In Case You Missed All Those Other Far Cry 4 Trailers

Perhaps you’ve missed Far Cry 4‘s hundreds of previous trailers, and want one single trailer which explains everything – the plot, the world, the characters, the weapons. Then I’ve got good news! Maybe you’d enjoy all of this information being delivered to you by an in-game radio host, for some reason. Then, oh wow, this eight-minute trailer was specifically made for you. That’s weird.

I like that at some point the game’s artists have decided to dress all the villains in stylish colours and leathers, like anime villains or George Michael. The more cartoonish these silly games get, the better – otherwise it’s po-faced meta-narratives all the way down.

Despite the usual fears and reserved judgement, Far Cry is the point where my cynicism for annual sequels gets overwhelmed by my enthusiasm for open-worlds and hurling myself from clifftops. Far Cry 3 was, themes and plot and missions aside, a wonderful playground to mess around inside. That so soon afterwards there’s now another Far Cry game, offering the same toys, a new setting, and a few new features like co-op… How isn’t that a wonderful thing? These kinds of games used to arrive years apart. I would tire of it eventually, but I’m not there yet, and all the grumbles about sequels and the Ubisoft formula seem churlish when it’s in the form of a game I’ve previously enjoyed.

The game’s out next Tuesday, November 18th. I’m speaking to Ubisoft to find out when we can review it.


  1. Catchcart says:

    If you go cartoony on Far Cry, you end up with Just Cause. For which we have Just Cause. I would rather have Ubisoft embrace modding so the playground can be as grimy and/or silly as you want it to be. Despite the limitations placed on FC3 mods, Ziggy’s mod made Far Cry 3 one of the most compelling experiences of last year.

    • Raztaman says:

      Can’t agree with that, I’m willing to bet Far Cry 4 will be far more clever, humourous and generally enjoyable compared to Just Cause 2. It’s a pretty dated game at this point and it never really had that much substance to it at all, in fact most of the voice acting was just plain stereotypical and potentially racist (and inadvertantly funny as a result). I’d consider your argument after Just Cause 3 is out.

      • BreadBitten says:

        If you’re playing Just Cause 2 for it’s characters and general narrative beats, you aren’t playing it right.

  2. xavdeman says:

    All this “awesome” stuff really makes you miss Far Cry 2, where everything was depressing and real. Or even Far Cry 3, where you could at least pretend the writer had made his point with “a complex exploration of many ideas, mostly questioning the role of the player in a game, and what they’ll do in order to win”.

    • PopeRatzo says:

      Far Cry 2 was not depressing and real. It was mostly depressing.

      It was what people like to think is real. Personally, I think an hallucinatory Shangri-la with warrior cryptids is real, but that’s just an artifact of decades of entheogen abuse.

      If Far Cry 2 had been a better game without the post-colonial white savior fantasies, it might have been a better game.

      • Ross Angus says:

        Well, I played Far Cry 2 as a Sikh. And I failed to save the country.

        • Ross Angus says:

          Wait – does that make me the racist?
          [edited for typo]

      • maninahat says:

        Were we playing the same game? I thought it was, from start to finish, an anti-colonial, anti-white saviour fantasy. You play as a foreign mercenary who deliberately perpetuates a civil war and destroys a fragile nation’s infrastructure in exchange for blood diamonds. The game explicitly tells you that the country won’t get any peace until you and all the other foreigners are dead.

        Far Cry 3 was the post-colonial white saviour fantasy. It’s like they completely forgot the message of the previous game and went with Dances with the last Samurai Avatar for a story.

  3. Gravy100 says:

    I’m not watching any of these billions of trailers as I want at least a bit of surprise left over for when i play the thing!

  4. SanguineAngel says:

    Ach, I truly wish I could have enjoyed Far Cry 3 for its open world and fun toys but I just couldn’t get past the giant rift between what the game said and what the game asked me to do.

    I had exactly the same problem with Far Cry 2 of course, and I couldn’t get through that one either. The toys are fun but I want a tighter simulation I guess

  5. caff says:

    Despite all the hatred of Ubisoft, I think I might pick this up (subject to reviews of course).

    Watch Dogs had some excellent multiplayer, and Far Cry 3 had a great feeling of madness & fun.

    The only thing that drives me a bit nuts about Ubi games is the console-ish slow menus they have when you interact with mini games etc.

  6. Orija says:

    Yea, nah, ain’t buying any Ubi shit without first pirating and trying it out.

  7. derbefrier says:

    I plan on buying this probably not on day one but I really enjoyed far cry 3 and this looks like more of the same plus the co-op mode isn’t seperate from the main campaign this time. Can’t wait to get a buddy and cause chaos all over the island.

  8. Cyda says:

    Love FarCry. Hate Ubisoft. Torn on this one…

  9. MrLoque says:

    Maybe I am just pretending too much but… I see an insane amount of ugly/blurred textures. It looks nice “from far”. But whenever the cam goes close to something (tables, electronics, bodies, terrain, …) it’s a kick in the balls.

    Also, body animations and -in general- facial expressions are not convincing at all.

    Also, we’re in 2014 and I keep dreaming on destructible/interactive environment.

  10. Scumbag says:

    But will the number of pre-release trailers top Assasin’s Creed idontrememberthenumber Black Flag?

  11. PopeRatzo says:

    I notice that the one white American, Hurk, says, “Come on, bro, punch it in” when prompting a fist-bump.

    Is that really how the rest of the world sees us?

    Well, either way, I’m going to play this game so hard.

    • Buuurr says:

      By us you mean U.S citizens? I’m from Canada… I find him relatable. What’s wrong with a bro and a fist bump?

  12. neckozenica1 says:

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  13. GallonOfAlan says:

    Far Cry – truly great, groundbreaking.
    Far Cry 2 – good, excellent on PC when pimped out and with the gameplay flaws modded out.
    Far Cry 3 – good, annoying characters.

    • BreadBitten says:

      How was Jack Carver any less annoying than Jason Brody?

  14. katscan says:

    To me, looks like this should be titled FarCry4: Milking of Men.

    Because it just looks like Ubisoft milking the gamer with a slightly reskinned product.

    I was confused.. is this the FarCry 4 trailer or FarCry 3 ?? Because to me, it just looks like they reskinned FarCry 3 and are charging $60 for essentially the exact same product. While I love open world games, FarCry 3 got dull really fast.. it was the same thing over and over and over. The outpost bases, the radio towers, just annoying repetition. What ever happened to the original FarCry formula ? Some variety to the outposts in terms of size, scope?