Satellite Reign Storming Early Access In December

You and your squad find yourselves in a neon alleyway somewhere in a dangerous electro-future and set out into the night. Your hacker hacks doors and cash machines, your infiltrator sneaks through difficult areas, while your support man heals and your soldier does what soldiers do – he shoots things real good. You’re a formidable team, and one with the option to tackle missions in a number of different ways. I can imagine why ourĀ Jim had such a good time recently shooting, bargaining, sneaking and hacking his way through the cyberpunk dystopia of Satellite Reign.

It’s a shame that only Kickstarter backers have a chance to try the game out before release. Oh wait! Satellite Reign will enter Steam Early Access some time in December. Here’s a new trailer:

Satellite Reign is looking really interestingĀ for a game as far away from launch as it is. I’m personally a fan of any game that has the kind of versatility that it will let you shoot your way through an area, or sneak through it, or hack through it, or bribe your way through it, or simply talk your way through. Options for how to tackle any given task are good, game developers; we like it when you give us a few. Time will tell if it comes together as a finished game, but what is currently available to Kickstarter backers sure sounds reassuring.


  1. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Gosh, that looks at least 97% Syndicaty.

    I’m on board.

    • subedii says:

      I can appreciate the fact that in a 1 minute trailer, they didn’t spend 30 seconds of it on logos, expected ESRB ratings and “atmospheric” text detailing a “a city forever shrouded in night” or some other such nonsense.

  2. subedii says:

    I remember thinking years ago about Syndicate, and how a potential sequel would have to evolve it. Ultimately the original gameplay was actually fairly simply. In some respects it was largely a sci-fi take on Cannon Fodder with bits bolted on.

    Kotaku (yeah I know, Boo Hiss etc. Personally I’ve found interesting stuff in quite a few of their articles) had a piece recently about it how the development of SR is about being the Syndicate Wars people remember, not necessarily as it originally was. When I read that thought process, I could totally get behind it.

    link to

    • Mitthrawn says:

      Kotaku has some thought provoking stuff hidden about. I really enjoyed their article about halo’s lessons as a first person shooter. Halo as a dance.

      link to

  3. Buuurr says:

    Without a lot of change to the art style and music.. I’ll pass. If the trailer is indicative of anything its that this is not my cup of tea.

    • Asurmen says:

      What’s wrong with the art style?

      Only thing bothering me is the sound of the guns. They should like pea shooters.

  4. Werthead says:

    But can we talk to the futuristic city cyborgs?

    Oh, we can? Carry on.

  5. JiminyJickers says:

    I’m a but burnt out by Early Access. I have too many games on it that I have lost interest in before they get released.

    I am very much interested in this game, but will wait for it to be finished. Hopefully very soon!

  6. Artist says:

    Im so absolutly curious what hell will break lose when people finally notice that this is not a new Syndicate but rather plays like Commandos in a Cyberpunk cloak. I can already see it! Do you?

    • Unruly says:

      I have no problem with that fact.

      Syndicate and Commandos were both real-time tactics games that followed a very similar formula. Their major differences were how the units were handled. In Syndicate you had a pool of generic soldiers that were functionally identical until you spent money on new body parts and weapons that allowed them to take on a more specialized role, and you used the same units in every mission. In Commandos you started out with specialized units that already filled those roles, and which units were available were dictated by the mission. That was pretty much the biggest difference between the two games. It’s a fairly large difference, but in the end it’s the same genre and the games played nearly identically.

      • Menthalion says:

        I would have a problem with that, seeing Syndicate was a real-time tactics game where you could tackle problems in loads of different ways and the Commando’s series turned out more and more to be a realtime puzzle game, essentially having one solution to a level.

        • Unruly says:

          Syndicate had its fair share of that type of thing too, if I remember. A lot of times the best option in the later missions was to turn your squad into a ball of death with miniguns and anything other than that resulted in swift death and failure.

          But really that’s just a nitpick of level design as opposed to the general way the game plays. If you design a level to only have one solution, then it’s going to be a crap level regardless of if it’s Syndicate or Commandos.

        • Vandelay says:

          Turned out more and more to be like a puzzle game? I would say the opposite, as the initial game was very much a one solution puzzle game, with very set roles for each commando and narrow levels. With the second game, the roles became a little less defined and varied. The levels also became a lot more open to how you could move around them, allowing you to take a greater variety of approaches. I didn’t play much of the third game, but I recall it going even further in that direction (to it’s detriment, as it meant the commandos became fairly interchangeable. I think the levels might have been a lot smaller.)

    • jellydonut says:

      I don’t see the problem. People don’t want a carbon copy of Syndicate. If they do, they are idiots. Technology allows us to move past 1993 and 1996, which includes the limitations of Syndicate.

      The main one being that a nominal ‘squad tactics’ game was a game where you equipped four people identically and moved them as a single ball of death, since anything else was both inefficient and annoying since the control scheme for moving agents as smaller groups was a pain in the ass.

      It wasn’t a perfect game, it was just an amazing game in 1993 and more fun than most for a decade after that.

  7. padger says:

    Oh no THIS is the game I am most excited to have backed.

  8. Phantasma says:

    I’ve sworn myself off Early Access for a while.

    But i know i just won’t be able to in this case.

  9. msing says:

    0:19 looks like they showcased bad AI..

    ..Enemies spotted behind cover.. they disappear.. move immediately to the one obvious place they were at?

    Bad AI is bad, especially in a game that will require opposing tactics to challenge you.

    • Xocrates says:

      It looked more like a “wait, did something move over there?” than a straight up “Enemies Spotted”. Especially since the guard slows down and raises his weapon as he approaches the location, but before seeing them.

      This is not so say it can’t be abused, but it does not appear to be a case of bad AI – On close analysis I was actually impressed by it.

  10. Bfox says:

    Heartbroken the co-op target wasn’t met, playing Syndicate together with a friend was my fondest memory of that game, hoping you can share characters with joypads will be an option