take or leave. At least with using this house they can do their own thing within the universe which worked much better than what they tried to do with the Fables one, at least I thought so.

    What I really want them to do is firefly, with the proper actors – Who’s going to actually play the firefly mmo? This type of game is much more suited to that show.

    • Buuurr says:

      Huh… I usually find myself surprised when people talk about what they thought was the best part of a series.

      For me and my wife the first season of The Walking Dead was the only season of The Walking Dead. We basically hung on and even just skipped last season altogether until having seeing the first episode of this current season. We said that if they didn’t get back to how good it was in the first season we would just delete what was unwatched on the DVR and move on. Oddly, they got back to the more first season antics we loved so we had to watch the shit that came before… if I had my time back I would have trashed it and just pretended that there was no other season then one and current.

      In regards to the game: Usually telltale games is on point with the games. It should be playable. Though I never did actually play one myself, friends rave about them.

      • islipaway says:

        Ah, I was referring to the game seasons rather than the show. And by better I meant more the production of the game felt tidier, it’s hard to be objective about story and gameplay experience with these games when your first is going to be most pointed. I have a friend who swears the wolf among us is the best telltale game but I thought it was just okay, perhaps because I had already experienced the way these episodic story games work and he had not?

    • zontax says:

      Oh god this is an amazing idea, lets just cancel the borderlands games and do a firefly game instead.

    • fight_for_your_right_to_party says:

      To each her own, but…

      – drastically reduced gamelength (by easily half)
      – underdeveloped characters
      – one “shock” moment per 45 minutes of gameplay
      – the sense of watching a poorly written movie rather than playing a game (very very light on any interaction)
      – though the “puzzles” in the previous game were not very hard a complete lack of sorting things out is boring

      All led to a massive disappointment. As much as I would love to play a good Game of Thrones game the only way I will be getting future TellTale games is when they are 50% (or more) off. Because, again, compared to the first game they clearly put in half the effort and yet expect the same prices. Laughable.

      • manny says:

        Yep don’t see much point in playing a videogame cutscene short film. To add more interaction they should incorporate the game engines of other games for interactive segments. So in The Living Dead, it would be segments from Dayz engine and for Game of Thrones segments from Mount and Blade 1 or 2 engine.

        They have the cash and by doing it this way they don’t need to design an entirely different game. It would also serve as cross promotion for the other games, so I’m sure they’d be willing to do it. There is actually a mount and blade game of thrones mod already.

  3. Freud says:

    No QTE where you get to punch Joffrey in the face?

    • Rollin says:

      I’d prefer to play Joffery with a crossbow, shooting at developers who put QTEs into games.

  4. int says:

    Forreshter? I’ve got your Forreshter right here!

    link to

  5. Distec says:

    I think GoT (book or television) is fertile ground for a Telltale game, but I hope they are doing something to update them mechanically. I liked the first season of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among us, but that model was starting to show its seams with the latter and was downright creaky with TWD’s second season.

    TWD’s second season was also a real disappointment in its plot and characterization. I’ve had the last episode waiting to be played for months now and I just can’t be assed to try it after the previous episodes soured on me. The quality of Telltale’s products really hinge on the their writing; the stuff that could be considered “good enough” for other games isn’t really going to cut it here.

    • Jamesworkshop says:

      I’d rather they made a Tintin game

    • islipaway says:

      I’m not convinced season 2 is really worse in terms of story or character, I think it’s more a case of overexposure. The gameplay was never great in TWD but the choices kept things moving, at this point they are still doing exactly the same thing they have done up until now it’s just wearing a bit thin. For me at least. I do feel season two was much better put together and felt less janky than the first season or the wolf among us.

    • fight_for_your_right_to_party says:

      Yeah the second season is a huge disappointment.

    • gunny1993 says:

      Whilst I wouldn’t go as far to call the second season of TWD bad (Just look at 90% of the other shite on the market), it did suffer heavily from repeated mechanisms, making the overall experience noticeably less relate able.

      One part of me wants to think this was because of a lack of focus on any one character outside of Clem, which left a lee shaped hole. If they had focused more on the relationship between clem and kenny I think they could have dome much better overall. Generally i just think it was weaker due to a lack of focus overall, they tried to flesh out too many themes and ended out with none of them being spectacular.

  6. Reapy says:

    I really like game of thones, the reading of the first 3 books were my favorite of all time. That said, for some reason I can’t seem to get into the world all that much in side fiction because I’m so invested in the main characters and the main plot rather than the setting, which is basically medieval europe with a bit of magic dashed in.

    Still, I think this will be a pretty cool thing, telltale’s format is probably the closest game format that would do justice to what game of thrones is all about, characters and intricate plots. The minor house is not bad at all, if you have read the second ‘dunk the tall’ book it takes place in a small, crappy keep of no real interest to the large houses, yet is still quite a good read.

    • Hex says:

      Yeah I’m kind of with you on this — GoT (for me) is 100% the plot and characters, and 0% about the setting. I have the GoT RTS and the GoT RPG, both of which are playable, but neither of which is any kind of consolation for not having the full series done and in leather-bound volumes upon my shelf.


    • bill says:

      I think you have a very good point. GoT is basically abuot the characters and their interactions and fates. Unlike 99% of fantasy novels, the actual world isn’t that intersting or unique. I mean, you have The Wall and maybe the Eiyrie (spelling?) and some dragons far away, but other than that there’s nothing rally that memorable in the world.

      A game set in a minor house is basically going to be a game set in a generic middle ages place.

      Still, like telltale games and maybe they can make their own good characters.

      • Myrdinn says:

        Being about the characters does fit a Telltale game nicely. A series like the Malazzan Book of the Fallen is the complete opposite (not that they don’t have -any- interesting characters, but they do pale in comparison with the world around them) and would probably be better tackled by someone like Bethesda.

        • Reapy says:

          Funny now that you say that the two are pretty opposite in that regard. There weren’t too many memorable characters in malazan but the world, god damn, the world and events were memorable as hell. It cries out to be a game… I mean technically it is based on their grups game (I think), but still, whew, that’ll be an RPG or whatever format would work there.

          I’m eagerly awaiting them getting that encyclopedia done so I can go back and see if I actually know WTF happened in all the books, I mean, I think I got it, I think, sorta…

          • magogjack says:

            Heresy!! The Malazan series has some of the best characters of all time. Just one book has more characters I love then in the whole GoT series. I mean Karsa Orlong, Fiddler, Tattersail, Anomander Rake, and Fear Sengar just off the top of my head.

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        Well yes, surely i agree that it’s all about characters, but the middle eastern inspired stuff is pretty cool too, also Asshai and the shadow lands are still not covered but often talked about as something that resembles DA’s Tevinter empire.

        There are other examples, but the point is that, for me, it’s more a case of characters overshadowing everything else rather than the rest being shallow.

    • gunny1993 says:

      If GRRM could actually keep a coherent plot for more than 20 pages he’s be one of my favorite authors. As it stands his lack of focus and total loss of perspective (especially in the last 2 books) makes me hesitant to call him a good author.

      His characters are fantastic though, unfortunately so many of them fail to see development in many of them because they die all the time, which could be a legitimate artistic choice that i just don’t care for.

      His writing style is literally a perfect fit for telltale though, this is probably gona be good.

    • teije says:

      I tried very hard, but couldn’t get into the books. I found the writing turgid, flat and ponderous. Too bad, I’d love to find a great fantasy series that has both interesting characters and is well written. What we need is a writer on the level of Iain Banks in fantasy – any suggestions?

      • magogjack says:

        Steve Erickson. This is my answer to any request for good fantasy/fiction. Its nice to read an author that respects the reader i.e. doesn’t spell everything out for you.

  7. Dawngreeter says:

    I have issues with this taking the TV show approach. TV show is an abomination. It is known.

  8. Ruindur says:

    I was waiting on it, really. I loved RPS silently all these years (two, actually) but couldn’t really hold back from dropping a comment on this particular post.
    I mean, first thing i thought about when i read the name was link to
    So i registered only to point that out, and as i’m typing this it seems somebody else caught that reference.
    Oh well. It was time to register anyway.

    • Michael Fogg says:

      I thought it was product placement by Subaru

      • MacTheGeek says:

        When I think of the Forrester name in pop culture, my first association will probably always be this one.

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        Their best effort is their Attack on Titans inspired commercial. Side note, if you like anime and don’t know what i’m talking about, totally go and watch it.

  9. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    If Telltale’s story equals the emotional heft of the prior video game I will eat my hat.

    I also can’t help feeling that the decision to adapt the television show as a commercial rather than artistic one. I can’t really see the benefit of the restricted world except for having some of the visual design already done for them.

  10. Misha says:

    Whoa! Now that’s ambitious for Telltale Games!

    But I welcome it, even though I’m always suspicious of movie/TV to computer games, as they almost invariably turn out crap.

    Personally, my dream version of a Fire and Ice computer game was always a sort of CKII meets Total War meets Elder Scrolls sort of thing, but my interest is definitely piqued. Initially I was thinking “oh great, another cartoony clicky clicky adaptation of a good story”, but Telltale must have brought something to the table to get the HBO/Martin nod, so I’ll bury my jaded and annoying pessimism for now :-)

    As to the approach of using a minor house, a *very* minor house, I agree. Without it, playing as Lannister or Stark, I’d feel weighed down by “history” or, more accurately, canon. That’s why I like picking minor factions in games like CKII, EU and Total War too. You have freedom of movement but you still have a connection to the main events that you know and love.

    I’m interested, for sure, and praying that I won’t be disappointed.

  11. Biggus_Dikkus says:

    What is the bastard name of house Forrester? Splinter, Acorn?

  12. gnodab says:

    House Forrester? Based on the TV Show rather than the books?
    These are among the worst ideas I could think of. I’d rather have a game focusing on Hot Pies adventures in the Inn of the Kneeling Man. Having spelled this out, I just realized that the game would probably require a mature rating…

    Well I’ll check back for the next IP then. And +1 for Firefly from me, or even better Farscape!

  13. JamesTheNumberless says:

    I’m a bit confused about why people seem to think writing is a priority for a GoT game. The writing in the books is awful. The plot of the first book is very good (although it gets steadily worse from then on), as is the way the world is built, but the actual prose is something you have to suffer through.

    • illuminerdi says:

      I think people are referring to the plot/story when they say “writing” not specifically the prose or the writing style itself

      • khomotso says:

        Writing always covers a lot of things, and every good writer seems to only be good at a few of them. I’d say the GoT writing is very good for plot, character and dialogue, and weaker for the world conception (it’s massive and detailed, but mostly just a bunch of stock cultures and settings from other people’s work loosely strung together). I have to think that JamesTheNumberless is referring to the narration, description, etc., which I think I just found forgettable. And when it comes to a game, that stuff is rendered visually.

        If JTM thinks the parts I thought were strong were awful, I’d like to know what writing he likes, so that I can avoid it.

  14. illuminerdi says:

    I’m with the people that are positive on this – the biggest challenge with licensed games (and I should know, I worked on a few) is having to stay within the confines of the license/canon; the only way a company like TTG could tell an effective story would be to choose a House with almost no documented history or major involvement in the plot of the books/TV series. I mean, be realistic: how much would you really like a game that let you play as an ignoble Ned Stark or a selfless Cercei Lannister?

    I’m just excited for the chance to experience TTG’s signature brand of amazing storytelling within a universe that I enjoy so much; I never expected to really play or experience the main plot of GoT (nor would I even *want* to – I’m already reading the books and watching the TV show for that) – I just think it will be a lot of fun to experience the events of the GoT universe in a different perspective. If a Lannister does something for my character I’m going to be cautious of accepting their help but also scared of what will happen if I cross them. The possibilities here are exciting and I for one cannot wait for this game to hit.

    I just hope the release schedule on this isn’t nearly as bad as other TTG games; I bought The Wolf Among Us for my Amazon Fire TV back in MARCH and (as of last I checked a few weeks ago) they STILL haven’t released episodes 4 and 5 for it, despite it being completely released for months on every other platform. So be warned – if you buy a TTG game, make sure you buy it for a “big” platform or you might get screwed waiting to catch up to other platforms.

  15. skyturnedred says:

    I’ve been subjected to too much Bold & Beautiful as a kid to ever be able to take this seriously.

  16. racccoon says:

    Anything would be better than the facebooky crap game that’s out currently on show, its pitiful & shameful,
    The great book! the great t.v. publication!. That game just does not even have a right to be alive.