Operation Vanguard Adds Campaigns To CSGO

Follow your own path! (along the tree we have already laid out)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is introducing Operation Vanguard; a new progression system with missions, campaigns, and – obviously – case drops.

Access to the new features comes via an access pass which is currently billed at $5.99 (£3.59 in real money). Once you have that you’ll get access to a journal which tracks your progress across the current lineup of 44 campaign missions as well as an upgradeable coin and six community-created maps to play in deathmatch, competitive and casual modes.

But what does any of that mean in terms of playing the game?

Well, it’s not campaigns and missions in the narrative, single-player sense. Rather, it’s an achievement-type system geared around getting you to play in different ways and across different modes and maps. Two campaigns come with the access pass and they’re divided into branching mission trees. In order to tick missions off you’ll have to do things like get 20 kills with a P90 in Deathmatch: Operation Vanguard mode, or win 16 rounds competitive on one of the new community-created maps like Bazaar or Marquis.

The progress you can make is time-gated as you’re limited to completing two missions per week in these two starter campaigns, although Valve are quick to add that “you can take on optional Campaigns that will allow you to complete additional weekly missions” – those optional Campaigns costing £1.79 apiece, by the way.

Completing mission sequences will earn you challenge stars which, in turn, upgrade your coin. There are also case drops and weapon drops to be gained because – actually, why am I even explaining that? It’s CS:GO.

And yes. There is an achievement mission for killing chickens.



  1. SkittleDiddler says:

    Red Orchestra 2 has a free campaign system. Just sayin’.

  2. jpm224 says:

    I’m glad to see CS:GO finally won over most of the core Counter-Strike players from the original. Valve must be pretty pleased about it as well, as they’ve said from release that their goal was to push GO to become the definitive version in the CS community.

    • Hex says:

      Maybe they should celebrate their success by coughing up for some servers which aren’t made of bubblegum and asshair.

    • baozi says:

      Still playing 1.6 here (casually). I did buy CS:GO when it came out, but it felt so strange, like a different game (as opposed to CS:S, which felt more like an update)…a console game. With really strange, limited server options. I’d prefer a graphical update for 1.6, I guess. But I haven’t touched CS:GO for a long time and haven’t seen the transition to include weapon skins and whatever. Looking at steamcharts, I’m pretty amazed seeing the huge difference in the number of players…

    • sharkh20 says:

      The only reason it has a lot of the competitive 1.6 players is because it’s where the money is. Game still feels like it was made to be played with a controller.

  3. tmwfte says:

    So, they figured out a way to charge people for in-game achievements?

    • kevinspell says:

      Thanks to my lucky streak with drops, CS:GO Operations were basically funding my last few Steam sales. So I really hope they continue selling those achievements.

      • HothMonster says:

        Yup, buy the pass early. Sell first case to make your money back. Sell all additional cases for profit. Buy too much shit in the winter sale.

        • Syra says:

          Except that you still have to buy keys for all those cases. Does anyone actually buy the hundreds of dollars priced weapon skins?? I’ve gotten back into cs in a big way recently and I have a ton of cases but never a key. Not sure yet if it’s a worthwhile investment. Never even used marketplace features.

  4. MadTinkerer says:

    Condition Zero Resurrection Confirmed.

    Now if we can just get a new version of Condition Zero Deleted Scenes, the worst-named actually-good FPS single-player campaign, I would be super happy.