The RPS Bargain Bucket: Hide and Go Chu!

With the holiday season teetering on the edge of existence, it’s weird to even think about recommending games right now. You should wait. Maybe, not forever. But hanging onto your lusts for a few more weeks is definitely an idea to evaluate. That said, I’m plotting to acquire Pokemon and Persona Q the first opportunity I get so who I am to judge? As always, here’s a fresh chapter of cool deals, collated into one blue bucket of bargains. (P.S: No, I totally did not injure anyone for the keys to Castle Shotgun last week. Spoke creatively to, perhaps, but..)

Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor
Ah, Mordor. Everyone’s favorite murder simulator of late, it seems. Prices remain lofty for this one, although it will no doubt sink wth the coming months. In case you’re wondering too, it’s a surprisingly engrossing game. Competent in most respects, it shines brightest in regards to its A.I. Who knew being mercilessly stalked through crumbling ruins and chased by hellish orcs could be so downright interesting? (Actually, John knew.) Also, make sure not to forget to use the #FUNISHOT voucher.

Civilization V: The Complete Edition
The last Civilization game that I obsessed over was, I think, probably the second one. Since then, I’ve lost track of what everything has become. I’m told that Gandhi is still very much a jerk once you’ve set him off. To put it another way, you could even say he has a nuclear temper. Hur-hur? Hur. Ahem. If you purchase Civilization V, you should be prepared to gawk uncomprehendingly as people declare war on you helter-skelter, possibly because you stared at their mother funny. Despite some oddness, however, it’s reportedly good and, dare I say it, possibly even better than Beyond Earth.

XCOM: Declassified & Darkness II Bundle
First things first, I’ve no clue if these keys will work on a PC. After all, this is the Mac Game Store. Historically speaking, however, PC users have had surprising success commandeering these keys for thir own devices. So this may work. Maybe. Or not. If you don’t succeed at claiming these games, you may now have the makings of an excellent seasonal gift. The Darkness II and XCom Declassified aren’t necessarily the best things you can spend your money on, but $5 for the pair is quite nice. ( The macgames5off voucher should lower it to about $4.75, incidentally.)

Bundle in a Box
This suggested purchase comes straight to you from a biased place: I really, really liked Sid Mier’s Pirates! Gold. And $3 is not a terrible amount to spend on it to be honest, especially not when it is paired with this beautifully oddball selection of stuff. I usually find Groupees bundles slightly lacklustre, but this one actually piqued my interest. (P.S: Wonderful to see this bundle live again. Hello there, darling.)

Also of note:

Journey of a Roach – FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Ew, ick, and other sounds pertinent to ladylike disgust. Roaches are usually rather appalling little beasties, but what about when they’re starring in a post-apocalyptic adventure? For a limited time, you can enjoy this tale of two friends journeying to the surface of the world. (Note: May or may not work with a PC.)

The Rithmatist – $2.99/£1.91/€2.46
Last but certainly not least, here’s a cheap recommendation that is being included for no other reason than the fact I just bought this himself. Here, Brandon Sanderson turns his narrative gifts to the YA world. It looks like there’ll be strange creatures cut from chalk, and Harry Potter vibes. Why not, eh?


  1. gnodab says:

    again no mention of GOG, even though they have a ginormous sale going on!?!?!
    this is getting rather silly.

    • Cassandra Khaw says:

      ^______^;;; See, that’s the thing. Half of the time, when I do post about giant sales, I get remarks about how it’s blindingly obvious. >_>

      • Melody says:

        Every. Single. Week.

        We love you Cass.

      • Sleepymatt says:

        Seriously, what is getting more silly is people pointing out the bleeding obvious every week, especially as the nature of these sales is that the games on offer change continuously every few hours, so there is no way to put any sensible recommendations in a one-off Saturday morning post.

        I reckon the only way for Cassandra to get around the Groundhog week issue is just to copy/paste a single line at the end every week with no details like this:

        GoG, Steam and Origin links, #obviously.


        • fish99 says:

          A lot of people aren’t as clued up as you and me. I dare say some people have never heard of GOG, let alone check their site regularly to see when they have sales. Also a regular link to isn’t the same as saying they currently have a big sale on.

          • LionsPhil says:

            But this is basically always true.

            Any weekend where you may be checking Bargain Bucket, it is also worth checking the frontpage of Steam and GOG. They have so many games that big sales on something are a permanent feature.

          • fish99 says:

            The sale on GOG right now is much bigger than you’d normally see there – many times more games, deeper discounts and daily specials. You can’t equate that to the offers they have every day.

            It’s worthy of at least one sentence and a link IMO.

      • Hmm-Hmm. says:


        Personally, I’d rather the bargain bucket lists all ongoing sales. There are bound to be people who are unaware of even the big ones.

        • Rikard Peterson says:

          Yes, that’s a good suggestion. And if it’s a huge sale with changing contents, a quick note that it’s happening would be enough. (There are weeks when I don’t have the time to log in to Steam, so I could even miss one of those. As for the smaller big ones, well…)

          You could of course argue that with so little time, and a big pile of unplayed games (both on Steam, GoG, Origin and even some CDs!), there’s no need for me to be aware of sales. You would be correct.

          • AXAXAXAS MLO II: MLO HARDER says:

            I concur with this suggestion. If Cass doesn’t want to bother with people telling her that stuff IS OBVIOUS AND WHAT KIND OF GAMER WOULDN’T KNOW THAT SHEESH, I’d recommend making a separate section for Big Sales right at the top (or maybe at the bottom, so they wouldn’t steal the fire from the little guys?) with just a short mention of who’s having a sale and what it’s like. For example, “GOG is currently having a big sale with a lot of stuff heavily distuff and lightning deals, plus free Mount and Blade and a chance to get free Witcher 2 if you visit every day and do a thing.”

        • Flea says:

          Exactly. I just don’t see the point in doing the Bargain Bucket articles anymore if the biggest or most important sales are not even mentioned. So what if they were mentioned two days ago in a separate article? This is Bargain Bucket and it should list or mention the sales, no matter what site they’re on.

          I really mean no disrespect to the author, but this makes no sense whatsoever. If you continuously ignore the biggest and most important sales of the weekend cause “they are obvious”, then why should people even bother reading BB?

          Soon you might stop writing reviews of really good games because they are obviously good, so why bother.

      • gnodab says:

        Sorry! Upon rereading that sounded unnecessarily grumpy :|
        Probably shouldn’t post before finishing my coffee. Have a cookie on me <3
        I'll eat a grapefruit as a means of self-flagellation.

        But yes many sales on GOG, give em some love.

      • Om says:

        I don’t check GOG every week. I don’t even bother trawling through the Steam specials most weekends. But I do read RPS religiously.

        So if the big sites have a big sale on or are discounting a particular gem then it’d be great if it got a mention here.

        • BarneyL says:

          As an avid RPS reader you’ll have seen that there was an entire article dedicated to the GOG sale on Wednesday and already know about it.

          • Sleepymatt says:

            Also, check your email more often! GoG will tell you directly when a sale is on.

      • Lachlan1 says:

        I reckon that, seeing as it is the ‘bargain bucket’ and I would’ve missed the gog sale, these sales should be included…maybe as a foot note or similar. But yeah even though RPS is generally awesome in the comments people will whinge no matter what as this is the internet sadly… :)

    • Anthile says:

      Cassandra confirmed as shill for Big Game.

      • Cassandra Khaw says:


        • CookPassBabtridge says:

          This is the third time this column has made me laugh out loud in the middle of my favourite cafe. LOLBUCKET. Thanks for that Cassandra

      • Gap Gen says:

        I think you’re lion.

    • Vesperan says:

      While it is probably a no-win situation for Cassandra, I would like to see the ‘obvious’ sales.

      I don’t always check the specials at some of the big sites.

      More importantly though, I want to read people’s opinions (including Cassandra’s) on the specials – including those games that are more triple A.

    • DrManhatten says:

      I wouldn’t sweat it is long well known that RPS is slightly biased towards Steam as there is obviously a conflict of interest they are curators on Steam after all.

  2. Haplo says:

    Oh my god Persona Qqqqqqq.

    I’m preordering this next Monday for those sweet Persona tarot cards.

    Which means I should probably get a 3DS for Christmas.

    • Creeping Death says:

      I’ve been considering picking up the special edition but slightly annoyed that (as it’s only available directly from the publisher in EU) it’s got the whole $70 = £70 pricing thing going on :/

      Decisions, decisions.

      • Haplo says:

        Mon ami, my condolences. As an Australian, I feel your pain, although in this case it’s only $55 for me.

  3. DanMan says:

    Just a heads-up: the Bundle In A Box doesn’t actually come in a box.

    I know, I was disappointed, too. Just think about how handy that box would have been. All the things you could have put in. Bummer.

    • Ross Angus says:

      I’ve downloaded it to my PC, which is inside a case. Which is a bit like a box.

      I keep my PC in my PC case box.

      • DanMan says:

        Oh, so it’s BYOB? I had no idea. Thanks for clearing that up.

  4. All is Well says:

    It’s not really a bargain or discount or anything so I’m not sure it qualifies, but for anyone interested in flight sims I thought I’d mention that Desastersoft have released a new campaign pack for Cliffs of Dover today. It’s basically two campaigns, one flying Bf-110’s and one with Bf-109’s, 270-ish missions in total. It’s 21 EUR so it’s pretty pricey, though. Anyway, just thought I’d tell people :)

    Edit: Suppose I should provide the link since it seems hard to find the English version of it on their homepage: link to

  5. misterT0AST says:

    The Bundle in a Box always has semi-unknown indie titles.

    Among these, I see Freedom Fall, which I have played and finished, I wanted to share my experience with it.

    It’s a 2d platformer where you go DOWN a tower, rather than scaling it.
    The story is simple, non intrusive and told in a simple, yet weird, charming manner.
    I found the difficulty to be JUST RIGHT. It never felt frustrating, it never felt easy.

    While you descend the tower in this linear adventure, you collect coins, with which you can get upgrades.
    The upgrades are gliders/parachutes or similar, situational items that make things simpler and add new mechanics.

    In my playthrough, I tried to make things harder by not buying stuff, and I could complete the game.

    It is rather short, so you will finish it in 1, 2 or 3 sittings.

    As I said, the story is simple, but it has a few little mysteries and twists, and it keeps you interested just enough to go forward:
    I want to play more and I see some story, I see some story and I want to play more, and the whole thing ends before getting stale or boring.

    The challenges are diverse and each sector has a different feel to it.

    I have found it has two different endings based on your choice at the end.

    I really liked it. With Meat Boy I got bored before finishing it, VVVVVV was beautiful but a lightning in a bottle, this one is the first 2d platformer in a long time that I played from beginning to end.

    It is a well crafted game too. It looks and sounds good.

    • Tacroy says:

      I have to agree, Freedom Fall is a really well-crafted platformer you can finish in a sitting or two but with decent space for exploration and self-improvement.

  6. sairas says:

    Gone home goes for 5€ at steam.

  7. mukuste says:

    Far Cry franchise is 75% off on Steam.

    • Jalan says:

      Definitely the thing to buy if: you own no titles in the series at all & you have any interest in them. For the same price you’d get just Far Cry 3 and its DLC package, so if you don’t have any of them (or even if you just have the first or something) it’s still better to go for the franchise package than an individual title.

      Unless you’re flat broke or close to it. In which case, probably best to wait until it comes around again.

  8. Baines says:

    Groupees used to have good bundles, but they’ve been a bit lackluster of late.

    As for Pirates, I’m wary of any older games on Steam, because Valve doesn’t care whether or not the older games it sells run on modern PCs

    • lomaxgnome says:

      While this is true, the vast majority of Steam releases of older games these days (Pirates! Gold included, iirc) are just repackages of the versions that were already done for GoG, who does put effort into making sure they work.

    • kalirion says:

      Anything that uses DOSBox should run reasonably, and you can always tinker with the settings yourself, or switch up for a different DOSBox build if you like.

    • Gargenville says:

      I did just buy their Cheapbeats bundle which has 20 albums of bleepybloop music for $3.

  9. Aardvarkk says:

    Thanks for the heads – up about the Brandon Sanderson book, Cassandra! I’m quite fond of his writing, the evil super heroes book being one of my favorites.

  10. Rorschach617 says:

    About Journey of a Roach (if you are a PC user), what you get to download is NOT the game, but a trigger for the OS X Download app. So, unless you can fake the OS X Download app on WIndows (and I don’t know if that is possible), its not worth getting excited about.

    Pity, could just have given a Steam key instead.

  11. Tacroy says:

    Rithmatist isn’t the first time Sanderson’s turned his attentions to YA novels; in fact, Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians even predates Mistborn and the rest of his adult fantasy work.

  12. prostetnik says:

    Has anyone tried the Shadow of Mordor deal? It says 33% on the store’s homepage, but when you go to the game page it’s only 7%, so including the voucher you get to a price of GBP 22.39/EUR 28.02/USD 35.10
    Can anyone confirm or tell me what I did wrong?

    • fish99 says:

      “Also, make sure not to forget to use the #FUNISHOT voucher.”

      Maybe that?

      Never heard of funstock digital, anyone know if they’re ok and/or authorized?

      • PancreaticDefect says:

        No, its the same for me using the voucher code and all. Price is GBP 22.39/EUR 28.02/USD 35.10

        • fish99 says:

          Ok, sorry. Guess the price just went up then.

          Nuuvem have it for about £17 currently. It says ‘also includes language PT-BR’ which I’m assuming means Portuguese in addition to English?

          • MasodikTiasma says:

            Yep. PT-BR = Portuguese-Brazilian (they speak a different kind of Portuguese over there).

  13. Vesperan says:

    Matrix Games has a discount on Panzer Corps: Allied Corps. About 33% off (…$14 New Zealand dollars for the other Kiwi here)
    link to


    I thought the gray plushie was a Sinistar plushie.

    Now I really want a Sinistar plushie. You might say that… I HUNGER for one.

  15. Stimpack says:

    It’s Shadow of Mordor. Shadow! Shadow!!! Ahhh!!!!!!!!

  16. Tilaton says:

    XCOM: Declassified & Darkness II Bundle from Mac Game Store works on PC, if anyone still wonders about that. Just bought it.

  17. Kefren says:

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    Breath of Death VII
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    Corril Slayer
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    Cthulhu Saves the World
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