Looking Twice At Art: Veracity & Purpose

Veracity & Purpose is a free Twine game and an exploration of the works of fictional artist Robert Ells, told entirely through the lens of someone else describing his art as they experience it. Made by Castles in the Sky writer Jack de Quidt, it initially appears to be little more than a guide book to a retrospective. You read about a piece of art, you take in what you can, you move on. But returning for a second look can prove quite rewarding.

The chances are that most of us will look for what feels like an appropriate amount of time to not seem like an artistic heathen and then proceed to move onto the next work on our list. However, it’s not until you have read through the entire guide book that Veracity & Purpose actually begins. Wander back through that gallery. Take steps back through the journey you took through that art. Return to the works of art with the perspective of someone who has seen the entire set of works. Take another look, and see what more there is to see. Go back through and examine those little details you skipped over examining the first time through.

Veracity & Purpose is a guide book to an art exhibit I have not seen, but more importantly it showed me the value of returning to pieces of artistic expression I have already experienced and being open to them having new things to teach me.


  1. Metalfish says:

    Very interesting. I’m probably going to be teaching a short course on making IF games to some of my students, almost certainly using TWINE since it’s so damn accessible. The real trouble is checking through for language/content appropriateness in the stories I plan on using as examples (mostly ’cause cool stuff keeps appearing and I think “oooh, I wonder if I could use that)….

  2. Scurra says:

    Whoah. That’s very good indeed.
    (Mind you, it helps that I went to the Constable exhibition only a few days ago and it’s made me wonder…)

  3. b0rsuk says:

    Art wank at its finest.